Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

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Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

The newest line extension from the stables of Pete Johnson and Tatuaje Cigars is the Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial. This adds to the 7th line that also consists of the 7th (Ecuadorian Habano) and the 7th Reserva (Connecticut Broadleaf). Same binder and filler as the other two with the 7th Capa Especial sporting a rosado-ish Sumatra wrapper. A pretty interesting activity that I would encourage trying is to compare and contrast the 7th by smoking each wrapper. Its definitely eye opening to see just how much difference the wrapper makes. I’ve been a fan of the 7th Reserva as one of the best cigars to be released at last year’s IPCPR and I’ve been pretty vocal with how much I’m not a fan of the Ecuadorian Habano 7th. So where does the Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial rank with me? If you have memorized every edition of Week in Smoke you already know…

Video runs under 10 minutes and while the cigar blogosphere has been quick to adorn the Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial with all kinds of accolades. I have news for you. They are all wrong…I kid I kid. I’ll say I politely disagree with my cigar blogger colleagues. I didn’t get it. Nothing about the 7th Capa Especial stood out to me. For $9 I’m looking for some wow factor and didn’t get any. Solid medium-full body with a sweet, peppery, nutty flavor profile with a chewy texture. Decent flavor profile and love the Corona Gorda size but where is the wow? The Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial is missing that something extra to put it over the top. Something to set itself a part on a crowded humidor shelf.


104 thoughts on “Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

  1. Can’t access the video for some reason. “This video contains content from EMI, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” But from the text, sorry you didnt get from it what others have Jerry. I thought it was a great smoke.

  2. Nice review Jerry. I guess that’s why it’s one mans opinion. Funny the video comes across less harsh than the written part. Real quick note. Everything from Nica should be associated with Jaime Garcia and myself and not Pepin. Pepin had no idea I was making this cigar.

    1. Thanks for the additional info Pete. I’ll make a note of it for the future. Appreciate you taking the time to comment. And you are absolutely right, its one man’s opinion. It wouldn’t be the first or last time I got a cigar wrong.

      1. Jerry, I would not even say anyone is wrong for liking or not liking a certain cigar. Everyone has their own profile that they prefer….This is also another reason why I make so many different cigars….I want to taste a variety in life and not just pizza for every meal. There are also so many factors while you are smoking and that is why certain cigars might rate good one day and not the next by the same reviewer….

  3. Great review Jerry. I enjoy watching your reviews, we seem to have similar taste. I agreed with everything you said in this review. Especially about the 7th reserva, one of my favorites!

  4. Pete – I think its cool of you to stop by and leave a comment on a less than stellar review. Very cool of you to roll with the punches. You can’t win them all but Jerry has turned a lot of us onto the Verocu #5 and La Riqueza.

    Jerry – Thanks for the honest review. I think you are kind of right. The 7th Reserva is the best but the 7th Capa is right up there to. Also, was this shot with your 60d as well? I love the HD option in the video.

  5. Pete – who the hell cares what this douche thinks of your cigar? He’s just another self involved, self centered, free loading blogger.

    Don Whoever – If you don’t like all of Pete Johnson’s cigars then you don’t know anything about cigars. I’m glad that this is my first visit to you subpar site. I’m even happier that this is my last!

  6. Great review Don “Cruz”ado. I understant that everyone has personal opinions and this is yours. I have smoked a couple these and had somewhat the same opinion. I really do wonder what is wrong with people when they freak out on issues like this. Thanks for your opinion on this cigar and keep up the good work!

  7. If you didn’t like it why even review it? This is the problem with blogs. Why the need to be negative? Take a page from Doc StogieFresh. When was the last time he assaulted a cigar? Never! You know why? Unlike you, The Doc is a professional. Nothing good comes from this review.

    I smoke nothing but Tatuaje products and I can say you are dead wrong. Your dribble about wow factor is a idiotic statement from a small man who gets his thrills from bashing amazing cigars.

    Good day!

    1. For a blog to be credible you have to review the bad as well as the good. This way your readers can get a better feel for you. I think your comment was insane as you want to say blogs are a problem because of a negative review.

      What about restaurant critics, movie critics, book reviewers, car reviewers, and porn reviewers! Can’t forget the porn!

