Mike’s 1 Year Ramblings

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Mike’s 1 Year Ramblings

Figured I would throw my ramblings on video for you all to see and hear about my first year with Stogie Review.

Nothing groundbreaking here but this was a hell of a lot easier than doing a review LOL

Audio: Click Here

I am just me.

20 thoughts on “Mike’s 1 Year Ramblings

  1. Bitch bitch bitch…setup…take down…motion sickness…man up and come to Vegas.

    Forget about Kay Jewelers…you should’ve went to Jarrad’s LOL.

    We’ve tried time and time again to get rid of you but you keep coming back. Admit it, you like the abuse. LOL. In all seriousness, even with all the crap I give you, the site wouldn’t be the same without our resident cheap bastard.

  2. congrats hippie. you’re doing a pretty decent job. i would like to see you and Cruz do a joint costume review together, sort of a “mutt and jeff” kinda thing.

  3. Mike, great job for your first year, hope that 2011 will be even better. I just started to watch your show, I think it was in April, and since I’m a ”new” smoker, this time taking the time to really enjoy a cigar, rather then years ago, smoking them like cigarettes. Will be watching in the New Year.

  4. Mike,
    I definetly would like to see you build up in body with your future smokes …It would be neat to see someone build from mild-medium to medium-full cigars…

  5. In your next year. I’d like to see you smoke a good cigar, just once. I know price doesn’t make a cigar good, but just once something over 8 bucks. Seriously, treat yourself and go top-shelf for once god damnit.

  6. Hey Mike,
    Great job with the reviews. I’m a fellow long-hair cheap bastard myself. Strength in numbers dude. I don’t always comment but I watch quite frequently. Keep up the good work Mike.


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