3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 Winner

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3rd Annual 12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 Winner

Jameson Cigar Co - Declaration - 1

Prize Provided by Jameson Cigar Co.

Day 4 of the 3rd Annual Stogie Review 12 Days of Christmas has arrived, and this string of days are one of my favorite. In these days we ask for people to tell us a cigar related Christmas story. Each year we get a good mix of funny, heart warming, and everything in between.

The prize for Day 4 is a box of Declaration courtesy of Brad Mayo of Jameson Cigar Company. The winning story was short and sweet, while making me picture the scene in my mind as it unfolded.

Danny De La O

Danny’s Story:

Every year my girlfriend’s family has a tamale party. We all get together and make tamales, drink, and go Christmas caroling. Lat year sure was a treat. Everyone was together working hard to make as many tamales as we could. Once night time rolled around, everyone lit up a stogie, grabbed a drink, and off we went to sing Christmas songs to the neighbors. We always have a great time, but this time I gave my girlfriends uncle his first Opus X. He said he loved every second of that smoke. The atmosphere was perfect as we were with all of our close friends and family, singing carols, having great drinks, and most importantly, great cigars.

Danny De La O

Time is winding down for Days 7, 8, and 9
Be sure to get your entries in before
December 19th 2010

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  1. Congratulations! Tamales became part of our Christmas 4 years ago after hearing a favorite professor, who came from South Texas, say he knew it was Christmas when the neighbors brought tamales. He celebrates Christmas with us now and we have tamales and Bohemia waiting for him. Cheers!

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