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Stogie Review Travel Humidors

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Welcome to my write up for this week. I have been battling this nasty cold/flu that is going around and have not been able to smoke a cigar since Thanksgiving. I am hoping I can smoke next week but the way this thing is hanging around, I am not sure.

Well anyway, this gives me the opportunity to introduce the world to the Stogie Review Travel Humidor. We have 5, 10 and 15 count sizes with that beautiful logo on the top so the whole world will know which review site is the best around.

As I am a nice guy and Walt gave me permission (LOL), I am going to give away a 10 count size of the above humidors to a random person who leaves a comment and tells me what accessory you would love to see the Stogie Review logo on?

Contest will run until December 10th at 11:59pm. Winner will be selected on December 11th and notified by the email address you used to post a comment.

We have been throwing around the idea of doing a group buy on these. If anyone would be interested in purchasing them, hop into the forums and post in THIS THREAD or just send us an email stating which sizes you would be interested in purchasing.

I am 99% sure the pricing will be
5 count – $25
10 count – $30
15 count – $35

There you have it, a nice little giveaway for a Stogie Review 10 count humidor and even an option where you may be able to purchase some of them if the interest is high enough.

Random Generator picked Matt B to be the winner.


I am just me.

83 thoughts on “Stogie Review Travel Humidors

  1. I’d like to see it on a humidor. Not the travel humidor, but something like a desktop humidor or hell even a cabinet would be cool.

  2. I would LOVE to see your logo on combination Punch/Cutter, I’ve. Been looking for one since my dad lost his 10 years ago and his was almost 40 years old. Haven’t been able to find one since either.

    Either that or a infusion Jar

    Make it something original that we all want and NEED

  3. Nice initiative! I’ve been thinking about promotional items like hats and mugs, but a travel humidor is definitely way more cool than that. Kudos for having thought about it.

    I think that a logo would also look great on a guillotine cutter.

  4. “random person who leaves a comment and tells me what accessory you would love to see the Stogie Review logo on?”

    Since not explicitly stated it must be a cigar accessory, I’d like to see SR marital aids. 😉

    Great idea though, guys.

  5. Lighters would be cool but I think a stainless cutters with training wheels would be cool. The one with the logo on one side gives a perfect cut

  6. A Tee Shirt but one with a pocket so you can put your stogie and or phone or cutter in it. There are so many tee shirts out there but how many do you see with pockets.

  7. I’d like to see the SR logo on an entire line of ST Dupont products. I would definitely pay $12,000 for the set.


    Also, Jay stole my original idea, ha ha ha!

  8. Beer Pint Glass and matching Shot Glass! It would look really cool on a Snifter Glass. Stogie Review Hats!

  9. Throw the logo up on a type of cocktail, ie coffee,liquor,vino (make your own) because ultimately that’s my go to accessory.

  10. Duffel bag or backpack. Not the most cigar specific, but more widely used item for more “promotion” so to speak. Hope you get over that cold- looking forward to some stogie reviews!

  11. A switchable lighter! I travel a lot and it’s inconvenient to not be able to carry a torch. A lighter with a hidden switch that changes between yellow flame for travel and torch mode for stogie time would be awesome! And, of course, bearing the SR logo, so everyone seeing it would know I’m a man of class with impeccable taste.

  12. my father in law has a 15 count cigar travel case. it works great. i had used it as temperary humidor until my collection got to big for it.

  13. I think it would be cool to have the logo on a nice cutter and ashtray. Then you could sell the items as a set!


  14. I think it would look good on a nice custom draw poker of some kind. I have a buddy on a forum that makes his own and they are all different.

  15. A nice lighter would be cool. Since I read you guys all the time I could tell everyone who sees it to look at the site. I want to buy a 5 cigar travel humidor.

  16. Hi, I would love to win the 10 count travel humidor and think it would be cool to see lighters and cutters with the stoigie review logo on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can contact me @ vinodudue26@ or kiterao


  17. Mike, sorry to hear you are feeling punk. I believe cigars are the perfect antidote for whatever ails you. Something about that the smoke is a perfect foil to viruses and bacterial infections. What could grow in that environment? So why wait?

    I never travel without a tupperdore miniature filled with my trusty stogies. However, a used Tupperware container is no substitute for a Stogie Review logo’d travel humidor.

    As far as future logo wares, you should definitely commission a hardwood ash tray with the Stogie Review logo on it. In gold. In solid walnut. With carefully dovetailed joints.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  18. When I’m at my local brick & mortar, smoking lounge on a cruise ship or hanging with buddies, your logo on a cool lighter would be noticed.

  19. I was going to say a lighter but they stop working or you lose them. A cutter on the other hand would be great. When is the last time you lost or broke your cutter and had to buy another one? I am going to say hardly if never. Plus at social events someone needs a cigar clipped and you hand them a Stogie Review branded Xikar cutter… conversation starter… their going to ask what cutter is this? who’s Stogie Review? yada yada which leads to more site traffic, sponsors, $$$$. Its a no brainer fellas.

    For this brilliant idea all I would like in exchange is a 12×12 picture of Jerry with his epic mario brothers mustache, or some CroMagnon knuckle draggers… either way lets talk.

  20. I’d love to see the Stogie Review logo on a boutique cigar. Come down to our factory in Esteli and let’s blend one!

  21. I would like to see more in the lighters and cutter affordable cigars accessories. A package has everything to enjoy a cigar. What ever to do with cigar is okay too.

  22. I’d like to see it on a lighter. A lighter is something people always check out, ask if they can borrow to light their stick if you’re at a lounge or herf, etc. Good way to spread the word about the site.

  23. Great move. I love to see SR move upward and onward. I would love to see the following since you guys are my top resource for cigar reviews.

    I would like to see a mobile Stogie Review app where I can pull up a reference of countless amounts of cigars on my smartphone and insert my own review of the cigar I am smoking for future reference. The cigars would all have your original ratings on there for buying reference.

    Imagine being able to walk into a cigar shop and being able to pull up the Stogie Review app and see what you guys thought of a cigar I was considering?

    Additionally it is hard to keep track of handwritten notes so if you provide an app where I can rate construction, burn, draw, etc by number, and save it would be very cool.

    I hope this helps! And good luck to all!!!!!

  24. I have to agree with another poster, a nice deep astray suitable for a herf with a couple of like minded gentlemen with your logo would be great.

  25. Don’t include me in the contest as I’m lucky enough to already have one and it Rocks by the way Shout out to Walt!!! I would want it on a Cigar Band!!!! The day will come when you guys finally get your own blend out their.

    1. I go to summer herfs and my son’s baseball/soccer games and a nice Stogie Review beach/lounge chair would be awesome.

  26. Your logo on a good dual (torch and soft) flame lighter and 3-4 finger leather puch. Or on the bottom of Scotch or port glasses.

  27. On the side or the top of the ashtray, with a picture of Jerry in the center.
    That way we can flick the ash on him, for all the great cigars he gets to smoke, and I don’t.

  28. I want to see the Stogie Review logo on a Flowbee. Then make Mike review it where he has to give himself a hair cut and will no longer look like a damn hippie! 🙂

    Oh yeah!

  29. I’d love to see Stogie Review as the newest logo for a commercial airline company. First class service all the way, with world class cigars, spirits, and a mile high baby!

  30. I’d love to see it on a Xikar Xi2 Cutter. Definitely the best $30 I’ve ever spent on a cigar accessory. Bought it at Cigarfest 2010, and is still as sharp now as the day I bought it.

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