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Walt’s Week In Smoke

Smoking a Big Ol' Fat @caocigars LX2 (60 Ring variety from last years IPCPR)

Last year at IPCPR the trend seemed to be all about the big ring gauges. That trend seems to be going strong today, but I digress. I’m not sure if I was given an LX2 in a 60 ring gauge at the booth or in the TBOTLCH Press Kit. Either way, I finally got around to smoking it this week and was less than impressed. The cigar smoked very well but it didn’t deliver the power that I enjoy in the smaller vitolas. As Jerry once said in one of his review, I think that a lot of times the big ring gauge just waters down the cigar. In this case, that seems to be true. In the future I’ll be sticking to the smaller sizes.

It seems like forever since I've had a @Room101Cigars. Found this one buried in the cooler. I think @jcruz sent it.

Room 101 Cigars 702:
The Room 101 line has been rather interesting since the release a couple of years ago. After smoking my very first 702, I was impressed. Jerry did a review and felt the same way about the stick. Shortly after that review there was an outcry that a number of our viewers didn’t feel the same way. Turns out, outside of the popular Camacho 11/18 size, this line doesn’t do much for me. Fortunately, buried in the bottom of my coolidor, I found an old 702 and it was just as impressive as it was a couple of years ago.

The Hobbit and PDR Habano Sungrown - 1

Pinar Del Rio Habano Sungrown:
A while back (6 months at least) I did a pair of box splits with my father. Cigars International was running a sale on old Pinar Del Rio product. For less then $100.00, we picked up a box of Pinar Del Rio Habano Sungrown and Oscuro. I regret buying the Oscuro every time I attempt to smoke one (requires a relight before every puff) but the Habano Sungrown has been solid. This cigar delivers good flavor and body. The occasional cigar is a little snug but I can live with it for as inexpensive as they were.

Fuente Anejo - Shark - 1

Fuente Anejo Shark:
On Sunday night I felt like a cigar and wasn’t sure what to smoke. After talking with Jason on Twitter, I decided to go with a Fuente Anejo Shark that he gifted me during Cigarfest (I talk more about this cigar in a video on my personal blog). Paired with a cup of coffe, this cigar made for a great nightcap. I’m not sure that I like it, leaps and bounds, better than the other sizes of the Fuente Anejo, but it was very good.

Angelenos from Prometheus - With Humidor - 1

Angelenos from Prometheus:
While digging through left over cigars from Cigarfest, I came across a few Angelenos. These cigars were sent along by Prometheus (who sponsored our Cigarfest 2011 coverage) to smoke throughout the event. After having smoked about a dozen of these cigars, they are really starting to grow on me. They are a good medium bodied cigar with decent flavor. The Angelenos isn’t something that has made me stop and say “WOW” but they make for a great sunday morning companion with a cup of coffee.

Nestor Miranda Specical Selection Oscuro - Buckhead Edition - 1

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Oscuro – Buckhead Edition:
If the Buckhead Special Selection Oscuro was a drug, I would need to join some kind of support group. I love these cigars, particularly in the 54 x 5.50 size. I’m told that the only difference between the regular Special Selection Oscuro and the Buckhead variety is an extra ligero leaf. Let me tell you, this added leaf takes a cigar from “meh, I guess smoke one” to “Hot Damn!”

Perdomo Lot 23 - IPCPR Sample - 1

Perdomo Lot 23:
This short and fat Perdomo Lot 23 came home with me from New Orleans as part of the TBOTLCH Press Kit. Up until recently I have been smoking a lot of the Perdomo 10th Anniversary offerings due to their reduced pricing. Because the two lines were so close in price I always felt like I was getting a better cigar for the money with the 10th Anniversary. Smoking a couple of these Lot 23, I may have to rethink that. I have a single Perdomo Lot 23 left from IPCPR, so I think I might just need to search a few out locally and make a purchase.

Alec Bradley New York - 1

Alec Bradley New York:
I’m actually smoking the Alec Bradley New York as I type up this Week In Smoke. For 5:45am on a Thursday morning, it isn’t overwhelming. Paired with a cup of coffee and a little Eric Clapton, this morning is off to a fantastic start. I haven’t had very many of these cigars (I think this is actually my second one) but it has rich flavor and a creamy finish.

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30 thoughts on “Walt’s Week In Smoke

  1. I loved that you paired the Alec Bradley with some Eric Clapton!!! Seeing as cigars are “for the moment”, it’s awesome that you added to that moment with some exceptional music!

    1. I’m usually doing one of three things while smoking a cigar at home. I’m either working on something for Stogie Review, reading (The Hobbit by Tolkien in the case of the Pinar Del Rio Habano Sungrown) or listening to music while unwinding.

      Every now and again I’ll watch something on Netflix via laptop, but that isn’t too common these days.

      Thanks for the comment

    1. Jack,
      I purchase them direct from Mike at Buckhead Cigar. If you are interested in ordering some, you can reach the shop at 404-844-0400

  2. Walt great reviews, I am a fan of the PDR Habano as an everyday smoke. I have never had the NM Buckhead, but I have had the NM Coffee Break, from Cigarfest and was mildly pleased with it, I will have to try that vitola.

    1. Brian,
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I haven’t had very many of the new Pinar Del Rio Stuff (He changed factories, employees, and tweaked the blends) with the new bands. When i saw the old stock on CI I couldn’t pass them up. The Habano Sungrown are smoking pretty well, I just wish I could say the same for the old stock Oscuro (it is like they are make from fire-proof tobacco)

      Thanks for the comment

  3. Coincidentally, I’m having my first Lot 23 belicoso as I’m reading your post. Wasn’t sure about during the first part of it, but since hitting the halfway point, I’m liking it despite some slight burn problems.