      Not everything in life is good, and it’s our duty to weigh in with the good and the bad… that said.. I am happy with my review of this cigar on my site, because like other bloggers, I am never wrong, LOL πŸ™‚

    2. To expand on Barry’s respond (which I appreciate) we review all kinds of cigars. It wouldn’t be realistic just to review good cigars. You need to smoke and experience bad cigars to appreciate the good ones. Also, I wouldn’t clarify this as a bad review. I believe I simply said I didn’t like it and enjoy the Reserva much more.

    3. Not cool my friend. our opinions are our opinions……. 1 mans medicine is another mans poison. I personally didn’t see the review as harsh, and in actual fact found Jerry’s capturing of the flavour profiles to be accurate, however, what Jerry didn’t find so keen is what I look for at times. I would’ve been disappointed had it been reviewed any other way, but hey, thats my personal opinion.

      As for Tats. Here in the UK, it is nigh on impossible to pick up Tatuaje smokes. I became a huge fan after purchasing a reserva SW down in Orlando. We have a big cuban market in the UK, and I can honestly say that the R SW beat a great many of the cubans i’ve had to date which includes R & J no.1s, Churchills, Bolivar gold medals, Hoyo epicure especial.

      Pete – When will you hit the UK market? Please…lol

      As for reviews, when looking to purchase a new line cigar, I will check out ALL reviews to get a balanced opinion. I’m not looking at negative or positive reviews, but what each reviewer gives as to the flavour profile. If there is consistency and is what i’m looking for, then i’ll purchase. With regards to this, i’ve never found Jerry’s reviews to be anything other than ‘on the mark’, but realise that our palettes are different at the same time.

      Jerry – keep up the cracking work
      Pete – keep turfing out them sticks, and lets see a push to allow us in the UK the joy of sampling them.


  8. Don “Cruz”ado – while I respect your opinion did you really have to be so dramatic? Its one thing to not like a cigar but why be so disrespectful to Pete. Its my understanding that Pete is a big supporter of bloggers and some of the most popular content here are his interviews. Why disrespect him so much? Say you didn’t like it and move on. No need for the added insults just so that you can sound witty.

  9. If The Don says it’s true then I believe it. I will never smoke another Tatuaje and plan to throw all of mine away when I get home, should free up a good bit of space in my humidors.

  10. Hey TatLover, how do you know what a great cigar is and what a “wow factor” is when all you smoke is Tatuaje products. I love some Tatuaje lines and there are some other lines that are not to my taste. You are acting like his personal opinion is wrong and not worth sharing.

    If you feel that way and you are a cigar smoker how do you feel that a majority of people in this country have a problem with people who smoke and don’t think they should deal with it? If you feel that you have your right to smoke because it is one of your civil liberties, does Don not have the right to review a cigar? Isn’t his opinion a civil liberty?

  11. Jerry,
    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but yours is just plain wrong in this instance! Everyone who is anyone knows that the 7th Natural is clearly better than the Reserva. Everything that issues from the bowels of the My Father factories, especially those with the Tatuaje name on them are peerless and beyond criticism! Anyone deigning to say something bad about them should be dragged from bed by government stormtroopers in the middle of the night and publicly flogged!

    Maybe you should spend your time reviewing every special release that Andre Farkas releases instead of sullying the name of Tatuaje with your small-minded reviews.

    Furthermore, you should…wait…what’s that? It’s not April Fools Day? πŸ™‚

    Just seeing if I can out-hate the haters, man…I do prefer the Natural over the Reserva, but I haven’t had a chance to fire up one of these Capa Especials yet…looking forward to it, though!

  12. Pathetic…is this site really that popular publishing this kind of nonsense?

    The 7th Capa Especial is probably the best to date that Pete has produced. It has more than wow factor, it has integrity. Something this reviewer doesn’t. I only come here when Pete does an interview every year but after this, I wouldn’t blame Pete to ignore you. There is being honest and then there is being disrespectful just to one up other blogs.

    Pete – don’t let this hater discourage you. he obviously isn’t a true friend.

  13. I have to say I’m disappointed in your antics Mr. Cruz. While I’ve always respected your reviews and cigar knowledge. The information and reviews you’ve supplied over the years has been great so I’ve looked past your immature and immoral way you’ve always ended your videos. After this review, I’m questioning if you really know anything about cigars.

