Cain FF (First Impressions)

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Cain FF (First Impressions)

Studio Tobac - Cain FF - 1

Last week I began smoking through samples I received as a member of the Studio Tobac Advisory Board. I made the Nub San Andreas Maduro my first cigar of the day and followed it up with a Cain FF (Cain Double-F) roughly twelve hours later. My experience with the Nub was less than desirable, which left me with fingers crossed when it was time to smoke the Cain.

Getting started I was a bit concerned about the torpedo shape. For one reason or another I tend to have draw problems with shaped Oliva product. To my surprise, the draw was perfect and mere minutes after cutting, I was in business. The cigar produced plenty of dense smoke from start to finish while holding a compacted ash.

The body started off full and remained that way until it was time to set the cigar down to rest. The finish was surprisingly smooth for a cigar with so much power. Through the sinus, the smoke was agressive but not overwhelming. Shadowed by the power, interesting flavors lurked in the background. Those flavors included a tartness, almond, and a woody flavor.

Overall I was very happy with this cigar and would be happy to smoke more in the future. Like the Nub San Andreas Maduro, the Cain FF is only available in the Studio Tobac Sampler Packs which will be available at tour locations. For tour dates and locations, take a look at the Studio Tobac Event Calendar.

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9 thoughts on “Cain FF (First Impressions)

  1. Now that is a cigar I want to smoke!!!! I think the Cain F series is a major home run for Oliva and I am looking forward to trying out this bad boy.

    1. Dave,
      I enjoyed this cigar and wish I had a few more. I’m not a fan of the standard Cain line but I agree, the F line is a home rum.

  2. LOL…”Wow I’m about to try to show you a band thats not even there…” and what is with SR staff sitting in comfy lounge chairs? Did I miss the group buy?

    Not a fan of any of the Cain series. I’ll try this when I can get my hands on it…who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised.

    1. Jerry,
      I like this Cain FF and the Cain F line. Not a fan of the Cain Habano or Maduro. While this one doesn’t have the flavor depth of the Man O War Ruination, it has more power.

      My chair isn’t nearly as big and comfy as Mike’s Lazyboy Recliner looks, but it is nice to sit in and smoke a cigar. And because it is leather, the occasional dropped ash doesn’t pose much trouble.

    1. Jay,
      I’m not completely sure but I think the advisory board was sent the same sampler that will be available at the tour events. If that is true, the 6.00 x 54 torpedo is what is currently available.

      At a later date I’m sure more sizes/shapes will be released.

  3. Walt, great review once again. I wanted to ask you if you’ve had problems with the Oliva serie v belicoso? I smoke a lot of the double robustos and have been meaning to try some of the belicoso size. But I would like to hear your input.

    1. Lou,
      Like you, when it comes to the Serie V I tend to smoke the Double Robusto. The last Serie V Belicoso I had was the Maduro release and the last couple had a draw that was too tight for my liking. They have good flavor, I just seem to have developed a preference for a looser drawer.

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