Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

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Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Where am I? It feels like forever since I actually did a review. Lancaster PA, Chattanooga TN, Atlanta GA, Seattle WA? Craziness I tell you. Before I get back on the review bandwagon I need to play catchup. This edition of Week in Smoke is hardly what I would call complete. Lots of missed opportunities to document what all I smoked especially during the Chattanooga Tweetup. Lots of activity and fun was had that I totally forgot to document every cigar I smoked. My iPhone probably would’ve ran out of disk space anyway.

Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estate – Between this episode and the last episode of Week in Smoke, either edition can be dubbed the Drew Estate Edition. I’ll be honest. The blogger party at IPCPR that Jonathan Drew and Drew Estate threw won over some hearts and minds. Between that and the passionate interview he gave us at IPCPR really had me rethink and pay more attention to Drew Estate as a whole. I’ve always enjoyed the T-52 more than the No. 9 and nothing really has changed. Both are solid but the No. 9 really isn’t my thing but this tubo edition I acquired from IPCPR is pretty close to stellar in my opinion.

Liga Privada Dirty Rat by Drew Estate – While not officially the same blend as the No. 9, the Dirty Rat is more associated with that blend than the T-52 blend. So when it comes to Dirty Rat vs. Flying Pig, the Dirty Rat wins each and every time. Its a favorite of mine that I don’t mind hunting down or feel bad ordering from outside of W.Curtis Draper or from Buckhead Cigars. Dynamite and exciting flavor profile in this firecracker of a cigar.

Liga Privada T-52 by Drew Estate – I warned you in the beginning right? The T-52 is a staple in my humidor. I love the aroma this guy puts off. Its like a charcoal BBQ aroma that gets my mouth watering. The balance of the Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate is where it really shines. I love the peppery sensation on the palate without the actual big blast of pepperiness. I love the dark flavors…coffee, cocoa, molasses and a deep but subtle woodsy flavor. All wrapped in a toothy, oil rich wrapper that billows thick smoke. A true pleasure of a cigar that I can’t get enough of.

Liga Privada T-52 “Flying Pig” by Drew Estate – This is it, I promise. Anything more by Drew Estate would be ridiculous. You’ve heard my theory before and when it comes to Liga Privada you’re either a No. 9 or a T52 person. I rarely see someone who raves about both. I’m a Liga Privada T52 guy but a Flying Pig guy. Not to say anything bad about the Flying Pig. Like I said, I’m Liga Privada T52 guy and the dark T52 flavors take a unique twist in this uncommon size.

Grimalkin by Emilio Cigars – What are you looking at? As much as I make fun of it, the band on the Grimalkin has grown on me. I’ve suffered a lot of kicks to my nuts by divulging who makes this cigar for Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars so I won’t tell you that its made at the My Father Cigars factory in Nicaragua. Thats right, you didn’t hear that from me. I think the Grimalkin is a winner. Solid medium bodied cigar with a slow burning, charry woodsy and cocoa flavor profile. Added to those flavors is a subtle spicy sensation and a syrupy texture that coats and layers the palate for a unique smoking experience. Wrapper aside, the flavor characteristics of the Grimalkin reminds me a bit of the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial. Maybe thats total bullshit, maybe I wouldn’t think that if I didn’t know who made the Grimalkin. Either way you slice it, if you’re looking a solid medium bodied cigar with a unique twist and enjoy a pair of bitchy cat eyes starring at you, track down the Grimalkin.

Java Mint by Drew Estate – Ok, this is ridiculous. I totally forgot that I smoked this at Buckhead Cigar after I left the CHAtweetup early. Maybe the trauma of smoking the Java Mint I subconsciously blocked it out. Definitely not my thing. If I wanted to taste mint chocolate chip, I’d go eat ice cream. I know, the Java series is a best seller outside of the circles I run with but the Java Mint goes against all laws of nature. Its just wrong and has ruined mint chocolate chip ice cream me.

Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years – The Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 has some history here at Stogie Review as the second cigar I ever did a video review of..for laughs, check out the video and see how far the videos have come. You guys who have been with us from the beginning will get a chuckle at the bed in the background and white t-shirt days. I’ll echo what I said over five years ago. This stogie is one of the finest stogies on the market and outside of the Tribute Series is the best of the bunch that Carlos Toraño puts out.

Imperiales Maduro – One of the many new releases from La Aurora at this year’s IPCPR and a release that I think will get unjustly overshadowed by the release of the 107 Maduro. Slightly spicy but nothing too overwhelming and in that medium-full body range. Traditional maduro flavors with a slight twist to peak your interest. Really looking forward to these showing up on store shelves as it has the potential to surprise and shine.

El Diario by La Palina Cigars – Back to back appearance on the Week in Smoke for the El Diario, the newest release from Bill Paley and La Palina Cigars. Truly a gem and like I said before, a friendly price tag. The El Diario doesn’t disappoint. Well balanced whose smoke puts off an enticing aroma. Beautiful rosado wrapper and a nice spicy core brought to you by Fabrica de Tobacos Raices Cubanas and not Graycliff. Right price, right balance truly makes the El Diario a daily cigar.

Casa Magna Domus Magnus – I don’t know too much about the Domus Magnus. It was released at this year’s IPCPR and my guys at W.Curtis Draper have been raving about them. Smoked beautifully and flawlessly. Very rich and complex flavor profile. So complex and challenging that I couldn’t process all the flavors bouncing around. Really looking forward to sitting down and smoking more of these.


8 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Welcome to Seattle (if you’re here already)! Hope you have a great time here.

    Who was that impostor in the Torano review? Way too reserved. 🙂 Of course, the Exodus Gold that you reviewed and the 50 Years are two very different cigars. I like the Gold, but love the 50 Years.

    Another great line-up of smokes, minus the Java, of course.

  2. Oh Jerry. its far to obvious that you have been shamelessly bribed by Jonathan Drew. With the lifetime supply of his cigars that I assume you received in payment for your glowing reviews, I would appreciate a sampler of the cigars you listed as payment for my continuing patronage of your website.

  3. I love the Week in Smoke writeups…I used to really enjoy Torano cigars and then got bored with them. However, the 50yrs cigar is fantastic. My favorite used to be the 2003 Tribute, but havent tasted the latest Tribute.

  4. Was at Neptune Cigar for a Carlos Torano event last week and picked up a couple of dirty rats.

    If anyone has seen any Liga 9 Flying Pigs at any of their local shops please give me a shout out.

  5. When were you in Lancaster? Stop in olde world tobacco? Should have tweeted it would have tried to get over there.

  6. Nice line up Jerry nut the one T52 I tried didn’t do it for me so guess I’ll have to give the T9 a shot 🙂

  7. Jerry–
    Allow my to introduce you to someone who DOES rave about both the LP#9 and the T52 … ME! Seriously, I love them both. The caveat is that I only like the #9s with age … at least a year, preferably more like 18-months. Fresh I think they are good, but nothing compared to the T52. But aged … If you’ve never had an aged one, do yourself the favor, bro! The flavors come out a lot more, especially the cocoa sweetness and coffee. Really special cigars.

    The T52 gets much better with age as well, imvho, but I like them fresh too. But seriously, I have some left from the original release (smoked one yesterday) and they are just plain heavenly. All the flavors come out more, especially the warm baking spices and molasses.

    If I’d never smoked one, and someone handed me an aged T52 and said it was $20, I’d save up for a box.


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