Undercrown by Drew Estate

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Undercrown by Drew Estate


Introduced at this year’s IPCPR Trade Show is the Undercrown by Drew Estate. Jonathan Drew gave us one of the most enthusiastic interviews we’ve ever had on the site and the Undercrown was one of my top cigars that really impressed me at the show. Its hard to believe no one has beat me to reviewing it. The story of the Undercrown is well documented. If you think the Undercrown is made with the left over scraps from the Liga Privada then you are wrong. The best I can tell you is lets say Liga Privada uses one part of the tobacco plant say viso, well Undercrown might use the seco part of that same tobacco plant. Same plant with Liga Privada and Undercrown using different leafs.

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It’s really unfair to compare the Undercrown to the Liga Privada line (although I do in the video). They both are two unique stellar blends from Drew Estate. It’s like comparing apples to pears. Yeah they are both fruit and have similar fruity characteristic but both bring something unique to the table. The same is true for the Liga Privada vs. Undercrown. Its all about the mood you’re in. Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a Liga Privada experience but want something different, simpler but not sacrifice balance or flavor. I think the Undercrown is a winner and has been something I’ve been stocking up in my humidors. Ligar Privada is great and the Undercrown is equally as great. You can’t go wrong with either!


33 thoughts on “Undercrown by Drew Estate

  1. Curses! Foiled again. I was going to review the Undercrown weeks ago, but I forgot.

    I’m surprised you had the time to record a review, what with you leading the Mongol hoards across the steppes, Genghis.

    I have to agree. I like the Undercrown, but it’s tough to beat the T52.

  2. Definitely a great cigar, and man, does it pump out the smoke. Also affordable and pretty readily available.

    Thanks for the review and have a great Christmas!

  3. Jerry… Great review. Random question. What type of patio heater did you get? I’ve been trying to find out that will work in sub 40 degrees.

    1. Rob – Can I call you Rob? LOL…I’m using a Garden Treasure 11000 BTU tabletop patio heater:


      Two things I had to do. I had to leave my patio umbrella up so that the heat doesn’t escape too quickly. I also had to buy an adapter cable so that I could use a 20lb tank instead of the little 1lb tanks.

  4. I have had really bad tunneling with each of the 3 that I have tried. Very dissapointing. While this might be a great cigar, I have not had the same experience. Hoping this will resolve itself with time but I will be waiting a while before trying again.

  5. Great Reivew Jerry haven’t had the chace to try these yet but I’m hearing great things. I’m hoping to find them locally soon. have a Great Christmas.

  6. Great review Jerry. The T52 is my favorite cigar. I was trepidatious when I got a couple of these Undercrowns. WOW! this cigar is awesome! I agree, not quite a T52 but for the price and availability, I can buy a box of these while I wait for my 5 pack of T52’s to become available.

  7. I have yet to have a chance to try one of these, but they sound intriguing given your great review and also your info on the tobacco; I suppose the Undercrown is like Liga Privada’s cousin.

  8. Great smoke! One of my favs. Full flavor and yes…lot’s of smoke!
    If you can get your hands on this, grab a few and enjoy!
    Big T.

  9. I have not have the opportunity to try any of the Liga Privadas as of yet (hard to find in my area) but I love the Undercrowns. Im not a traditional cigar smoker, I prefer any of the Drew Estates infused or flavored Cigars. But wanted to add a traditional Cigar in my rotation, after trying many and not really enjoy any of them, I finally found some UCs and the local shop. I have been reading a ton of hype about the Undercrowns but was still hesitant, let me say, I was more than surprised at how much I enjoyed them. The first one was good, but the second was great! I have been told that is probably because my cigar palette is finally maturing lol. J. Drew is definitely the Cigars world, Mad genius, there isn’t a Drew Estate smoke that I would not try (hell I’m even looking into getting a Hookah pipe just so I can try some of there Acid Hookah blends lol)! Undercrown is definitely my new and only traditional cigar on my rotation, probably until I get the opportunity to try the “My Uzi weighs a ton” or any of the Liga Privada line. If you are a Flavored/infused cigar man, I would definitely recommend this to you as a transitional cigar.

  10. Nice video review Jerry. Undercrown by Drew Estate was also in my top-3 sticks coming out of IPCPR in Vegas this year. This stick – producing copious amounts of smoke alongside a unique flavor-profile – makes for an excellent smoking experience. I prefer the toro shape, a box purchase in my near future.

    If you get a chance, please check out my Top-25 Cigars of 2011, located on Facebook at:


    Cheers bro.

  11. I was a little bored of the one Toro I tried but the construction was great and the smoke volume impressive. I’ll try a Robusto and see if it’s more my size. Loved the price but going to pick up some LPs this week and think I’ll like those better.

    The one I tried was a bit strong for the time of day I smoked it so off to round two.

  12. The most memorable cigar I smoked this year. As a cigar it stands on its own, but as a manufacturer, the way that this blend utilizes the crop amazes me. The team at Drew Estate is second to none.

    The Chief

  13. greaat review Jerry, I smoked a few week ago. The cigar did not do it for me. It’s an average cigar. Don’t suck-up all the smokes jerry……..

  14. Quick note on patio heaters, I bought an electric one online. It is fabulous! No running around refilling propane tanks. Looks like a tarnished brass floorlamp. About $225 — do not recall the company name. Couldn’t get along without it in the winter. Love your reviews. Regads, McCleod.

  15. Had my first undercrown last night at a Drew Estate event. ( TWINS Smoke Shop, Londonderry, NH) “Saka Claus was in attendence and it was a great night enjoyed by all. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. Another great review Jerry. Long Merry Fucking Christmas Ashes To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Love the undercrown!! Nice review. I hope I can get my hands on some T-52’s again. Seems like they are sold out everywhere.

  17. Thanks for the generous reviews and comments.

    6 years ago when I joined Drew Estate I was tasked with by both JD and Marvin to spearhead in making Drew Estate known for being a top shelf traditional cigar manufacturer in addition to remaining the market leader in the infused premium market.

    It seemed like a long journey with many obstacles, but I believe all of our efforts have been bearing fruit of the last couple of years. Liga Privada, Undercrown, the blends Willy Herrera is making, etc are all exceptional and exciting traditional cigars and thanks to consumers giving us a fair taste test I believe we have not only grown as a company, but have genuinely changed how many cigar consumers regard Drew Estate as a premium handmade cigar manufacturer.

    I believe between the blending skills of Jonathan, Nicholas, Willy and myself we will continue to create exceptional traditional cigars that not only will sell well, but more importantly that we all will personally love to smoke.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


    Steve Saka
    Prez, Drew Estate

  18. When I walked into my local shop’s humidor the other day to browse, open boxes for both the Liga Privadas and the Undercrown that were placed on the end of the shelf together formed a truly commanding trio. One of the aficionados suggested it as a great full-bodied smoke. Aside from the exceptional aesthetics, I was driven to grab a stick by my ignorance of the full-body experience. The price was right at the time and I can’t wait to try it, probably next month.

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