    I’ve had this cigar on many occasions and I’m at a loss as to how this cigar failed you.

  14. Guys…you may want to disable comments before it gets out of hand with Viaje vs. Tatuaje.

    Andre this just proves what the industry has been saying about you. You have no class and it appears Jerry doesn’t either.

  15. Wait…..Everyone should calm down….Jerry’s review was honest and I appreciate honesty….He just doesn’t like this particular version of the 7th..He loves the Reserva….Sumatra isn’t for everyone’s taste…I had a client tell me the other day he thought the 7th Natural was the best and he didn’t like the Reserva…and I have had other people say the Sumatra blows away the other two. We are all different and all have different likes and dislikes…..

    No need for name calling…If someone doesn’t believe Jerry’s review, just say you disagree and continue to enjoy the cigar. Take this review as one person’s opinion…..simple

    Be good to your brother of the leaf….


        1. i think they are a little freaky also…..

          Jerry kid…Don’t let the comments bother you…

          I think the name calling is silly and I think everyone should stop calling Tatuaje product fans, Fanboys…Kind of insulting…..and it really creeps me out more than Booth’s pants…..


          1. First time I saw them I checked to make sure the zipper wasn’t on the back, I thought they were on backwards.

            I think it’s a bit unfair for anyone to say anything to anyone. Your palate is your palate. Period.

  16. Pete Johnson shits and pisses good cigars…that’s why I dug up his septic tank last night and stole his shit and piss. I’m gonna smoke it soooo good tonight!

  17. Also, I disagree with Jerry. This is one of the few Tats I’ve enjoyed. I have a box arriving today actually. Can’t go wrong with a CG. Sorry it’s not a dick-in-your-mouth 60RG!

  18. As far as Andre F’s comment is concerned if that is even Andre from Viaje. Completely uncalled for…My comments to Jerry were to correct some information and say i can’t win them all….

  19. Wow, I’m speechless, are we having a full moon tonight. Taste is subjective people and it’s is HIS opinion. Just because he did not like means that “YOU” will not. As I see it a review is a guide or learning tool and not a final verdict on anything, is up to US the consumer to make final judgement. Jerry keep on reviewing and above all else keep on being yourself.

    1. This is exactly my point and I enjoy jerry’s review…..

      I really don’t know what Jerry says at the end of the reviews though…..

  20. Wow.

    Honest reviews get smashed by fan-bois, the actual maker of the cigar agrees, realizing that every wrapper isn’t for every smoker, and we even get a fake Viaje post.

    Is this some kind of cigar blogoshpere record?

    Nice work, Jerry.

  21. Guys, all because it has a Tatuaje Label doesn’t mean its gonna be a hit. From what I can tell Jerry is the only who has publicly said they didn’t like it. He’s obviously in the minority.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that really is Andre. Sounds like the jerk I’ve heard him to be.

    Pete thanks for being the voice of reason. I’m one of your biggest fans and think its awesome that you can take good reviews along with bad reviews (was this even a bad review?). I think you are one of the smarter brand owners out there who get that it doesn’t matter what Jerry thinks of your cigar but its the buzz that it brings.

    Jerry…lose the long f’n ashes. You are smarter than that. You can find a family friendly way to sign off.

    1. Maurice,

      Hey i wish that everyone liked every cigar I made but that is impossible….I can dream…Jerry and i are what I consider friends and I appreciate that a friend can tell me what he likes and dislikes instead of saying “wow Pete this is awesome” on every cigar I do….

      I am honest with my friends that design cigars but i am only one person out of thousands judging their work.

      Hey i don’t like Dion’s regular line but i love the Epernay…Some people will tell me I am way off base but again it’s just my opinion….

      1. WHAT are you out of your mind how do you not like Dion’s regular line? You should never be allowed near a blending table again you quack!!!!!!

        Honestly I’m just kidding and felt like being a crazy fanboy and showing Dion some love. To each is own man to each is own some of these fanboys need to step back a little and respect it for what it was and thats just his opinion.

