IPCPR 2011 – Drew Estate

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IPCPR 2011 – Drew Estate

The winner for most informative and passionate video from IPCPR goes to…Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate. I wasn’t with Brian Hewitt when this was recorded so my first time seeing it was when I started editing and encoding it. Wow! Probably one of the best interviews we’ve ever done here on Stogie Review. Jonathan’s knowledge and passion for tobacco and the cigar industry really shines in this video. Lots of news about their new releases and upcoming releases. Not just news, but details about the whole process. I’m glad that we were able to finally hookup and get Jonathan on video for this. Video runs around 20 minutes but trust me when I say, its worth every second. One of our biggest sponsors, Abe from Smoke Inn Cigars even makes a cameo experience.


12 thoughts on “IPCPR 2011 – Drew Estate

  1. Wow! I think I need to go smoke my last Rat right now!

    Fantastic interview.

    The IPCPR coverage has been great. Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Awesome interview, Brian! I love the guys from DE, it’s always great to hear from JD and SS in particular. Real guys who love what they do and are in this for more than the buisness of it. Some manufacturers make you proud to be into this hobby … others don’t. The guys at DE are in the first category, no quesiton. I love the way that he always name-drops other cigar makers too, that’s a class move in my humble opinion.

    I’d love to get to a Liga event sometime when we’re back in the States, they’re some of my favorite cigars right now. Can’t wait to try the new stuff!

    1. Thanks man. I just held the camera, Jonathan Drew made the magic happen. Even though I was there, I’ve watched the video a couple times myself. I just wish the flipcam hadn’t run out of space at the end. (Hence the abrupt conclusion.)

  3. Great interview. It’s nice to see a guy that is passionate about producing superior products and the human capital it takes to create them. Refreshing.

    I’ve never really tried any Drew Estates cigars, but after hearing Jonathan Drew in this interview, I will definite give his product lines a fair shake.

    Nice work!

  4. Definitely one of the best interviews on SR. JD is truly passionate about cigars and it shows, not just in his words, but also in his product. Well, well done! In the past 2 years, Liga Privada has become one of my favorite cigars lines, and I am already salivating over the Ratzilla and the Undercrown.

    Great job.


  5. Smoked the undercrown this weekend and while you could tell it needed some aging, you could also tell it’s going to be a hit. I could listen to JD go on for hours. Excellent coverage Brian!

  6. I’ll have to watch this video (from home) …

    I’m looking forward to trying his new Undercrown line, and hopefully, Liga (yeah, I know … I haven’t had time or $$$ to try any of the Liga lines yet), this year.

  7. This guy’s fuckin awesome. As someone else already already said, I could listen to him go on for hours. True passion for what he’s doing. This guy lives and breathes it. He friggin lives in Esteli for alot of the year overseeing everything. Gotta respect the dude. I’d love to go to a Cigar Safari down there.

  8. Without a doubt the Liga Privada line is the best NC on the market. JDs passion really, really shows in the products that DE are putting out. Looking forward to an undercrown, and BTW … Im one of those 1000 lancero lovers. A Liga / T-52 wrapped lancero is what dreams are made of.

  9. Well done sir. The passion of J Drew gets me so hype as a cigar smoker. So many great cigars on the market now and Jon and DE are at the forefront of innovation and exciting product coming out. Love the whole series of these IPCPR vids. Thanks!

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