Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada

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Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada


The Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada flew under my radar at IPCPR this year. It wasn’t until after the show that I was hanging out with John Anderson of W.Curtis Draper comparing notes on what cigars impressed us at the show that I first heard about the Domus Magnus. John was very excited as it was one of his favorites from the show. While we are friendly with the Quesada family for whatever reason, maybe its our lack of experience with their brand, that we’ve never gotten any face time with them. Hopefully that will change next year in Orlando or sooner. The Domus Magnus line is a limited edition release with only 5,000 boxes of 10 for each of the two sizes (I assume) and ranging in price from $8-$10 a single. Like I said, the Domus Magnus wasn’t on my radar at IPCPR so my first tasting of these were for this review.

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Video runs close to 10 minutes and in my relatively short smoking career there have been few cigars where I’m at a lost for words to describe. One that comes to mind is the Davidoff Colorado Claro and now the Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada joins the Colorado Claro in the category of close to perfection and equal to meeting the Pope. The Domus Magnus is artfully constructed, well balanced, copious assortment of smooth flavors and not to mention its ingenious and engaging complexity. $8-$10? Sign me up for a lifetime supply! Like the Colorado Claro the Casa Magnus Domus Magnus Limitada is on of those special “once in a lifetime” cigars that if you see, you should get them…all!


26 thoughts on “Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada

  1. Thanks for reviewing these, Jerry. I’ve only tried one of these, and while I wasn’t as blown away by it as you were, I thought it was a very nice smoke. I’ve got one more, that I’ll have to light up soon, to see how that performs. By the way, I think you owe your wife more than a quarter for that one.

  2. I had one last night and really wanted to like it based on all the favorable reviews. But I really wasn’t feeling this cigar. It was kind of bland to me. Maybe I had a bad stick or something. I’ll have revisit in a couple weeks…

  3. First of thanks for bringing back the goaty! I feel less in distress 😉

    Secondly: if it had tits and a vigina I would probably divorce my wife?! PRICELESS

  4. Sounds like you were underwhelmed for the first half of the cigar and overwhelmed the last half. Not sure if enjoying a half a cigar for that kind of money is worth it. $8 for 1/2 cigar . I will try one and see for myself if it is worth the $.

  5. Jerry – your summary says it best – “WOW!” This is definitely my favorite of the year, and maybe of all time. This is a beautiful cigar, period. Consistent flavors and construction. Worth every penny. And yes, I’d fu@k it too if it were possible.

  6. Be carefull buying these in boxes.I got 2 in a couple weeks ago and removed them right away.The boxes smelled like fresh treated hadrwood floors.Hopefully the cigars are not ruined.

  7. I had one of these from a friend while in Fla. I was so impressed that I felt compelled to purchase 2 boxes. I’ve had 4 more since then, and I’m still impressed. I look forward to experiencing how well these will hold up after a few months or even a year.

  8. Just bought a box on your review Jerry! I don’t think I’ve seen a bad review or even an average one of these sticks yet. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks GT!

  9. Ah, the Jerry-isms never get old. Last time we had “zing” and “zang”, this week we have him wanting to marry a cigar. The passion and personalities really is what sets SR above the rest.

    Great review Jerry. If you get more, send me some! LOL

  10. This is a truly unique and complex cigar. An amazing follow-up to the Colorado of which I’ve enjoyed many. Some of the Colorado’s I’ve had were close to perfect examples of savory Nicaraguan flavor and others suffered from burn and draw issues. In a word… inconsistent. Haven’t had enough of the DM’s but every one I’ve had so far has been exquisite. So far, this is easily the best release from IPCPR I’ve tried and possibly the best cigar I’ve smoke in 2011.

  11. I got a box of each size, and as soon as I took off the cellophane I noticed a SEVERE lacquer smell from these boxes … like insanely bad. I had the same problem with the Camacho Liberty 2009 and the Tat Drac/Boris boxes, though this odor is stronger. I removed the cigars and am letting the boxes dry, but right now the cigars themselves wreak. Sniffing the feet, all I get is varnish. I’m hoping they’ll recover, I think they probably will, but still …

    I’ve seen this too often now from multiple manufacturers, and I’m sick of it! How hard is it to order the empty boxes finished a month early so they an F’ing dry out first! Especially when the put an LE premium on these sticks … there’s just no excuse for this in my book. Pathetic.

  12. First… Get the cigar out of ur mouth when u begin each cut…u look like some fat walk talking with a cock in ur mouth.

    Second….read you fat fuck….ur at a loss of words when describing cigars….watch you many times, it not easy

    Lastly….get the cigars out of your mouth, and invest in treadmill..your fat, and I am sure you would want to see ur children grow up

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