  22. JeffM – spot on bro.. This is classic stuff. Cruz dropping courteous honesty like an A-bomb, PeteJ’s cameo appearance… Tasting notes shredded live on a Jerry Springer set. I love it! I’m taking a cue from Fanboi and limiting my cigar selection to nothing but Peach White Owls from now on.

  23. @ Jerry – Keep up the good work my friend. It is greatly appreciated by all. As for as I’m concerned, this was good and constructive feedback. Gotta keep Pete on his toes and keep feeding him good and bad. Blind and fluffy feedback is worse than bad feedback.

    @ Pete – Will you keep Jerry as S&S member ? LOL. Keep up the good work, bro !

  24. Pete, I’ve never smoked your cigars, but props to you for respecting one man’s opinion.
    Jerry, props to you for giving an honest opinion. I didn’t find it all that negative, anyway. Don’t change a thing. I like your sign-off, too! F*ck everyone else!

  25. Holy Shit! HAHAHAHAHA!

    It’s a good review, Jerry. It is sometimes more interesting to hear the negative reviews than the positive ones. I have always taken your reviews as YOUR reviews. Like when you had the 5 Vegas Knuckle and the La Flor Dominicana Coronado. Those reviews made me want to try those cigars more than some other more positive reviews. I smoke some cigars to see what the hype is all about and some to see why people dislike them.

    All that matters to me is that I like or dislike the cigar. I also enjoy hearing what fellow smokers think of things. I love the original Illusione line. That means I disagree with Pete. So what. I like the 7th Reserva better than the 7th, but I also like the 7th. I prefer the miami line with at least a year of age if not more, over fresh ones. Oh no!!!

    I am looking forward to trying the Capa Especial or whatever it is called. But if I don’t like it, that only concerns me. And if I tell you I don’t like it, that shouldn’t mean you can’t like it.

    If we take the time to read and watch reviews, it is our responsibility to filter what we see and hear, and make our own decisions and not let someone else’s opinions get us worked up.

    It concerns me that a simple hobby of luxury, and cigars are a luxury, can make people act this way towards one another.

    LONG FUCKIN’ ASHES! I love it. And if it isn’t family friendly enough for you, maybe you and your precious family should take up a different hobby together. If it isn’t family friendly enough for you, don’t subject your family to it.

    Stop watching the cigar reviews with minors. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    FUCK is just a word.

  26. Great review Jerry! I disagree with you in that I think it is an awesome cigar. But I don’t think either of us have a problem with that. We each have different palates. I’m glad we do because that is what drives the market for all of these new cigars!

    Pete, I think it is awesome you are able to be a voice of reason and remind some of the crazies that have commented here that there are different cigars for a reason.

  27. What is all the excitement about this review? Stop reading into it so much. This cigar didn’t hit the spot for Jerry, that’s what I got out of it. That is his opinion. Pete is a big boy and doesn’t need fan-boi’s running to his defense. Get over yourselves people – It is just a cigar review.

    I will STILL try this cigar and form my own opinion. Thanks for the review!

  28. Let’s not forget everyone that cigars, especially on the internet, is serious business. Dead serious business.

    Jerry, nice review. I completely understand. Some blends/wrappers just aren’t for people. I’m a fan of the Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970 but the Dark Antano just isn’t for me. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

  29. I just want to be a part of this thread! Everyone is on to you Jerry. Claiming that you arent a fan of these just so you have easier access to them!

  30. Yikes, such vitriol! This smacks of one or two disgruntled viewers posting under numerous names in an attempt to discredit what I found to be a fair and honest review. It wasn’t even negative, as Jerry states more than once that he enjoyed it. He just didn’t love it. I would view that as high praise for the brand, as he expected more from it.

    Kudos to Pete for trying to dffuse the situation in a mature and evenhanded manner.

    Oh, and by the way, this is not the Sesame Street or Disney Channel website. Cigars are an adult subject. If a little harmless profanity offends you, simply don’t watch the sign-off. There’s a little stop button on the control panel. And DO NOT watch the 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle review! lol

  31. You guys are all gonna feel pretty silly next month when the rapture comes and takes all your Tatuajes up to cigar heaven.

  32. Jerry has shown Pete love since the P4 and I bought a box because of that review when I was first getting started. Still got a few left that smoke great.

