Win a Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler – Courtesy of Prometheus

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Win a Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler – Courtesy of Prometheus

Sencillo Contest - 1

A couple of months ago, Keith Park of Prometheus was kind enough to send me a Sencillo Table Torch and Cigar Sampler to give away here on Stogie Review. We have that prize waiting for you come swoop in and win it in this months Stogie Review Contest.

To enter this contest we would like to keep things simple. To enter, we ask that you hit up the comments section, down below, and simply ask us for it. Thats it, it really is that simple. Extra imaginary points will be awarded to those with a clever way of asking, but a simple Hey Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack? will do.

A winner will be selected at random on September 1, 2011. All entries must be in before them. As always, you must be at least eighteen years old to enter. This contest is open to those in the United States and I’ll even go through the trouble of filling out a customs form for the Canadian folks in the audience.

Thats it, simple enough, right?
Good luck and be sure to tell your friends

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250 thoughts on “Win a Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler – Courtesy of Prometheus

  1. Well, primarily out of necessity, I’ve become the king of the cheap lighters – just ask Mike! 🙂 Which doesn’t mean that I would be averse to owning a nice one like this. And I certainly wouldn’t turn down the cigars, either! So feel free to pick me, Walt!

    Thanks for the contest.

    1. Heycurrious thing I just had my lighter and cigars stolen by a damn monkey would you happen to have a lighter and some cigars I could have. Thank you and I still cant figure out why a DAMN MONKEY ROBBED ME.

      1. i really need a new lighter and cigars my stuff got stollen by a stupid monkey

        So please put my name in the hat too

    2. I’m new to smoking cigars, starting a small collection in the humidor and do not have a torch lighter.

  2. “GIVE ME THE FLIPPEN LIGHTER! or I’ll quit smoking stogies…I swear I’ll do it, I’m carzy Man!!”

    1. nope, nope nope nope…change my mind…on principle alone..THIS guy should win on style points…I mean it..and I really..really wanted to win…LR

  3. I would like that lighter please!! My current jet lighter is a can of hair spray and a match. My ash holds forever but taste like I’m smoking an Equus. Help!

  4. Come on Walt !!!!!…… You got yourself a sausage fest going on here. What’s a girl gotta do?????
    How about awarding a lady for being a minority in the cigar world.
    Oh by the way…. can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack?

  5. I guess I will take it if you please give it to me. I do enjoy Prometheus stuff and it looks classy.

  6. hey guys! love the reviews! this would go great with all the cheapy lighters i have! can i have it? keep up the great work! you guys are responsible for several of my recent purchases and they were all great! love the newwave!

  7. Descended from the titan Prometheus I am tasked with the quest of fulfilling the prophecy and bringing eternal and unconquerable light to the world that will herald in the dawn of a new day. The epoch of a 1000 year age of peace and scientific advancement. For generations my family has searched to reclaim the lost relics of Prometheus. A feather from the great eagle tasked with the torture of our progenitor, an unbroken link from the chain that bound him and a spark from the original flame he bestowed upon the world. The feather and the link have been prepared at the altar carved from the very stone Prometheus was lashed to. You may not even realize it but you have, in your possession, a lighter that is in no way related to those relics but I’m tired of looking and just want a cigar so that will have to do. Can I have that Prometheus prize pack?

  8. I am Prometheus (a Titan), son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius – Giveth me my lighter….now!!

  9. You guys sound dumb. Do people really win this shit!!! Doubt it. I’ve yet to see a single picture, video, tweet or smoke signal from a prize winner saying “thanks for the free shit”

    Ungrateful Bastards!

    Can I have the damn thing or not?

