Your Questions, My Answers (Episode 202)

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Your Questions, My Answers (Episode 202)

Thanks for the great feedback on the Season 2 Premiere of Your Questions, My Answers. Received a lot of great questions after that episode so I hope you guys keep them coming. In fact, why not submit a question here and enter to win a five pack of the La Casita Criolla. For Episode 2 of YQMA, you get a special treat with all four members of the Stogie Review Crew weighing in on every question and topic.

In this episode we talk more about Cuban cigars, particularly why we don’t review them anymore. We also talk about how to prevent a beetle infestation and steps you can take to prevent them in the first place. We discuss our picks for our favorite maduro cigars and address a question about the difference between a maduro wrapper and a sun grown wrapper. During that topic, Brian Hewitt actually sheds light on a little known secret on how tobacco is actually grown. Back to the Cuban thing, we also mouth off about Cuban trademarks and who should actually own them when the embargo ends.

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Episode 2 has a run time of a little over an hour. So grab one of those ever popular 6x60s or a couple of robustos, sit back and enjoy. Once you are done watching, we reached out to Frank Herrera of La Caridad del Cobre and fame to talk about Cuban trademarks as well as other legal issues in the cigar world. So, once you are done here, be sure to check out Laying Down the Law.

NOTE: Episode 2 is completely unedited and uncensored. We had some technical glitches that pissed us off but made for some great banter that we hope you will enjoy. Anyway, you’ve been warned. If you’re at work, near children or a sensitive significant other, wear a headset cause its not family friendly at all.


21 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (Episode 202)

  1. Brians “Tower of Burn” = Playboy Magazine
    Jerrys video reviews = Vivid Video
    Mikes “All Ball shot” air purification video = PlayGirl

  2. Awesome segment guys. I think what makes the SR great is that you guys offer not just a variety of cigar reviews, but other things like YQMA, Herf N Heads, helpful tips, etc.

  3. Love the YQMA I think its a great format and you guys blend well together even with Mike!! hahah keep up the great work guys

  4. Brian’s bundleboy comment was off the friggin hook. I was drinking a beer when that was said needless to say, it came out my damn mouth and nose at the same time. RLMAO!!

  5. Hey Guys, Awesome video…. Raw and uncut it does not get any better…. So I got this phrase that I learned from my mother in law… “they cant kill ya and eat ya all they can do is tell you no”… So here it goes…. I will take that SCHWAG BOMB any day” If you guys don’t want it I love that stuff… Go ahead Bombs Away brothers.

    Ok Awesome done with that Keep it up Brian, Mike, Jerry, and Walt

  6. Enjoyed the show as always. Here is a question for the next ‘really big show’: How about a discussion covering all of the cigar magazines that are out there. Which ones do you read, like, and take seriously or not? I agree with Walt, can’t get enough tee shirts!!

  7. I would just like to point out that when you were talking about the body of the cigar, you had it all wrong.

    In definition the term body (strength, power or intensity) is related to the amount of nicotine you’ll get from the cigar. A full body cigar will have a tendency to make your head spin because of that. It’s not the amount of smoke you get from the cigar.

    1. Yellen – Who is “you”? There are four of us in the video? LOL

      I’m going to go with the Tobacconist University definition of body which is basically what we all said when answering the question:

      1) The middle part of the cigar, also referred to as the barrel. 2) The breadth and depth (spectrum) of flavor of a tobacco. Also referred to as richness and fullness, but not to be confused with the tobacco’s strength, spice, or nicotine level. So a full body cigar won’t necessarily “make your head spin” if it doesn’t have the nicotine level to cause such a reaction.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! One of the best episodes ever! Brian is on fire with this whole video thang! The Dept. of Treasury is gonna spank your peepee! haha! Big swinging dick! haha! This is good quality entertainment and a little bit o’ cigar education in this mix! Keep it up guys! TWSS!

    Don’t bomb us forum guys with the hats! haha!

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