Thank You – 5 Year Anniversary

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Thank You – 5 Year Anniversary

I wanted to take a moment to thank our loyal readership/viewership. Five years ago today, The Stogie Review was born. Two geeks (Walt & I) who played Battlefield 1942 online together discovered we had a similar love for the leaf and on a whim decided to start The Stogie Review to share our thoughts with our friends. Five years, 897 reviews and 603 videos later, I’m happy to say that we have a lot more friends than we ever thought we would.

We’ve grown a lot over the past five years. I remember how excited Walt and I would get when 100 people visited the site back in those early days. The stat that impresses me the most is our 20,000 comments. Unique visitors and pageviews are nice but getting feedback, connecting and having a conversation with our following is truly what makes the site worth all the work. I quickly run out of fingers and toes when I start to count the friendships I’ve made through the years.

Whether this is your first visit to the site or you’ve been with us from the start or anytime in between, the site wouldn’t be what it is without your support. From all of us here at The Stogie Review I’d like to simply say, thank you.


21 thoughts on “Thank You – 5 Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats guys. Stogie Review is always one of the first places I check when looking for cigar reviews and news.
    Appreciate all your hard work that makes such a great site.
    I must say I thought you were slipping when you added that hippie from up north, but he has turned out alright… Now if we can get him and Jerry in matching elf costumes!

    Again great job!


  2. Congrats, BlogFather, Walt, Mike, and Brian. In another 5 years, I expect SR to be a media giant rivaling Fox News…okay, CNN…fine, would you settle for MSNBC? Actually, you’re probably already bigger than MSNBC! 🙂

  3. Hey guys, Congratulations on 5 years, This is the go-to site for cigar information and reviews.
    I’m also very fond of the community on the fan forums here. You have some great participants.

    Thanks for all your hard efforts!


  4. Congratulations to The Stogie Review on five years of informing the cigar fans around the World, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and keep on smoking.

  5. I am in for the giveaway and expect to win one of the FIVE MOW Armada chests you are giving away to celebrate this momentus event in the timeline!

    Wow who knew that cigars could be so much fun online! I love the reviews and forums they have definitely helped me expand the range of stuff that I smoke. You guys rock even if you are not giving away a box of Padron Hammers to everyone with a V in their handle to celebrate!

  6. Congrad to the Stogie Review Team for been 5 years of the great cigar reviews. I watched you’ll reriews from the beginning to now. It has been alot good changes on the cigar information and used the Youtube technolonogy to the fulliest. Thank you for all yours hardwork to keep us stogie guys informed. Keeps it up….

  7. i would like to thank you guys for all the work that is put into this site, it is a real pleasure keep up the good work

  8. I have discovered many good cigars because of you guys. Your analysis and reviews are among the best.


  9. This was the first cigar review site I have ever visited. Now I check it out almost daily. Thank you guy for all the great work. Without this site, I wouldn’t of tried 1/35 of the sticks I have had.

  10. Congrats gentlemen!!! Living life with virtual herfs; learning and enjoying cigars together makes life even more enjoyable. I pity those that dismiss cigars without trying them. Striving for new experiences keeps us young and adds spice to life.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  11. Congrats guys! As a n00b to the cigar scene, this was one of the first sites i visited and kept visiting. Thanks for the memories and here’s to many more, cheers!

  12. As being a novice and starting premium cigar smoking about 3 and a half years ago, Stogie Review has taught me more about the cigar hobby than any other site, magazine, or any friend could. It was the first place I saw a review (on youtube) and it is still the first place I go when I want to see something stogie related. If it weren’t for this site I would have made a shit ton of more mistakes early on. So, Happy 5th Birthday Stogie Review. I hope your still so enthusiastic about the hobby on your 10th Birthday!

  13. Congratulations on 5 years of great reviews, great times and great friendships. Looking forward to seeing your site grow by leaps and bounds.

  14. Congrats on 5 years fellas. SR is my go to site for cigar news, reviews and whats next in the industry. I am a more informed cigar smoker because of the information I have found here and I thank you for the many tips and tricks of the cigar lifestyle, from storage on through, that I have been introduced to that I would have otherwise never have known. I feel I have gone from a leaf burner to a true connoisseur with the wealth of info found through your collective insights. Its been great growing not only in the cigar lifestyle but also in your personal lives. Sharing in the excitement of births of children and feeling like part of a collective brotherhood with you. Its been a great 5 years and I look forward to many more reviews, laughs and insights into all things cigar. Best wishes and LONG F*CKING ASHES!!!

  15. It’s been a real joy to watch this site grow and become a focal point for the online cigar community. I admire your achievements and wish you continued success in the future. Hopefully that includes more hairy men in elf suits.


  16. Wow, I had no idea you guys met on Battlefield 1942…that’s sick! Lots of respect from a fellow gamer.

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