Old School Cigars

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Old School Cigars

Old School Cigars

Earlier this year while I was in NYC for work I was able to meetup with our friend Barry Stein from acigarsmoker.com. During this meetup Barry passed onto me a handful of Old School Cigars. I remember Barry telling me about them at last year’s IPCPR show. Being a baseball nut I’m always excited to see my two passions come together. Of the course of the last few months Barry has been bugging me about what I though of the Old School Cigars. I had told him I’d do a review of them since he gave me so many but for one reason or another, they fell off my radar with the exception of an appearance in an episode of Week in Smoke. Old School Cigar company is based out of New York. Danny Ditkowich is the brains behind the cigar. If that name sounds familiar its because Danny’s daughter Arielle is the lady behind La Sirena.

Video runs around 10 minutes and I found the Old School Cigar to be, refreshing. Some may say its a safe or traditional blend but thats not a negative thing. In today’s wild and crazy world of cigars where we have such things like Uzis, Straight Ligero, WMDs or Monsters its refreshing to get back to basics. Its refreshing to have a cigar shine because of its simplicity. Its refreshing to smoke a cigar and embrace its traditional maduro flavor profile. Like I said…its refreshing.

Production Note: I used my Canon 60d to shoot this video. For my geeks out there I used a Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4 lens and recorded the sound separate using a Zoom H1. I then used Dual Eyes to sync the video and audio tracks.


6 thoughts on “Old School Cigars

  1. Jerry,

    Thank you for taking the time to review this stick. It’s nice to get back to what a maduro was meant to be at times.

    1. Barry,

      Thanks for prodding Jerry into getting this review out. As someone who had his first cigar nearly forty years ago, it’s not always about breaking the boundaries, but rather, making the most of what you can within them.
      To reiterate my question to Jerry, is this cigar available to those of us on the other side of the country? The info on the company’s website is rather scant.


  2. A Brooklyn Dodgers tribute and no Jackie? Hmm. I agree that the throwback angle is something that a lot of people would enjoy with an open point of view. Not everything has to be cutting edge, provided the fundamentals are solid, and I love the way the band goes with the wrapper.

    Where can you get these (especially for those of us on the left coast)?

    Another great review from TGT!

  3. Great review, sounds like something I would enjoy. A cigar doesn’t have to be crazy complicated for me to enjoy. Good flavor is often all I need.

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