Shake Up The Bands and Take A Picture

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Shake Up The Bands and Take A Picture

Up again this week is your favorite game, and mine, Shake Up The Bands and Take a Picture! After all of the participation last week, I decided to give this little game another go and see if we could keep the momentum going. My regularly scheduled review will most likely be posted on Sunday due to my slacking off and spending an evening shooting Sporting Clays instead of recording a review.

Unlike last week where I asked you to select a cigar to be smoked at that very moment, this time I would like you to pick out a cigar to end your day with. Take a good look at the photo because there are a few very good cigars hidden in plain sight.

Random Bands - 2

Which cigar would you smoke to end your day?

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24 thoughts on “Shake Up The Bands and Take A Picture

  1. Walt:

    You guys do a great job. However this “Which cigar would you smoke to end your day” is pretty lame.
    Just one man’s opinion. Other than that everything else is on point!



    1. then don’t play slick. quit wining they do this shit for free and give us something to read everyday. I don’t like 99% of the type of cigars mike reviews, but a lot of people like to hear opinions on value smokes. So i don’t read them, i don’t bitch about it. It’s that simple.

      1. Sorry son, didn’t mean to offend your sensibilities…wow, you must really love stogie review. Must watch what I say from now on then.

    2. It ain’t even like that. I just don’t see the point in trashing something ur voluntarily lookin at is all.

  2. Unlike most, I like to end the day with a milder cigar rather than a real powerhouse. The Perdomo Champagne has always been a reliable connecticut with a rather unique flavor. Perfect for winding down for the evening.

  3. Lately, my wife and I will head to the back deck and pour a couple glasses of chianti and I’ll fire up a cigar. This gives us a reason to relax and talk about our day. My craving lately has been the LFD Digger. It allows the finishing of the bottle and I love the chocolate/cocoa/saddle leather/cream that I get from them. Although . . . I’ve got a box of 2010 Short Runs that seem to be calling my name more and more.

  4. I would go with the illusione. It looks like the 888, that would be perfect. I’ve been reading this great site for about 3 years and this is the first time I’ve seen someone complain about a post. They don’t have to do this you know. Sad.

  5. You’re supposed to pick a cigar from the picture to end the day…I think I see the Serie v which is a no brainer or the Camacho corojo.

  6. Is that a Cain Daytona? I’d go for one of those this evening…hard to pick because I like a broad range and it really depends on my mood.

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