Three Things I Know to Be True (Cigars Edition)

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Three Things I Know to Be True (Cigars Edition)

This is a bit different post than I normally do. For awhile now I’ve been a fan of TED | Talks. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. Since being the father of a baby girl (she’s actually a toddler these days but she’ll always be my baby) a TED | Talk earlier this year caught my wife’s attention and thus mine was one by Sarah Kay. Sarah Kay is a spoken word poet and her TedTalk was entitled “If I should have a daughter…” during her presentation she asks her audience to think about three things you know to be true. It can be about anything. On some of the non-cigar blogs I read, I’ve seen some form of this done and thought it be kind of cool to do a similar post in the context of cigars since Brian Hewitt beat me to a review (dick move):

1. Size Matters – Size matters but I’ll keep this in the context of cigars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smoked a particular cigar and completely wrote the cigar off as not being enjoyable only to try it again in another size and be a completely different experience. Size matters and the more I do this blogging thing I’ve realized the importance of trying cigars, for the most, in all the sizes. Personally robusto and corona seem to be the two sizes that fit me. There are exceptions and in the past this hasn’t been true. But right now, thats where I’m at. Size matters.

2. It’s Okay to NOT Follow the Rules – We’ve all seen the list of rules for smoking cigars. From how to cut, light, hold and ash your cigar to how to extinguish it. From where to buy your cigars and for us bloggers, how to properly review a cigar. What a sad and boring world we’d live in if we all did everything the same. Fuck em! Cut and light your cigar the way you enjoy it. Buy your cigars from who you want. Review your cigars the way you want to. If anyone tells you differently…fuck em. It’s okay to NOT follow the rules.

3. Cigars Can be a Band Aid – Not literally. For the past four years the month of November has always been mentally challenging for me. There are days where I’m more zombie like than human. As most of you know on November 2, 2007 I lost my Little Robusto to SIDS while in daycare when he was 3.5 months old. I can’t tell you the outpouring of support I received then and still do from the cigar community. Recently when we had to rebuild the site, I came across a page that was severely outdated that had the following quote from George Sand:

“A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.”

How true…When I’m in the dumps missing the Little Robusto. I’ll step outside, light a cigar and relive the million gracious smiles JJ blessed us with. Sarah Kay says she writes poems to figure things out…I smoke cigars to relive gone but not forgotten smiles. Cigars can be a band aid.


27 thoughts on “Three Things I Know to Be True (Cigars Edition)

  1. And the fourth thing that is true is a cigar review site doesn’t always have to post a cigar tasting review!!

    Long ashes Jerry and may you find yourself remembering more good times then bad.

  2. That’s what she said….

    “Personally robusto and corona seem to be the two sizes that fit me”

    Sorry I’m an asshole.


  3. Excellent, Number 3 hit home for me. I have been away from smoking cigars for a while.
    My mother has lung cancer and while taking her to the hospital I pass by a Davidoff.
    During one of her full day chemo treatments, I told her I’m stepping out for a bit.
    I stopped by Davidoff’s and bought a cigar, smoked it outside in Central Park and it was the most serene moments I’ve had since that day we heard the news.

  4. Three Things Jerry Denies To Be True:

    1.) He’s not sensitive to gluten, he’s allergic to that food doesn’t come in a bright blue tin.

    2.) Orange beards do not release pheromones or increase virility.

    3.) All the time I spend with his mom.

    Seriously, good post. Way to think outside the box… or tin.

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