    But it should mean a lot to Pete that he’s got such loyal fans who are really pissed off and commenting. It should also mean a lot to those who aren’t such diehards that the guy posted a thank you to a lackluster review. That really sets you apart from a lot of cigar folks, brother. Thanks for being more than a brand.

  33. Pete if this guy is your friend I’d hate to see how he treat his enemies. He totally hasn’t gotten a clue. Don’t be scared of this dude who has too much time on his hands and who obviously has never had the talent to create something of his own. He’s a tool. Every cigar you make is gold and its pathetic that this guy has to stoop so low and bash your cigars. I haven’t watched the video but I can only assume he lit the wrong end.

    1. Let’s all drop this please Let’s stop the name calling and continue what we all love to do which is smoke cigars..Cigars that we think are good to us and not because someone told us to like it….No person is wrong or right with any review..It’s an opinion….

      1. Amen to that, Pete!

        Sergio, it’s inappropriate to post an insulting comment without even bothering to watch the review. Nowhere in it did Jerry “bash” the cigar.

        On the other hand, I now really want to try one of these to see what the big deal is all about. Aarrgh! Fell into the trap!!

  34. Appreciate your opinion on the cigar. I watched the video and didn’t get the feeling you were bashing/trashing the cigar, just that you liked the 7th Reserva better. Will the review keep me from trying it? No, but it’s nice to see a review that I feel was your honest opinion of how it compared to others in the 7th lineup.

  35. Thanks for the review Jerry! I will still try the 7th Capa… I love the 7th line in general… Some people just feel way to important to allow people to have differeing opinions. Great work SRFF!

  36. I think Jjo hit it on the head. This totally reaks of one guy posting negative comments with multiple monikers. A simple ip address check would reveal the truth. All that fooleshness asode, I thought this was a terrific review as always Jerry. I bought a 5’er of these last week and can’t wait to try them. You and I have similar taste profile preferences, but that doesn’t mean we’ll always agree. But that’s what’s great about this cigar passion of ours. Keep ’em coming bro! And please disregard the big fat ugly troll(s). Props to P.J. for chiming in with the voice of reason.

  37. Some of these guys are right Jerry, I really prefer my reviews with no integrity behind them. next time please lie to us if you don’t like the cigar. Some of you guys need to get your head out of your ass or in this case Pete’s crotch, just cause he didn’t diddle his man taint with it doesn’t mean anything it’s just one mans opinion.

    1. Jitzy, i agree with most of what you said but the Pete’s crotch thing was a bit uncalled for….

      Let’s refrain from the name calling and the gross trash talking…..

      Again there was nothing wrong with Jerry’s review……

  38. I saw nothing wrong in that review. Just a dude sharing his opinion. No harm, no foul. Pete makes some great sticks, but do I love them all? no. I love the 7th reserva, gave one to a buddy who didn’t get it all and can’t understand how I love it so much. we’re all different. the cigar, the wine, the artwork that YOU love is the best not what you read in some glossy mag. or blog, imo.

  39. Pete, Nice to see your comments.
    I agree with Jerry and Pete not all of Pete’s cigars fit my pallet but some are spot on.
    Enjoy guys it’s a wonderful hobby and look forward to catching up with Pete in KC in August.

  40. For what it’s worth I appreciate Jerry’s honest opinion/review. Good or bad it’s like wine, art or any other artisan product – to each his own and as Pete said everyone has their own opinion and taste/preference. Jerry gets bashed because he loves all of the tatuaje sticks and now he gets bashed because one wasn’t his favorite (he never said it was “bad”).

    He seems like a good guy to me and I appreciate that and think his reviews and style are very genuine to who he is. As well Pete has earned a lot more of my business as a result of his involvement here (passion for his product) and supportive comments – another stand-up guy.

    Comment as you wish but Jerry now has a more loyal viewer and Pete a more loyal customer.

  41. Just watched this and don’t understand where all the negativity came from! I got the same thing I get from every review here, an HONEST OPINION!! Thanks Jerry and keep up the great work!!!

  42. Am I the only one who watched the video? I don’t recall at any point Jerry saying it was a bad cigar or even that he disliked it. What I heard was someone saying, “It’s good, but the Reserva is better. This didn’t wow me, but it’s a good cigar.”

