IPCPR 2011 – Toraño Family Cigars

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IPCPR 2011 – Toraño Family Cigars

We’ve received a lot of praise thus far for our coverage of IPCPR and I’m very happy that we can provide great content for all of our fans. We couldn’t do it alone and I want to take a moment to thank a couple people at Toraño Family Cigars for their help in making this interview come together. Bruce Lewis, Oliver Hyams (who I learned at the show is a recent inductee to the NCAA Pepperdine University Tennis Hall of Fame) and Gabriel Pineres all had a part in getting Charlie Toraño in front of our cameras. Charlie has some great people working with him. So I want to thank them for their help. In the interview Charlie tells us all about his family’s blend book, the new releases from Toraño like the Vault, Loyal and other changes happening at Toraño.


8 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – Toraño Family Cigars

  1. Great interview Brian. I am glad Torano is back doing their own distribution. I have always liked their cigars but they were just too shy about new blends until now and I like what I’m hearing about both the Loyal and Vault. Wish they weren’t jumping on the big ring gauge wagon but at least they have a 56 ring version.

  2. Yeah, I love the new Torano blends released last year (Single Region and Master), and as a company, I think they do a great job of balancing price and quality. It is true that they really lack a powerhouse cigar, but I’ve never missed that in their lines (too many others are in that area). I think the one thing that always sticks out with a Torano cigar is the blending — every cigar is a really balanced, smooth smoke within its flavor profile and strength range.

    I look forward to the new lines…

    1. Although I haven’t had the lines you mentioned, I agree with everything else. I’ve also been impressed with the near impeccable construction of just about all the cigars I’ve had, and it’s nice to see them get back to concentrating on the quality of their own blends rather than someone else’s.

    1. Yes, I believe the Master and the Single Region are both B&M only cigars, but I bet you can find a place that will ship them to you. No need to find a good deal either, as they are really well priced out of the gate. Torano carries a list of retailers with their cigars (sorted by state) on their website. I have the same problem as you — they are not distributed locally. But certain places I go to visit have shops with them, so I know to stock up when I’m on a road trip. Good luck.

  3. Joe T. I picked up a box at Tampa Humidor. You can find them online. I think I phoned in that order but usually just online.

  4. Thanks Brian. Now your talking!! I’ve been really enjoying the Churchill size lately so that will be the size for me!!!!!

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