  10. ok, so i dont smoke cigars. i dont even like cigars. But my husband LOVES cigars. and since i wont let him have a girlfriend, we compromise on the cigars. 🙂 anyhooo…. he had a stroke earlier this year, is now partially paralyzed and cant work. so now hes spending MY money to buy HIS cigars. how very rude! (insert mock horror) so… help a gal out, wont ya? makes him happy, makes me happy and the world keeps spinning. 🙂

  11. What would go better while watching stogie reviews of prometheus at ipcpr 2011 ? How about free lighter and cigars from prometheus sounds good i will even throw in picture of me enjoying the prize 🙂

  12. What’s up Walt? I can’t believe you are actually letting people believe that they have a chance at winning. You have my address just send it along with all the other stuff you send me.


  13. Sorry Walt I meant that to be a private message. I guess you will have to go through with the contset now. 🙂


  14. That Sencillo would be perfect for lighting up some Sensimilla… Of course, I would never do such a thing… 😉 Will you give it to me?

  15. Hey Stogie Review, I just put a wine cellar/walk-in humidor in my basement, that Prometheus prize pack would look great in there!

  16. Great contest – all my lighters crapped out this past month! May I please have this lighter and sampler?!?

  17. In Beavis and Butthead voices: Fire, Fire, Fire!! I’d love to try those cigars and that is one sweet loking lighter. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

  18. I promise to never force Jerry to eat gluten ever again!

    As a consolation, would youths giving me the prizes? None of these other schlubs deserve it like I do.

    Also, they all smell.

  19. Hey guys,
    I really need this prize pack. As a beach bum, I don’t often get to have great looking swag and accessories. (Truth be told, I spend all of my money on rum, women and watercraft) Just think how cool I would look if I could be sporting these babies? And of course, I would share with everyone just how cool the guys at SR are, and I’d even put in a nice plug for Mikey…

  20. I’ve been wanting to claim one of your prizes for a long time. Please let me know where to send my address. Thank you. In the unlikely event that I don’t win, could you get me Keith Park’s cell phone number? That guy seems like he can party.

  21. I really like the original Sencillo and have yet to try the new dark ones. I’m not sure my walmart lighter would be able to light one anyway. I wonder if you could help me with my dilemma?

  22. I know I’m a nobody but may I please have the prize? I been smoking cigars for quite sometime now and I always have had to buy lighter after lighter. Either by losing it or stop working. So I’m just wanted to ask that’s all. And by the way I love this web site. This site is not just a cigar website, it’s a cigar family website. Every time I’m here it’s like I’m part of the family. So thank you Jerry, Brian and Walt for making a special website that this family member can enjoy. Thanks.

  23. Love Prometheus products but unfortunately don’t have the cash to afford them. Would love to win this piece, so may I please have it? 🙂

  24. I would greatly dig this prize pack, count me in! That lighter would look great on my nice, new table on the screen porch…

    Note to self: Go buy a new table for porch

  25. Hey guys, I would really like to win this prize pack. I’ve never had any of these sticks but I want that lighter, plus sep 1 is my birthday. So hook me up!

  26. Man…my lighter just broke…I sure could use a new one, plus, I love the Prometheus stuff. PLEASE, SIR….May I have the lighter and sampler???

  27. Hi guys,

    Here’s my not so clever entry for the prize pack… hey, what do you expect, it’s Friday and my brain is fried. LOL

    @HerfDoctor (a.k.a. JT)

  28. Hey I would love to get my hands on that lighter and stogies. Please send them to me. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. Please enter me (that’s what she said) in the Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler contest – Courtesy of Prometheus.

  30. My gerbil is stuck in the backside of my lover (his name is Richard) and I am in need of a flame to coax my little friend out. Please send me the lighter so that Lemmiwinks might live. Many thanks.

  31. Please enter me. I never heard of those smokes before and would love to give them a try especially with a new fancy lighter. These dispossables are so boring!

  32. Throw my name into the mix! Those Prometheus lighters are damn sexy and I would like to get my grubby mits on one, and the Sencillos are looking mighty tasty! GIVE ME THAT DAMN LIGHTER!

  33. Hey guys! Love the reviews. I really need a lighter to replace the playboy burner I’ve used for the last three years.