  43. Hot damn there’s some energy out there today!!!! Too many people must have lost money in the stock market so read Jerrys review with a belly full of fire!!

    Look, don’t be silly. Out of all the Illusione, Tatuaje, Viaje, AJ, or other awesome blenders, not all of their cigars are 10’s at all times of the day no matter what we just ate. Sometimes you have to learn a cigar to know when is the best time for you to enjoy it. It’s all a matter of the individual taste.

    Thanks Pete for posting. You really are a classy guy even though you drink fufu cream drinks hahaha. Hopefully I’ll catch you in Sacramento sometime. Btw, green cigars suck, I don’t care what everybody says.

    Kick ass there Jerry. You weren’t even negative. Just not gushing with praise!!! Over emotional and over reacting fans add excitement to forums even though they act like douches.

  44. Haha…took me longer to read the comments than to watch the video review. I almost feel obligated to write a summary to this comment thread….

    Jerry, keep up the great, honest reviews, man. Pete, keep making great cigars. I personally enjoy most Tatuaje lines because the product speaks for itself, not based on anything I hear or see in blogs/social media/whatever. Same with numerous other brands I enjoy. Sure I’ve had a few “negative” experiences, but considering this is a natural product, I am always impressed with the consistency, taste, and quality of Pete’s products. I believe Jerry has expressed a similar opinion despite a mostly neutral opinion every now and then. At any rate, my personal less than stellar experiences probably stemmed from my pairing the cigar with a 6 pack of imperial IPA or something πŸ™‚
    As always…taste is subjective as hell…if you don’t like them, save your cash and buy something else.

    Pete and Jerry both seem like genuine guys just sharing their opinions and knowledge and I appreciate what both of these guys are doing for cigar smoking as we know it in 2011. Jerry has helped do for cigar blogs/informal reviews as Pete/Tatuaje has for the industry over the last 10 years or so (which is a lot by the way).

    As a side note, I considered the 7th natural to be one of the best cigars I had smoked to date and still consider it to be (along with the underrated Cabaiguan line…).

  45. Wow, what happened here? I thought this was just about cigars… My respect to Pete for making many great cigars. My respect for Jerry as well for his honesty, even if it means facing the firing squad. Come on people, lighten up and smoke a cigar of your own liking!

  46. Jerry,
    For what it’s worth, I appreciate your honesty and integrity when it comes to reviewing cigars. SR continues to be a place where I can find straight forward discussion about cigars, and that’s exactly why I enjoy the site. It’s pretty obvious to those who know you and who have met you that you’re a standup guy. Continue to do what you and the rest of the guys at SR are doing.
    And kudos to Pete as well. Another class act. Keep making great cigars brother.


  47. Good Lord! No need to attack a man for having an opinion that differs from yours. To say TGT is classless because he expresses himself is also unfair. This blog is just that, a blog, not a corporate environment and is meant to be fun. I think it took guts for Jerry to say he didn’t like one of Pete’s creation (particularly given his man love for all that is Tatuaje)

    For those of you that have criticized this site as being terrible, then I urge you to take a closer look as I am confident you will change your mind. This site is simply wonderful as a blog of individual opinions on cigars. Take it for what it is and I am sure you will enjoy it.

    Kudos to Pete, a true brother of the leaf.

    Now lets CHILL and get some good vibes goin’ today!

  48. You guys sound like old wash women. Man Jerry you really know how to get these guys all worked up ! LOL

  49. Saw the long line and wanted to see what the commotion was about. Great review Jerry. Still haven’t broke the seal of my sns smokes but the capa esp will be one of the first. Thanks Jerry and thanks Pete.

  50. So after reading all the comments and THEN watching the review…I didn’t think it was as harsh as alot of people made it out to be…”insulting, no class, disrespectful, and dramatic?” Definitely not the case. Some people just can’t take one man’s honest review. And as for the guys who took shots at Jerry personally…grow up.

    I for one, really enjoyed the 7th Capa. But I am not going to call Jerry idiotic or a “small man”.

  51. Thanks for the review, Jerry!

    For whatever reason, my palate doesn’t care for most PHJ products when FRESH … aged, it’s a whole ‘nuther story. For me, his smokes gain so much flavor as they approach the 1-year mark, and a lot of my personal Top 25 cigars have a PHJ label.

