Laying Down the Law

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Laying Down the Law

In the first two episodes of Your Questions, My Answers (Season 2) we’ve talk a lot about Cuban cigars. Particularly about what will happen when the Cuban Embargo is lifted and about Cuban trademarks. Our answers were typically uninformed and mainly for entertainment purposes. In cases where we aren’t educated or have enough background about a topic, in this case Cuban trademarks, we try and reach out to someone who is more knowledgable in the subject. Luckily for us, Frank Herrera of La Caridad del Cobre and was available to give us his take.

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Video runs about 25 minutes. Thanks to Frank for weighing in with and giving us a more knowledgable look into Cuban trademarks and other current legal issues facing the cigar world. Frank also spends a few minutes to talk about what else he is smoking outside of his La Caridad del Cobre line and what are some of the burning topics over at


4 thoughts on “Laying Down the Law

  1. Hes good but hes no Brian Hewitt! lol. Great vid. Interesting perspective from a guy in the know. When hes was talking about the Oliva/Sam deal I thought for sure Walt was gonna tap in, go triple screen and go on a rant…

  2. Jerry,

    Excellent and informative interview. Frank Herrera was really gracious with his time and the non-Cuban v Cuban was interesting. As you said for other places in the world, like here in Australia you can get 98% Cubans. Yet having traveled to the U.S, and with family there and listening to you guys for 3.5 years I mostly want non-Cubans. They are excellent and for me can beat most of the Cubans. But if I want the variety I have to get the Non-Cubans from the U.S. That means holidays or asking anyone I know that visits to pick some up for me. Watching the IPCPR videos this year I know I’ll be lucky to see any of those for ages.

    Fantastic job and thanks!

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