  34. Dear Handsome Gentlemen,

    Most Knowledgeable Smokers-In-Chief,

    Sultans of the “That’s What She Said” joke,

    Please hook up a poor, starving musician with the cigar sampler. I would also very much like the torch. It is a real pain in the ass to make fire by rubbing two whammy bars together.

    I thank you,


  35. I represent The D.U.M.F.U.C.S. (Duly United Mercenary Foundation of Unreasonable Cigar Smokers)
    Just because we’re dum fucs don’t under estimate us…we’re really a smart group of guys!
    We will not release the hostages until you meet our demands listed below…

    $7,000,000 in small unmarked bills, a private jet and pilot, some candy…not too much; I’m on a diet, clear passports to the foreign country of our choice and an autographed copy of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.”


    The Sencillo Table Torch and Cigar Sampler

    You have until September 1, 2011 to reply.


  36. Hey Stogie guys, yo’ guys are bitchin’, yo’ reviews have me twitcihin’,
    Hope you are a listening-
    Hook me up with yo’ sampler, it’s sure to pamper,
    Send me the lighter,
    Sounds like a fighter.
    Yo’ reviews are always hits,
    Yo’ boys are the tits!

  37. I would accept the prize as hush money for keeping all of your dirty little secrets. SO GIVE IT TO ME!

  38. If I win, I promise to share my winnings with the WOTLs that have already entered!!! How’s that for sharin’ da luv?!! Course, I have to win first … so, Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack, please? Its for the children!

  39. That lighter would look great next to my Prometheus cutter!! Feel free to send it my way!! Thanks for another great give-away.

  40. Yeah, Stogie Review, I’m going to need you to go ahead and disregard those other request and send that Prometheus prize pack down here to the Lone Star State for all the current and future embarrassment Rick Perry is making us endure!

  41. hey guys, I would love to have that secillo prize pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so send it to 5917Flagstaff , Wichita ,KS67220

    and you sent me a email saying I won the promethesis retro lighter , but i haven’t seen it yet , so why did you send me that email? I hope you get things straightend out !!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Hey abbott, can I have the Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler – Courtesy of Prometheus. I have bought two five pack of the Sencillo Piramide from the Cigar International. I love the Sencillo Piramide by Prometheus Cigar.

  43. I’m broke so some free shit would really come in handy right about now. Yes, I will take it. You guys rock.

  44. Dear StogieReview,

    10 Reasons I should get the sampler and lighterpackage:

    1) Spaceballs was one of the best films with Rick Moranis, so to keep the fragile balance of awesomeness in the universe, I should get the sampler and lighter.

    2) I’m a new cigar smoker and delivering you from the sampler and lighter would be doing you a favor for which you would be in dept to me, and we all know how well the US economy is at the moment.

    3) I could stare at the sky while laughting my butt off, just knowing that I have the sampler and lighter while everybody else doesn’T like me for it. Seriously, I could live with the guilt. Seriously! Maybe I would cry sometimes at night with remorse. Seriously!!!

    4) There’s a corner in my humidor where I would like to savagely toss the cigars in and the lighter could rest on the top of the box just to make sure that they dont get out.

    5) My wife is pregnant for third time and I would be a good was to celebrate her birthday that was 10 days ago. Me with a stick in my mouth and my wife on my… Hey hey you still here? Give it. give it, GIVE IT HERE!!!

    6) Remember that dept we talked about? well now is the time to repay me for it and give me the sampler and lighter.

    7) Your mom called and said you should give me the sampler and lighter. You know how she is, don’t you?!! She won’t stop until you grant her this demande. Make her stop man, please.

    8) Each time I smoke a cigar an angel dies and fall from heaven. That place way over rated anyways! Let’s paint the sky in red.

    9) There’s only one thing that taste better than bacon and that’s bacon. Free cigars and a free lighter can’t compage with them, but I guess it will have to do.

    10) Roses are red, Violets are blue… argh! Just give me the damn sampler and lighter!!!!