    Case in point, the first Anarchy I had did nothing for me. I had my 2nd one this morning–totally different cigar to me, and I was well pleased.

    So I wonder if some opinions on these will change with some age. For me, I’m going to save my S&S kit Capa for a while and let it rest.

  52. And what’s with all the drama in the comments here? Sheesh. He smoked a cigar and told us what he thought … that’s what the site is for. He didn’t put out his cigar on somebodies dog or burn someone in effigy. Just one guy’s opinion … just because he has a great haircut doesn’t make him infallible anyway.

    Some people need to relax and smoke a cigar πŸ™‚

  53. I’ve enjoyed PJ’s smokes for years. Some I’ve loved, others I liked and some… well… they just didn’t work for me. This is the case with every brand/manufacturer I’ve appreciated enough to explore deeply. In the end, there are some Tat sticks that will be in my humidor forever and I’ll always be interested in new lines. There are also other TJ blends I’ve given a fair shot that I won’t be buying any more. There’s no better, realistic outcome that a cigar maker can hope for when attempting to reach a community of passionate enthusiasts IMHO.

    I recognize Pete’s willingness to take risks and ability to produce quality cigars with unique appeal. However, I’ve never been one to go for the whole “cult of personality” thing and agree that the entire concept of Tat “fanboy-ism” is a little demeaning. Having said that, it’s undeniable that PJ’s presence is a critical element of Tat’s success.

    To have the passion for his business and the cigar hobby/lifestyle to take the time to not just comment on, but defend a less-than-stellar review is impressive. What Pete says about personal taste and environment impacting the smoking experience is true, and all thoughtful enthusiasts know this. Making those comments in this particular context is pretty refreshing.

    Understanding that you can’t be all things to all people all the time is a rare trait that the world could use more of. It’s the exact opposite of the trend in political discourse for example and it’s pretty obvious how that’s been working out over the last few years.

    Kudos to Don for being honest despite whatever relationship he has with PJ/Tat and Kudos to Pete for being honest about the subjective realities of cigar enjoyment. Those who interpret things as complex as cigar enjoyment as a black & white or right vs. wrong are missing opportunities to experience many great things life has to offer.

  54. That was a good honest review. The Sumatra wrapper isn’t to some people’s liking but Im enjoying the one I’m smoking now as I read through these drama-filled responses. It’s amazing how passionate people are in regards to the Tatuaje label. That should tell you something about what Pete’s done for the industry.

  55. Wow… apparently some people need to do some research on what a review is. Calmer heads have said it all here already but it’s worth repeating that anyone can log in an shower words of praise based on their opinion of a BRAND in general but sitting down and smoking a cigar while verbing an opinion of the experience is what REVIEWS are for. Those of you who are bashing like children may thing they are “sticking up”: for their favorite brand but I’d be willing to bet that Pete (or any other cigar mogul) isn’t impressed by the insults hurled at Jerry.

    Furthermore, Jerry said it was a GOOD cigar! Unbelievable.. I’m a DieHard fan of Pete and Tatuajes but Riqueza’s and most of the new Triunfadors aren’t really my cup of tea. It’s just an opinion and any self respecting cigar fan will likely try them and formulate their own.

    Keep up the great work Jerry and Pete any the rest of the industry. We’re in a hayday of fantastic cigars and I would love to be involved in the industry but I’ll settle for getting a chance to enjoy them πŸ™‚

  56. PS: I’m puffing my first Fausto while watching this.. I can’t wait for that review to show up! I’m loving it and looking forward to puffing the rest of the newer stuff!

  57. Jerry is right on. That little Leprechaun knows how to review a cigar. Believe every word he says. You should send every Tatuaje you have in your humidors to me for immediate disposal. I will personally burn every one of them.

    Jerry’s a great guy and all the BOTL at SR give their honest opinions and work their asses off. Pete makes some of the best sticks in the biz and it’s no secret that I’m a Tat whore. Pete, keep it up and remember to send them ALL to me for disposal. That way there will NEVER be another forum flame war involving Tatuaje. Good?

  58. Can’t believe that this spirited debate fizzled out so quickly. Here in the future we would’ve kept it going for years. ?

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