Smoke A JJ for JJ Day Tribute

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Smoke A JJ for JJ Day Tribute

The generosity of the cigar community never ceases to amaze me. I’d like to thank our long time friend JerseyJay who is graciously holding a tribute and contest on his blog, You can read more about Jay’s contest to raise awareness for this event and for SIDS in general. I appreciate everyone who helps me keep the memory of my Little Robusto alive. Thanks Jay.

JJ for JJ Day Tribute

We are deviating from cigar photography today to recognize a special day – ‘ JJ for JJ Day.’ Cigar community gathers every year on July 22nd to honor the memory of the ‘Little Robusto.’ For those who are not familiar with this tribute, ‘Little Robusto’, who passed away at the age of 3.5months from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), is the son of widely recognized and respected cigar blogger – Jerry Cruz ( This special day is recognized by smoking a cigar made by Don Pepin Garcia, appropriately called ‘Series JJ.’

In 2010, my fellow blogger and a friend – Barry Stein from has initiated a generous fundraiser to recognize the ‘Little Robusto.’ We are now in 2011 and I would like to echo Barry’s generosity and continue with the tradition.

This year we are announcing a very simple contest. Tomorrow, on July 22nd, 2011, gather virtually with the rest of the cigar community and smoke a Don Pepin Garcia ‘Series JJ.’ Take a photograph of yourself smoking a ‘Series JJ’ cigar and submit it via email to jay at Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm EDT on July 22nd, 2011. Random winner will be selected and announced on Monday, July 25th, 2011. All photographs will be posted on blog. Winner will receive a box of My Father Le Bijou 1922.

Take your time, enjoy your ‘Series JJ’ cigar and remember our ‘Little Robusto.’


14 thoughts on “Smoke A JJ for JJ Day Tribute

  1. Jerry,

    The cigar world is a brotherhood, but over the last year or so we have developed a great friendship and I consider you like a brother. The spanish speaking one. Today will be donating $100.00 in memory of JJ to the American SIDS Institute. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. May you find comforting in knowing we all mourn with you on this difficult day.

    Just keep this in mind, “Those who we keep in our hearts, are with us forever”.


  2. Today will be a day I spend more quality time with my 2 boys.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a JJ and would take several hrs of driving to find one, I will pull something out special tonight in Little Robusto’s honor.

  3. I plan to smoke a JJ robusto in his honor, as usual. It’s great to see so many people getting involved year after year!

  4. For me the JJ is a bittersweet cigar. It’s a delicious smoke, but I can’t help thinking of you and your loved ones every time I fire one up. Thoughts and prayers your way today Jerry.

  5. Jerry,

    Glad to be a part of this day! I had to go to 3 different shop to find one and the shop that had them only had one! I will be lighting it up later. Thanks for all the coverage of the show.


  6. JJ Maduro Belicoso locked and loaded for the second i get done eating tonight. God bless ya jerry, I can only imagine. You’ll definitely be in my thoughts tonight.

  7. Remembering you and your family, Jerry. I’ll be lighting up my JJ later today and raising a glass in honor and memory of your “little robusto.”


  8. Jerry, I’ll be smoking JJs with you today as usual. I have a natural for this afternoon and a maduro for this evening. I’m sure your Little Robusto will be smiling down on us to see all the support in honoring his memory. Prayers sent out to you and your family on this special day.

  9. Jerry,
    This is the least we can do, my friend. The Little Robust and your family are in my thoughts today.

    Looking forward to your photo submissions. Enjoy ‘Series JJ’ cigar and remember our ‘Little Robusto.’

  10. Sorry for lighting up late, but now enjoying a JJ in memory of Little Robusto. Thanks for your contribution in the Cigar world and all the wonderful reviews you have done.

    p.s. It wasn’t long ago when you had that contest in naming him.

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