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EP Carrillo Elencos

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Last week while working from home, I decided to take a break and step away from the computer to play with my daughter. As we hung out in the living room, I heard a bang out on my front porch. Two packages sat outside waiting for me, the first, a delivery of baby wipes, the other, a padded envelope from EP Carrillo. Like a kid on Christmas, I tore open the package to see what goodies were inside.

Armed with two EP Carrillo Elencos and two EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut, I was eager to set them aflame. With the weather being as nice as it was that particular day, I decided to spend my lunch break taking my daughter for a walk, EP Carrillo Elencos in hand, of course. When my walk was completed, I sent some thoughts to Ernie Carrillo where I explained that the cigar was very good although a bit mild for my taste. To my surprise, Ernie informed me that the Elencos is the exact same blend as the EP Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010 and that the tight draw I experienced must have caused a serious reduction in flavor intensity.

With my curiosity piqued, I sat down to smoke my second sample to see if it turned out more like my past experience with the Edicion Limitada 2010. Sure enough, my second sample had a far greater flavor intensity, and coincidentally, a perfect draw. This experience taught me a valuable lesson. It would seem that a reduction in smoke volume and density can produce a wildly different cigar from one that burns properly. With all that said, lets take a look at my experience with my second EP Carrillo Elencos.

When I pulled this cigar out of my humidor, the very first thing I noticed was its weight. The EP Carrillo Elencos felt hefty and loaded with tobacco. Giving it a pinch, I found that it was eveny packed with tobacco and didn’t show signs of under-filled sections. The wrapper was consistent in color and had few small veins. The cap was applied neatly and rolled over the shoulder, making unraveling very unlikely. The aroma at the foot reminded me of raisins and the same taste came through on the cold draw, after clipping.

Touching flame to foot, the cigar lit easily and immediately began billowing smoke. The first puff was rather intense, giving me a hearty burn through the sinus. This intensity remained throughout the entire cigar, making for what I feel is a full flavored cigar with body that was on the low end of full. The finish was a little rough on the palate and produced a chalky aftertaste that turned more to charcoal as the cigar burned shorter.

In the earlier stages of this stick, I picked up a unique blush wine flavor that was hidden beneath the power of the smoke. This same flavor was one that I adored in my first experience with the Elencos. At about the half-way point, this flavor turned to more of a dried cherry flavor with a tart-like taste. I also noticed wood, nut, and leather flavors that varied in intensity throughout the smoke.

Much like my experience with the EP Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010, the Elencos beat up my palate. When it was time to set the cigar down, I had no desire to light up another cigar. Aside from being satisfied, my palate was simply worn out and in need of a break. Even though I enjoyed this cigar, I kind of wish it was a bit more like my first experience, even if it did turn out to be a fluke. Numerous times throughout the cigar I found myself thinking back, fondly, to the much milder and delicate experience of my first Elencos.

If you were a fan of the EP Carrillo Edicion Limitada 2010, you no longer have to worry about not being able to pick up the line, as the Elencos is the exact same blend and delivers an experience that I would consider pretty much the same. With a price point of $12.00 for the Elites (6.00 x 54), $9.50 for the Don Rubino (5.25 x 50), and $12.50 for the Acto Mayor (6.25 x 52 Torpedo), I don’t know that I would pick these up too regularly but I would enjoy them in my rotation from time to time.

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12 thoughts on “EP Carrillo Elencos

  1. Hmm…well, I think his Short Run was the absolute best cigar I’ve ever smoked in my entire life and his Edicion Inaugural 2009 was pretty good too. However, chalk and charcoal are not what I’m looking for in a cigar. Having said that, I’ll probably try an Elencos just to see how things go; likely the robusto vitola since that one seemed to have a more nuanced delivery for you. What I’m excited about is trying his New Wave Connecticut; I would love to hear your thoughts on them (since you mentioned that they were in the package too).

    1. I have smoked one New Wave Connecticut. Not to give away the forthcoming review, but the one I smoked was fantastic!

      Thanks for the comment

  2. A good review Walt, The EP Carrillo Cigars line are an expensive to an average smokers. If the EP Elencos Cigar line is not Edicion Limitada. Why is them are same price with the EP Carrillo Edicion Limitada? They are an average cigars line compare to today cigars market. The Carrillo Cigars is not The Newman and Fuente Cigars

  3. Another great review. Thanks. I love EPC, so I guess I will have to try this one. Personally, I liked the first Inaugural the best. It was a bit delicate, but so refined and nuanced…. a special cigar.

