The Cigar Authority

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The Cigar Authority

I didn’t mention it on the site or on the forums like I should have. Everything came together pretty quickly. If you have some time on your hands, I make an appearance on The Cigar Authority hosted by Dave Garofalo. Dave is the owner of Two Guys Smoke Shop and sits on the Board of IPCPR. He’s been an advocate for us walking the corridors of Congress in Washington DC. Dave is also a big supporter of non-traditional media (like Stogie Review) and understand our importance to the industry.

I’m in the second hour of the show and Kurt Van Keppel from Xikar is in the first hour. I had a blast talking to the guys and telling their audience about Stogie Review and blogs in general.


2 thoughts on “The Cigar Authority

  1. Ugg, Jerry your better than this. That show is horrible and its not David’s fault. He needs better tech people and much better co-hosts. This is a sad day.

  2. I think it was a pretty interesting show. The Blogfather deserves more respect! At least to me, the cigar blogging community is a hugely important part of the cigar industry. Long live the Stogie Review.

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