A Look At YourCigarRatings.com

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A Look At YourCigarRatings.com

As of late, my participation on the Stogie Review front has been a bit sporadic. Family duties with my infant daughter, in addition to coming down with a nasty cold, have left me in the dark when it comes to recent additions to the cigar world. Fortunately, my smart phone has allowed me to keep one eye on the industry when it comes to the Stogie Review Fan Forums, Twitter, and Facebook.

I was recently scanning through tweets during a quiet moment when I saw a conversation between Stephen Boyajian and Jerry Cruz regarding beta testing Stephen’s latest project. A few days later I found a tweet mentioning my name with a link to the new site being discussed, YourCigarRatings.com

I clicked the link and took a quick look at Stephen’s latest creation. What I found was a cool user generated review database. Anyone can create an account and begin rating cigars. It appears as though ratings are averaged out and the cigar being reviewed receives an overall score peaking at 100 points.

Stephen has been a good friend to Stogie Review, so we suggest that after you finish reading / watching our reviews, you take a look at what the community thinks about the given cigar on YourCigarRatings.com

The video below is a quick screen cast as I take a tour of the site.

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4 thoughts on “A Look At YourCigarRatings.com

  1. Stogie Review, Again!!! I’m famous!

    Just for anyone who is curious, the rating is not a done the way Top 25 did it in the past which was:

    Flavor + Construction + Value + Appearance / 4 = Rating.

    I won’t say the formula I used, since I do not want people to based their numbers based on weight. I did many tests with many numbers and found the forumla I have to be the most accurate. I will say Flavor is weighted the heaviest followed by Construction. Appearance and Value are weighted fairly low. There are also additional aspects in the “Opinions (Step 5)” section that also play a role in the final score.

    As with any project of mine, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. There are a lot of new features on the horizon and some that will tie Your Cigar Ratings into CigarFriendly.us (Think, “Where can I buy this cigar?”)

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