Black Label Lighters: El Presidente

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Black Label Lighters: El Presidente

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email from our good friend Steven over at Lighter Direct. Steven asked if I had any interest in reviewing a new line of lighters that he is having great success with. I was happy to accept and had a brand new Black Label El Presidente lighter in my hands just a few days later.

Steven explained that the Black Label line is made by the same manufacturer that makes lighters for both Porsche and Lotus. This particular lighter has what is called Flat Flame Technology. What this means, essentially, is that the torch flame on this lighter is thin but wide.

The flat flame took a little getting used to but I like the way it works. It is kind of a cross between the broad flame of a triple flame lighter with the fuel consumption of a single flame.

There were two areas where I found the lighter to be slightly problematic. First, when the butane level gets low, the flame begins to pulsate and causes frustration during the toasting process. Second, the polished metal cap, which the flame passes through, gets hot during toasting. A thin band of this polished metal is exposed when closing the manual lid. Not touching it while hot is difficult to do and results in accidental burns (nothing serious, just one of those “whoa, that was hot” moments)

The price on this lighter is a little steep but I’m very fond of it. It has a coolness about it that I really like. If you are interested in picking up a Black Label El Presidente, click through to Lighters Direct and order one.

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11 thoughts on “Black Label Lighters: El Presidente

  1. Yea definately a cool looking lighter, and too rich for my blood.
    I’d like to see some more table top lighters on the market personally as they are what I use 90% of the time. Cool review though.

  2. cool lighter, nice review! but id rather get a Prometheus magna or ultimo x ii for cheaper than that.

  3. Nice review Walt, I’m with the group on this very cool lighter but at that price its to steep. I’m lucky enough to have won a great lighter from a really cool website, other wise it would be cheapos for me. If I’m dropping close to a Beaner on cigar stuff it will be on Sticks. Do you think they price them this high for the uper tier smokers or does it really cost this much to produce them?

  4. Cool review Walt. Love the look of this but like everyone else, unless I win it or get it as a gift, I will not be purchasing it.

  5. Hey Walt, is it possible for Stogiereview readers to get a special deal for these? I am interested in buying one after watching the review. Cheers

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