Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Number V

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Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Number V

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Once again this is Michael back for your viewing pleasure. This time I have for you the Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Number V which is a Robusto (5.5×49) with a Connecticut shade wrapper, Mexican binder and a Dominican and Mexican combo filler. Right now you can find this cigar for $27.50 online.

I was gifted this cigar by Rob Griff.

Starting out with this Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Number V and I get a nasty spice taste up front that I really hope does not continue. It reminds me of those shops that you walk in and they have 8billion kinds of incense burning and it just smells like crap. I really wish you middle class people would step up your game a bit.

First ash fell off at about an inch and a quarter. I will also note, this cigar is smoking very fast even with the tight draw.

Already at the halfway point and the one word that comes to mind is, disappointed. This cigar really has no body nor flavor other than the minty spice and musty taste. I would call this cigar too mild for even me as it tastes like air with a dash of flavor.

I am still having tight draw issues but am trying to work through it the best I can.

Rounding out this cigar I am utterly ashamed to have smoked this. No flavor to speak of other than spice for the most part and the draw was always tight. Mild is a term to be used here but maybe inventing a new term called, air, would be more fitting.

At $27.50 this stick failed on all counts except the ash held on nicely. I would save the money and buy some better sticks.

Thank you again to Rob Griff for the cigar as normally I do not go into this low of a price range for my smokes.

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I am just me.

9 thoughts on “Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Number V

  1. Fun, yet somehow depressing review.

    Man, you’ve got to hit upon a clear-cut winner soon! Sounds like you should have had your manservant smoke this one for you.

    No contest for the items in the photo? No, not the cigar. 🙂

  2. You need to have one of your servents light your cigars for you. I was shocked to see an esteemed gentleman such as yourself smoking such a dog turd. Try throwing in a Brittish accent next time! Fun review, keep up the great work Mike!

  3. Haha, I really enjoyed that review. Perfect intro song and excellent wardrobe. The only thing you were missing was a monocle and a top hat. If you carried a cane with that get-up you’d have been Mr. Peanut! Did you also refer to yourself in the 4th person when you said “Mike is too cheap to buy a bigger house”? That to me is schizophrenically hillarious! Reminds me of the movie Me, Myself & Irene. Keep ’em coming Mike/Michael.

  4. Great review Mike. When you gave the cigar ingredients up front I thought to myself that it didn’t sound good. Mexican and Dominican tobaccos would be tough to blend but since Macanudos tend to be on the mild side maybe they got what they wanted?

    But how do they justify the price? Those are cheap tobaccos. Ah, classic example of long name = high price. That blend would make a four dollar cigar at best I would think.

  5. What a disappointment! Perfect example, however, of how a high price doesn’t always mean an enjoyable stick. So keep the reviews of the cheaper cigars coming as well!

  6. Master Mike, how thankful are we to be graced with your presence. It’s a shame that a person of your stature had to review a sub-par cigar. But no big deal…27.50 is toilet paper for you!!

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