Corojo Label

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Wrapper : Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder : I will let you guess
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : with my own money

I am starting off another series review for your enjoyment. This time it is going to be the house blends. All of these will be in the robusto size (5 x 50).

Fifth one is the Corojo Label.


Giving this Corojo Label the once over and the wrapper feels a little dry and rough. I am getting more aroma off this wrapper than any of the previous ones in this series, mostly a barnyard scent.

Cold draw gives a bit of spice but not much.

Burn baby burn.

First Half

Entering into this Corojo Label with an open mind, it starts out pretty mild with a slight hint of spice but not much else.

Further into the first half, maybe about an inch, and the spice has picked up considerably into the range I usually do not enjoy much. To put that into perspective, I do not care for scotch, bourbon, etc because of the bite the have. I think this may translate into the cigars I enjoy also as I think the smoother it is the better I like it. Not strength, a cigar can have a lot of strength and still be smooth, just the flavors.

At the end of the first half, the body has picked up to a good medium and the main flavors are the spice and a cedar taste.

Burn has gone well on this one. First one I smoked was horrible in the burn and taste department so we will write that one off as a dud so Stephen doesn’t kill me.

Second Half

Coming down the home stretch on this Corojo Label and it is still mainly the spice and cedar notes, with the spice taking the lead.

Like the rest I smoked, this one is definitely picking up in body in this second half. Usually has occurred right around the band. I would say it is a full stick right now.

Rounding out this stick and spice is the word of the day. Towards the end it became really overpowering for me and that happened in all of the ones I smoked. I also was getting more of a musty spice taste at the end.


I have to say, I did not enjoy this Corojo Label a whole lot. It was not a bad cigar but the spice, for me, was just too much in your face. If the spice would have been a little more subtle or other flavors to compensate, it may have been a stick I would keep around.

Would I buy it again? No. I am not a fan of the spice.

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9 thoughts on “ Corojo Label

  1. Mike, thanks for the review!
    I think your a trooper for going through this series, cause if you smoke a nasty stick you still have to smoke a few more for the review. Did you smoke somthing you like better after? Take care buddy!

  2. Nice, apparantly lots of spice! Thanks for the review Mike, this seems to be a cigar I could greatly appreciate. Looking forward to your next review!

  3. Well done sir. Sorry took my so long to comment been a little busy this week. Really enjoying this series

  4. Not a huge fan of these either Mike. Not really a huge fan of the house labels in generally actually. They are better than, say, most of the stuff Thompson pushes, but there are just better cheap cigars out there IMO. Thanks for doing this series though. It is/has been interesting to watch. The Brazilian is my favorite, also. It is just as singular, and lacking in complexity as the others, but at least the flavor it does have is a great sort of chocolate/mocha.

  5. For fans of spice (namely, me) this is a great budget stick. effortless draw, spice up front with a little bit of leather on the finish. The last deal ccom had on these it was $40 / box so for $2 / stick you can’t beat it. I have a box in my humi now and can imagine with some age they might be real nice

    1. Pretty much, yes. I don’t drink much but when I do, I do not care for the bite so I stay with lighter wines and Zaya Rum (with ice – sue me :p)

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