  45. if you dont give me the lighter i swear i’ll burn this site down! (if i can get a spark from banging these two rocks together)

    1. Hey Walt..this guy should win on style points alone..and this is from someone who really wanted to win..Ha! LR

  46. I’m an old man[believe me], how long I’ve got, not sure, at least I’d have a Nice lighter, and some great cigars before I’m gone.

  47. I would be honored to win the Prometheus Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler.

    Thank you
    (Love all the reviews)

  48. I have never heard of the brand Sencillo before, so I believe I should win the price since my knowledge of cigars and lighters is obviously lacking.

  49. If I could load audio, I’d send some subliminal messages. Since I can’t I’m going to take a stab at some reverse psychology. I don’t want the prize pack.

  50. Give me back that Prize Pack, give me that Prize!! What if it were you who gave me this prize??? Thanks guys, keep up the good work!!

  51. Zeus said that if you don’t give the Prometheus prize pack to me, he will torture the Stogie Review staff by tying them to a rock and letting an eagle eat out your liver. Not my words, his. Don’t make that mistake. Haha, thanks for the contest guys.

  52. My mom told me to say “please”. So may I please have the Prometheus prize pack.

    My mom said it’s ok.

  53. If I win this prize package, I’ll hand down my old lighter to a friend in need. Thanks guys for all the hard work you do, and the contest of course.

  54. Keith was generous to give away the lighter and cigars. I’ve tried the Sencillo blend before, but I think getting the swag pack will give another opportunity to try it again. Thanks guys.

  55. “First time, long time. I know a great way to keep me posting” First post was a reply, so wanted to stick to the guidelines. Make me a believer.

  56. As the torch flares up, the tobacco begins its transformation: the foot of the cigar heats, and brown changes to black. A quick snip breaks the silence left by the flame, and the tobacco turns to red. Slowly, the gray ash creeps upon the brown, with aromas and smoke filling the air. The flavors change slowly, just as the colors do from the setting sun I look upon. The gray continues to grow, mainly on the deck built with my own hands. I tap the last of the ash of the stogie, and let it settle; and as I do, I reflect on the great taste of the cigar I knew, briefly, but warmly. But, alas, I look over, and 3 more await me, for another beautiful summer’s eve.

    Now, Stogie Review, would you please allow me to enjoy those smokes just as I have described them?

  57. Hey, Papa needs a brand new bag! This Marine could use a new lighter. I appreciate the opportunity . Thanks for all you do Walt.

  58. Now, this is the type of contest I can enter! No essays, no guessing, no “nothing.” Just a post. And, for a very cool, non-cheapo lighter to boot. Please enter my name!

    Oh, to own a Sencillo lighter.It would make my future brighter.And to add to this good fortune would be four lovely vitolas, courtesy of you know who,the Stogie Review! So please consider my plea;it means a lot to me.As a fellow “Lover of the Leaf” I’ve tried to make my request brief.

  60. A snazzy lighter AND super cigars?
    Count me in, boss, I’d like those!
    Maybe now I can stop rubbing those 2 sticks together to spark my smokes.

  61. You’ll be proud to know that if you grace me with the gift of fire I will finally be able to live out my dream of being a real life Beavis. Countless hours will I spend doing nothing but starring into the gorgeous flame that only a Prometheus lighter can produce while my mouth, underbite and all, grinds out constant bellows of “FIRE!, FIRE!”

  62. I’m somewhat new to the great expanse that is the cigar world. I only had my first cigar the other week, so I think I should win the lighter (and cigars obviously, or what would I smoke???) I need to expand my smoking knowledge

  63. Next time I want to burn a table, a real, bonafide table lighter would be just the ticket! The coffee table is next!

  64. Hey Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack?
    ———————————————HOPE I DIDN’T LEAVE ANYONE OUT.————————————————

