IPCPR 2011 – Illusione

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IPCPR 2011 – Illusione

It doesn’t get any better than Dion Giolito of Illusione. Whether its his core Illusione line or Epernay or “Cruz”ado he literally has a stellar cigar for everyone. In the video Dion goes into detail about his new offerings. New size of Epernay, Maduro versions of the Illusione line, special MK Ultra and my personal favorite, the gold wrapped “Cruz”ado. Dion also spreads the love around and gives major props to some things Drew Estate is involved with.


15 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – Illusione

  1. The video I was waiting for! Now just need to see the J Drew video. I think I could just live off of Dion’s and Jon’s cigars and don’t even need anything else. Of course won’t be doing that LOL. The ~hl~ Maduro is one of the best Lancero cigars I have smoked so I can’t wait to try the Maduro in the other lines. And I have smoked the Drew Estate M F 13 and it was one tasty cigar!

  2. Dion has been the best interview I’ve seen so far from the show. Just seems like a cool guy who likes cigars.

  3. Wow great interview and I am looking forward to seeing how those Maduro cigars taste! Although I have to admit I’m most excited about the ultra and the Cruzado 🙂

  4. Great interview! I’m really excited for the Ultra!

    And props to Dion for pimping Drew Estates. Always a class move to talk up your fellow cigar makers, I love that.

  5. QUESTION: Dion talks about using the San Andreas wrapper on his full-production maduro line. Does that mean it’s different than the maduro wrappers on, say, the HL Maduro that’s been trickling out since last IPCPR? He says that he’s experimented with a few maduro wrappers, so I’m wondering if he’s talking about the previous maduro releases.

  6. Great interview, between Dion and Jonathan Drew you’ve done some great work! Love following these two up & comers in the art!

  7. Dion cracks me up; that practiced furrowed brow, the Conspiracy references, and you think it’s just possible he MIGHT be putting everyone on. This from a fellow conspiracy buff! 😉

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