Stogie Review visits the Stogie411 show

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Stogie Review visits the Stogie411 show


Thursday night was a great night when all of the guys from Stogie Review came on as guests on the Stogie411 show (Some came on a LOT later than others *cough* *Brian* *cough*). A lot of good information came out of it and tons of laughs. We had a great time.

Enjoy the show.

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11 thoughts on “Stogie Review visits the Stogie411 show

  1. What great entertainment! “You’ve Been ‘Stached” may have been the first reference to Rickrolling, but Mike’s reviews of the Augusto Reyes lines was when we actually had to suffer through it.

    Great going, guys!

    1. BTW – inre: other blogs – I just want to put in a plug for Casas Fumando. Informative reviews and fun guys.

  2. It was a fun and crazy show. I want to thank the guys at SR for spending the time with is and also for the extra giveaway. Great bunch of guys.

  3. Laughed so much almost puked in my mouth…. ; ^ )

    Seriously, I do think Jerry touched on something that does make Stogie Review special and that is the diversity of personalities and opinions. Also, I value that each of you call it like you see it, even when it is a manufacturer you really like. Even the best ones come out with crap once in a while.

    I’ll be watching for the Alan Rubin interview.

    Congrats to the ringmasters. You held it together (just barely) but that was an accomplishment.

  4. This was entertaining as hell, and kept me laughing the entire time. Next step, a five person joint review!!

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