    I think that the PDRs are great bang for the buck sticks, and I enjoy both the old and new blends of the Sungrown Habano, but the old Seleccion 2007 is my favorite by far. That band on the PDR coordinates perfectly with the book cover. 🙂

    Nice variety of smokes, and I like that nearly all of them are easy to find and afford.

    1. jjo,
      The Perdomo Lot 23 seems to be a slow starter. I actually enjoy the maduro more than the natural, but both are good.

      Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the list

  4. Great cigars Walt and I’m one that does enjoy the 101. Still have about five of those 702s kicking around so I’ll have to fire one up this weekend.

    1. Dave,
      Let us know how that Room 101 smokes for you.

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my ‘Week in Smoke’

    1. Tough call, I enjoyed the Fuente Anejo Shark and the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Oscuro – Buckhead Edition very much. Given the situation I smoked them in, I might have enjoyed the Anejo a little more.

  5. What you didn’t like about the 60 ring LX2 was exactly what I did like about it. I love the flavors, but found the smaller ring sizes too strong. I thought the 60 Ring, as much as I dislike the format, tempered the blend just right.

  6. Love the TGT write ups! The Lot 23 is one of those cigars with no sex appeal, but they are solid, particularly after you burn through the first half inch. I bought a fiver of the PDR Oscuro. What a disappointment. Bland, mild and boring…..are the other PDRs really worth smokin?

    PS. – wow, smoking a stick at 5:45am…..That’s cojones, my friend.

    1. Pfhou,
      I like a variety of Pinar Del Rio stuff, I just have had really bad luck with the “old stock” Oscuro CI was/is selling. The 1878 blends are nice, especially the Oscura and Maduro.

      I’m glad you like the TGT Editions (Which stands for ‘The Great Torpedo’). Jerry will really appreciate that on my write up… LOL

      Smoking a cigar that early isn’t uncommon for me. I work from home a couple of days per week, so I get up at the time I normall would (4:30) when I go into the office. After getting cleaned up, I have a cigar and a cup of coffee before my wife gets ready to leave for work (and I both work from home and take care of our daughter).

      Thanks for the comment

      1. Geeez, must have forgotten my coffee last week! Can’t believe I typed TGT, particularly since I believe you are the creator of the Week in Smoke…Argh! My apologies!

        1. No worries, being a regular around here I thought I’d give you a hard time about it 🙂

          I’d like to take credit for the Week In Smoke but the idea came from the complicated mind of our very own Brian Hewitt.

          Thanks for the comment

  7. I always forget how good the Buckhead edition of the Special Selection is, and I walk past it in the humidor almost daily. Once you go Buckhead, you don’t go back. lol

    1. That is the truth. I got my first one from Shing as a gift for the birth of my daughter. I smoked the Buckhead Oscuro and loved it. Since I only had the one, I picked up some of the regular Special Selection from my local shop and they weren’t nearly as good. Have been buying the Buckhead Edition ever since.

  8. Nice selection of smokes Walt.

    I’m surprised you didn’t have good luck with the Pinar Del Rio Oscuro. I got a ten pack of the torpedos (I think this is the new blend with the blue band at the foot) off Joe Cigar for $25 shipped. I let them rest a week or so in my humi (65% rh) to settle down a little and smoked 2 so far with no problems. One needed just a minor touch up or two and went out once but I think I may have set it down too long. The other one smoked great. I hope the rest smoke as good as the first two. Never had the Habano Sungrown, gonna have to give them a try. I hope just some more time in your humidor helps them. Maybe try dry boxing a few?

    1. I’ve also not had much of a problem with the new blend, but the bad burn seems to be a common complaint with the old Oscuro and may be one of the reasons it was reblended.

      1. I think it was one of the reasons for the reblend (at least that is what I hear from the rumor mill). I’ve always had trouble with that old Oscuro but never as bad as the box I bought from CI. I like the flavor, they are just far too much work to keep burning.

        This is the line that has been causing me so much grief

        Old @pdrcigars Oscuro while I setup for Natalie's party.

          1. I used to love those cigars, it was just a little work to keep it burning. The last few I smoked were nearly impossible to keep lit. It is really unfortunate because I like the blend.

    2. As Walt mentioned, I also still have the old blend from CI and it just didn’t burn all the well or have much of any flavor. Honestly, if it didn’t say Oscuro on the label, I wouldn’t have known. Seemed more like a super mild maduro….disappointing.

  9. sounds like a good week in Smoke. I’m a big fan of the Lot 23s and the Nestor but have only had the Coffee Break. I ran in to similar problems with the PDR tight draw, I chalked it up to buying the stick at Cigar Cigar but maybe its just par for the course for that line.

    Thanks again


  10. I bought a box of the CAO LX2 beli’s from Famous about 9 months ago and I’m down to my last stick. This stick is so hit and miss for me. Totally inconsistent. The Shark would have to be my favorite as well of your list and I will be contacting Buckhead cigar to see about some of those Nestor SS’. I was not terribly impressed with the Room 101’s. Big fan of the Week in Smoke and the Herf n Heads/YQMA. Hope you have one soon!

  11. Great Reviews Walt. Im a big fan of the PDR.Just got a 20 pack variety last week at CI on Route 191 for $50.The Exclusivos are a pepper bomb.

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