    LATIN———————–Review Stogie Hey, Prometheus Praemium Sarcina habere potero?
    SPANISH——————Hey revisión cigarro, ¿puedo tener que Prometeo paquete de premios?
    GERMAN——————Hey Stogie Review, kann ich, dass Prometheus Prize Pack?
    FRENCH——————-Hé examen Stogie, je peux avoir que Prométhée Prix Pack?
    ITALIAN———————Ehi Review sigaro, posso avere che Prometeo Premio Pack?
    IRISH———————–Hey Stogie Athbhreithniú, an féidir liom a bheith go Prometheus Duais Pacáiste?
    YIDDISH——————-??? ??????? ?????????, ????? ??? ????? ??? ???????????? ????? ??????
    SWAHILI——————-Hey Stogie Review, naweza kuwa na kwamba Prometheus Tuzo Ufungashaji?
    HEBREW—————–??? ????? ????, ??? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ????? ????
    PORTUGUESE———Hey comentário Stogie, posso ter que Prometeu Prêmio Pack?

  65. Thanks for the offer, that is very generous of you. I would like you to select me for this offer of the Prometheus Prize Pack..

  66. I don’t have a tabletop lighter, so this would be nice! I’ve also never burned a Silencio cigar. So sure, I’d like to win please “:)

  67. Did somebody say free stuff? Yes sir I will take those tasty stogies & sweet lighter! Where do I sign? LOL.

  68. Remember those sweet, warm New England Summers? Remember sipping lemonade underneath a shady tree? Remember when you hit that pedestrian with you car at the crosswalk and then just drove away? Pepperidge Farm remembers, but Pepperidge Farm ain’t just gonna keep it to Pepperidge Farm’s self free of charge. Maybe you send us a Prometheus lighter set and this whole thing just disappears.

  69. Poor college student without a lighter and only a few cigars left. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  70. Please help a Canadian lad out. I don’t just need a new lighter to light my cigars, the new fire starter should help keep me warm come winter.

    Any help you can lend will be most appreciated.

  71. Even though the ladies frown on Daddy’s sticks, you can send them anyway, me boy Rocket says do it or I’ll bite you in the arse!

  72. I really dig these cigars, and would love it if you chose me as the winner of this months prize pack! Smoke on, brother!

  73. I would absolutely love to have those stogies! I am going to grad school and will be heavy in debt, so I could definitely use some free cigars… They will certainly help me keep my stress level down 🙂

  74. My wife won’t let me buy a table torch and I can’t find those cigars at my locals, will you please give it to me???

  75. Would love own a quality lighter and sharethose sticks with my cigar club members. Bravo Zulu for the contest and the prizes.

  76. Walt – I really, really need this lighter. I am not
    overly creative, but I am not beyond begging ?
    Every lighter I have is a piece of crap, I am desperate for a lighter that consistently performs under pressure since on most days I will go
    through 2 – 3 cigars

  77. Never had one of these cigars before.
    But would be HAPPY to review them if I win.
    All you got to do is pick me…..

    Thanks, Ken

  78. The lighter would sure come in handy to freshen up the air very quickly at work.
    Sometimes i wonder what stuff my co-workers eat due to the toxic gases that they leave behind in the restroom. Hope that i win it.

  79. My Harbor Freight table torch burnt out, this isn’t a fancy orange plastic, but it’ll do. lol. Please.

  80. I’m a poor college student who loves a good cigar, can I have these ones, oh and would ya mind a light too.

  81. Hey there stogie review peeps!!!
    I’m a BOTL from Canada that just got his last order pinched by the man 🙁
    PLEASE help me get the picture of customs officials sitting in their luch room smoking my box of Oliva series V’s out of my mind and restore my overview of the general decency of humanity.
    I’d love to win the prize pack to make my loss seem not so great.
    One other thing thanks guys for making my daily work day go by that much quicker with all your articles.

  82. Okay. This is weird that I should stumble upon this today. I opened my humidor this morning…the one that’s aging some sticks, and there is room for four more cigars…so, I’m thinking what lucky 4 is it going to be? Hmmmm, perhaps I’ll jump on Stogie Review and see what they’re reviewing today. Wow, there it was….four sticks from Prometheus and a table torch to boot! It’s karma I tell ya! So, listen to the smoke gods and let it be me.

