Nub San Andreas Maduro (First Impression)

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Nub San Andreas Maduro (First Impression)

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Over the past week you have probably seen a couple of reviews pop up across the cigar blogs which focus on new Studio Tobac Product. Outside of the Cain Daytona, which has hit stores, some of those cigars may not look familiar. The cigar I have for you today is another of those unfamiliar cigars, the Nub San Andreas Maduro. This cigar, along with the Cain F Lancero, Cain FF (Double F), and ST/DS-001 (All maduro concept blend) are sticks which make up the sampler that was shipped to Studio Tobac Advisory Board members.

After fantastic results smoking the Cain F Lancero, I was eager to get into this sampler and smoke the other offerings from Studio Tobac. I decided to start off with the stick I was least excited about. In the past I have smoked and reviewed the old Nub Maduro and found it to be just another maduro. It really didn’t stand out as anything special. In addition, I wasn’t crazy about the latest release of the Oliva Serie V Maduro using a San Andreas maduro wrapper. Take those two opinions and roll them into one cigar and you can understand why I was setting the bar low.

My expectations were correct and what I found was a cigar that was mediocre. There were some interesting flavors in the smoke but they were subdued due to a serious lack of smoke volume. The body was mild to medium but this could also be attributed to a serious lack of smoke. In terms of appearance, the Nub San Andreas Maduro was beautiful. Unfortunately, a good looking cigar doesn’t always translate into a good smoking experience.

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8 thoughts on “Nub San Andreas Maduro (First Impression)

  1. I too have not enjoyed the maduro blends put together by nub. The creator stopped by the local shop here in the twin cities after the brand had just launched And I really enjoyed the Connecticut blend he was rolling

    1. David,
      The lighter that I started the video using (the one that fluttered as a result of low fuel) was a Cain “Straight Ligero” lighter. It is a tabletop model that other cigar companies put their logo on (I’ve seen Tatuaje and Perdomo as well).

      The second lighter I used was my old Rocky Patel table lighter, which is basically a crem brule torch with Rocky’s name on it.

  2. Must chime in here and state that the Cain Nub 464 Torpedo is frickin’ TASTY! Say what you will about the rest of the Nubs.

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