The Cigar Network – Magazine Launch

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The Cigar Network – Magazine Launch

Cigar Network - Winter 2010 CoverCigar magazines are an interesting piece of reading material. Some readers love them while others love to hate them. Each magazine has a different focus, making one more appealing than the others in the eyes of readers. When I got word from our friend Stephen Boyajian that he was releasing a magazine, my curiosity was piqued.

Throughout the time that Stephen was putting the magazine together, I had access to the beta site where I could see things develop. One of the interesting things about this magazine is the “Bloggers Corner”, where myself and other bloggers were asked to write a page-long article for the premier issue. The wide range of topics and writing styles made for interesting reading.

In addition to the Bloggers Corner, the magazine contains an article on Cuban Cigars, a page on Cigars Rights of America, The Journey to the Center of the Ashtray, and a variety of cigar ratings. All of which can be viewed online, for free. I’m told that the next issue will be available in print and that subscriptions will also grant you access to digital viewing.

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The Cigar Network – Winter 2010

Cigar Network - Winter 2010 - Article
A snapshot of my article, which can be found on pages 44 & 45

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7 thoughts on “The Cigar Network – Magazine Launch

  1. GREAT first issue. Found all the articles and ‘blog’ pages to be interesting. Read the magazine cover to cover and Stephen and everyone else did a fantastic job. Looking forward to future magazines.

  2. I just finished reading the entire inaugural edition of this magazine (loved your article, Walt!). A great read, with a wonderful array and variety of articles, and several pages of cigar reviews!

  3. Hi Walt,

    Just a short note to say that I’m always enjoying your site and I would like to congratulate

    you on the great work you do . 95 % of the cigars that you review , first, I can’t get them because

    I live in Europe and second, I live in the southern part of Europe so I have noway of getting all these

    NC’s. I do however get the chance to smoke some of the major brands thanks to my childhood

    friend in N.J.. I am unfortuately not that interested in all these NC’s because, for me, they are all

    one dimensional, over peppery and sugary. Here in Europe, NC’s are smoked as a curiosity Item

    more then an enjoyable and relaxing complexe smoke, In Northern Europe, NC’s have only replaced

    those Dutch cigars that were very populare about 20 years ago with tobacco coming from their old colonies

    such as Java and Sumatra, other then that, Habanos rules. Speaking of Habanos, in the new magazine,

    Cigar Network, they have an article about Cuba and cuban cigars that is truly custom made for the

    NC brands and Industry . always the same story saying, in short, Cubans are not as good as they used to be,

    They are not THAT great, all the great cigar makers are elsewhere making greater cigars etc. etc .

    The interesting part of all this is that they still keep on saying that THEIR cigars are superior to Cubans.

    Now, of course, if this were the case, I would think that the rest of the world would have been aware of this by

    now ,don’t you ? I really don’t have anything against NC’s , what does bother me is all this misinformation

    that has been given out to the American smokers for close to 50 years now. This mag just adds a little

    more to this, The rating are as good as CA’s with the first cuban coming in No. 12.?? , Come on,

    It’s just not serious, but anyway , neither is Starbuck coffee or McDo’s. My intention is not to offend anyone

    but only to inform on FACT , and the fact is that they are , as always, misinforming the American smoker.

    Thanks for reading me out.



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