  83. Heya gents, hope things are well with ya.

    I was wondering if, I mean, you know… If you had the time…

    Could you be a peach and send me them there stuffs? You know, the smoking stuffs? The lighter and whatnot.

    Thanks, and you’re still a peach.

  84. This is my first comment ever on this site and it would be pretty awesome if I could win that lighter and sampler!!

  85. Well I wasn’t going to sign up for this cause I really had no reason for the most part, but my tabletop lighter broke last night.

    So to avoid having someone come over and say “they had no good torch with which to light a cigar, my lord; and I left in disgust” then sign me up!

  86. Hey Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack? I’m a relative newbie to cigars and am always looking to find that “favorite go to” cigar and lighter!

  87. Hey.. I would like to ask just for the cigars… give the lighter to a second winner – I would pick
    bradley boland sr above – looks like he just wants the lighter soo much he asked twice !

  88. I am a new cigar smoker. I was laughed at when I lit a cigar with a Zippo. I would like the Sencillo Table Torch and Sampler – Courtesy of Prometheus.

    Great site –

  89. I am the son of a poor sharecropper and I dont know sh*t from shinola and I am scared of oil cans. I need to win this.

  90. Gettin’ real tired of you duckin’ me man. Where’s my Prometheus Prize Pack, dog? You got money to pay for fake moustaches but you can’t get me my Prometheus Prize Pack! You got 24 hours, dog.

  91. Beings that my birthday is in a few weeks it would make it a very special occasion to be able to sit with some of my friends and enjoy a fine Sencillo cigar. Please put my name in the drawing please.

  92. The Sencillo lighter looks great! I seem to be constantly rummaging among my lighters to find one that will work and has fluid in it. I don’t have a table top lighter and would appreciate getting one.

  93. Believe it or not, I have a cheap Colibri single flame that was a freebee on a JR deal 8 years ago that has never quit, ever! I thought I lost it at my father’s house two years ago. He found it and put it in a kitchen drawer where it sat unused for at least 18 months. It fired up the first time I clicked it. My lovely Xicar sits at home whenever I go to the cigar shop for a smoke because the fuel last so much longer and it never, ever fails to ignite. That includes sharing it at the domino table for hours at a time with 3 other cigar smokers.

  94. I have never smoked a sencillo, and I like lighting things on fire. Boom…there’s a reason I should win so please send that lovely lighter/cigar combo my way.

  95. I’m the only cigar smoker on my block without a good lighter,sure could use a better one.Great website.keep doing what ya’ll do,Thanks Ernie

  96. A collector of lighters like me would love this prize. WAIT! I’m a collector of lighters like me! Can you send me the prize???

  97. StogieReview, I would love to win your prize. I’m tired of lighting my stogies with stick matches! Thanks for a great contest!

  98. (to the toon of “Hooray for Hollywood)
    Hooray Sto-gie review
    A table lighter and some smokes would surely do
    I’d light my free cigars and sing your praises
    And count my graces.
    And tell everyone how great you are.

    Hey Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack? :0)

  99. Hey Stogie Review, can I have that Prometheus Prize Pack? I’m new to Cigars and well winiing something like this would be pretty awesome. Thanks.

  100. This belongs to me guys! The first moment I had a Sencillo it was love to the very nub! Thanks to my lady friend at my favorite B&M, she turned me on to them and I’ve been hooked. Only a true lover of the Sencillo cigar should have the proper necessity to go along with it and flaunt it!

  101. So are you guys holding out on who one or did you guys just smoke the sencillos and pawn the lighter hoping no one notices. What up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Our randomly selected winner is 858 Nick.

    Thanks for everyone who entered. We’ll have another contest up pretty soon, so keep your eyes out for it.

  103. How about a haiku . . .

    cigars named “simple”
    lit by Hesiod’s fire thief
    with luck I will smoke


  104. Hey Stogie Review, my wife doesn’t think smoking cigars is classy, that Prometheus Prize Pack sure would set her straight.

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