  4. I agree with Walt. This cigar is a flavor bomb that does not let up. I love the limitada 2010 and I’m glad it will be a regular cigar I can always get.

  5. Good review. The lounge i go to just got them in and i really enjoy them. They are a nice smoke. I usually have an alcoholic beverage with them, so it balances the strength well.

  6. Smoking one right now, my experience I nothing like the above review, but pobably closer to to Walt’s first. The unlit cigar tasted like vomit, but was probably partially due to just finishing some coffee prior to tasting. Also, although properly taken cae of, the wrapper seems VERY delicate, and has a few cracks 🙁 Now 1/3 in, the blandness is going away, but power is not. Aso, the cigar actually seemed light and not hefty to me, but did appear to be beautifully constructed (no touchups so far, although haven’t got to the big split yet). This is the torpedo, a sample given to me by a local shop which so far has only carried Ernie’s regular line (core?), plus a few LGCs. I will try another down the line if I don’t have to pay $12.50 (more than likely to be over MSRP anywhere here in Michigan, though).

  7. I’m a big fan of E.P. Carillo going back to the old days and always wanted to try the Edicion Limitada but never got around to it. I picked up a couple of 5 packs of the Elencos in the Torpedo size after reading your review and after letting them rest in my 65% collidor for a couple of weeks decided to smoke one after breakfast. This time slot is usually where I love a New Wave Connecticut.

    This is an intense cigar right off the bat. Lots of spice lingering on the palate, medium to full body, and right away I was into the slightly bitter charcoal taste. Really too intense on the retrohale. Construction was a little off with a small wrapper fold-back and a slightly loose wrap in one place. Ash was very flaky in the first half and broke off within the first inch as I gently tried to put down the cigar into the ash tray. The burn needed a coupe of corrections and the cigar went out once in the first half. I was smoking outside on a windy morning so that may have been a factor.

    In the second half the cigar mellowed somewhat and a range of woody and leather flavors appeared with some dark cherry notes in the background but with that sharp spice at the back of the throat still predominating. Last third was excellent and strength really did not increase. I think I will let these rest a while longer and maybe reserve for later in the day or an after-dinner cigar.

  8. Elencos Torpedo redux. I went back and re-read my previous comment tonight while smoking another Elencos. These cigars have been resting in my coolidor at 65% since April. Tonight after enjoying some smoked brisket and a old vine California Zinfandel it seemed like a good time to give this vitola another try. I am usually not a big fan of Torpedos and was greeted by the same opening blast of spice, charred wood and some sour cherries, each flavor distinct and standing alone. There were a couple of loose wraps on the cigar but no cracks or holes.

    At about the mid-point the burn became erratic, some sour notes appeared, the smoke volume waned as the draw tightened. I noticed a big hole in the middle of the filler after the ash fell off in my lap. I reached for my Xicar guillotine cutter and snipped a little off the head and noticed some black tar buildup. The draw opened up considerably but the ash became flaky resulting in some touch-ups and a relight shortly thereafter. Fortunately in the second half the flavors melded together and the last third was delightful if a little intense for my palate.

    The tar buildup never quite left the cigar and I eventually clipped it again without destroying the wrapper and got it down to about an inch and a half before putting it down.

    My conclusion is that this cigar had some unfortunate construction issues in the filler that hampered the burn and caused the tar build-up which I seldom experience. I remain a big fan of EP Carillo (love, love, love the New Wave) and remember fondly my first La Gloria Cubana Wavell from several years ago on a fishing trip to Canada. A cautionary tale about how construction can affect the flavor and enjoyment of an otherwise exceptional cigar.

  9. I got one of these sticks from Cigar Expo last week. I love the look of this cigar with the dark wrapper and the band is outstanding. I just smoked a Liga Undercrown and wanted to try something new.

    I lit the stick and it started out very mild, surprising. I had to google a review of this stick and where to I end up, right at my favorite review site 🙂

    Funny Walt found a similar experience with his first one of these. Maybe I didn’t let it sit enough but I have no burn issues or tight draw. Compared to the undercrown, this is mild to medium at best. Not a bad stick at all, just looking for a little more flavor.

    I will keep an eye out for these. If I see them again I will pick up a 5 pack and hope for Walt’s second experience.


  10. Nice review. I’ve smoked a few of these now and really like them. I find them to be similar to the Undercrown in terms of body/strength/amount of flavor, and both work great for me as a 2nd cigar of the day.

    I’ve never had one that was as strong as this sample you smoked for the review, though I certainly wouldn’t mind that at all. I wonder how much of a factor age is in this regard?

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