Interview with Steve Ysidron of Savinelli

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Interview with Steve Ysidron of Savinelli

When the name Savinelli is mentioned in the smoke shop, the first thing that comes to peoples’ mind is pipes. You can hardly blame them, Savinelli has been making pipes since Achille Savinelli Sr. opened up shop in Milan back in 1876. After a 135 years of doing something, you do build a bit of a reputation for it. But more recently (i.e. since the early 1990’s) Savinelli has also been producing cigars, and not just the one or two you may have seen in a cigar shop a few years back. The Savinelli catalog has grown to include seven lines, including two that don’t actually bear the Savinelli name. And that’s why I crossed paths recently with Steven Ysidron.

Steven Ysidron has been traveling the country acquainting shop owners and customers with Savinelli’s cigar business, particularly his pet project, the new Dos Campeones cigar line. I caught up with Steven here in Atlanta and we had a 15 minute chat about the new cigars, some history of the brand, and his passion for premium cigars.

If you’d like more information about Savinelli cigars, you can stick by stick details on their website. Steven can also be found on twitter at @live4.

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9 thoughts on “Interview with Steve Ysidron of Savinelli

  1. Good interview. I’ve smoked some Savinellie Cigars, and they were definitely solid smokes. These new
    cigars sound like something I would be inclined to try. I really love Belgian Ales, and drink them almost exclusively. Definitely have to try the Heavier Dos with one.

  2. I love your idea of a half and half box. I hate the idea that if I want a handful of both lines, I have to throw 2 full boxes in my unit. But what would really be an attention grabber for me is doing a sampler box. I’ve learnt about 3 of your lines today, but I’m assuming maybe you have a few more? What about a box of 5 x 5 lines? Even a special Chryistmas edition box that does that? Say 5 of 4 lines, and 5 x a Christmas blend? This would be a real attention getter in my books.

  3. Nice interview Brian. Before Chattanooga Tweetup I hadn’t had any cigars from Savinelli. In fact, I didn’t even know they had cigars. Thought they were just pipes. Glad to find out more and looking forward to trying more of their blends.

  4. Excellent interview Brain! I used to only smoke Savinelli tobacco in pipes and just recently started on cigars. They have the same great quality from the pipe to their cigars. Thanks again for the interview!


  5. I bought a box of the savinelli sixto/dos campeones. I found they had a real tight draw, too tight. I struggled with each one and had to put it out before it was finished because my cheeks were getting sore from sucking so hard! A roller once told me, should only have to kiss it to get a draw. Certainly not the case with these. Very disappointed for the price.

    1. That’s a shame Ben. Before you give up on them, try dry boxing them before smoking. And if that doesn’t work, try keeping the cigars in a separate container (air-tight Tupperware or the like) with a 65% Humidipak/Boveda. Sometimes a slightly drier environment makes a world of difference.

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