Havana Sunrise (Short Ashes)

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Havana Sunrise (Short Ashes)

Havana Sunrise - Aging Coolidor - 1

Five years ago (probably more than that, actually) I was looking around for a cigar called Havana Sunrise. A friend of mine was in love with the cigar and wanted to do a box split. I found them for roughly $60 per box so I placed an order and we broke up the box. Not long after that I ordered another box for myself. The remaining few cigars in that second box were set aside and forgotten about.

I dug that box out a couple of months ago after talking to Loren Gomez on Google+ and smoked one for old times sake. Ever since then I’ve been meaning to record a Short Ashes style review to talk about that cigar. As it turns out, the cigar has been re-blended since my purchase and isn’t even produced by the same manufacturer. Even so, I thought it would be fun to fire up the camera and talk about it.

The years in the cooler have been good to this old cigar. It remained mild to medium in body with a medium flavor intensity, much like I remember it. If anything, I think the age may have smoothed it out ever-so-slightly. The flavor components were wood and pepper with occasional tastes of salt and spiciness. Construction was solid but the the draw was just a little tighter than I prefer.

Considering what I paid for this cigar several years ago, I think this was a great buy. I’m sure the price has gone up over the years but if the new blend is close and the price is under $4.00 per stick, I think this is one promising bargain cigar.

The video runs about thirteen minutes and gets kind of comical at times. I was in my car while doing the review and on more than one occasion the camcorder went flying off of my dashboard. There are even a couple remarks made to myself about not knowing where I’m going (was taking a “short cut” to the highway after completing my first errand of the day).

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18 thoughts on “Havana Sunrise (Short Ashes)

  1. Walt,

    I would definitely like to see a follow-up on this review, seeing as to how disappointing subsequent versions of other brands have been (ask Mike about the Devil’s Weeds). It’s hard to figure out if there even is a current iteration of this line. I guess it’s one of the pitfalls of cigars – a few years down the road, the line may be just a shadow of its former self, and it’s difficult for the consumer to figure that out even with previous reviews.

    1. jjo,
      I’d love to try the new blend. From what I’m told, it is a little bolder but is supposed to be pretty close. Unfortunately, this isn’t a line that I’ve ever seen in a local shop in my area.

      If I have the opportunity to smoke some of the new blend, I’d be happy to compare them to this version.

      Thanks for the comment.

        1. Jerry,
          Oddly enough, I was wondering that this morning while waiting for my Kuerig to heat up. I was trying to think of where I saw one and I thought you might have given me one of the Maduro when we got together in Lancaster. I’ll have to look around for it because I know I didn’t smoke it.

        2. Hi,

          I am usually a quiet reader of cigar reviews and this is my first time posting a comment so bare with me. When I saw Havana Sunrise reviewed I couldn’t help to add something since it used to be one of my favorite cigars. I watched the video and I don’t want to be rude correcting you, but the real original Havana Sunrise was made by the Bello family in Little Havana. Their company is now called Cuba Tobacco. Havana Sunrise was one of those great cigars during the 90’s. The cigar band was red like the one in the review, but there was no pyramid on it and the box had a colorful label. Probably that was the cigar that your friend was talking about.

  2. Awesome video! Lol. Cool review wish I coulda gotten in on this cigar before it changed but will keep an eye out for the new version.
    As for the camera falling, try some Velcro tape on dash and camera! (assuming you’ll be doing more of these which would be cool!)
    Finally, for a budget stick, I am 100% stuck on the Cielo Robusto from Corona Cigars blended by nick perdomo.. Let me know if you can get your hands on some I’d love to hear your thoughts (if not we can work something out as I have a few to spare!)

  3. You did a good job considering the number of times the camera slid off the dash and got off track of discussing the cigar.When you have to do a other ”road trip”, grab some tape, Velcro, and you’l be ready to go. Looking forward to the next one.A good job and sounds like a good cigar also.

  4. Walt – Good review on an older cigar and you gave me a few good laughs with the camera. We’ll take any review from you Walt so don’t discount the driving review. Thanks your reviews are important to us.

  5. Great Video Walt love the driving aspect of it. I think I got car sick the first time the video went flying haha. Never heard of these before, but you know I like my wallet friendly sticks haha

  6. Good review, like the concept, looking back at your humidor diving videos you could try to combine it to a humidor dive on the road reviews, lol

  7. Good review Walt. Nervous watching you do while driving though. I would like to see more reviews on older sticks. Not just sticks never reviewed but sticks that have had some years in the hunidore and how they have changed, for the good or the bad.

  8. Great review Walt! )) Again, very unique-enjoyable, the camera falling and all made it just pleasantly stand out from other reviews. I especially enjoyed the views along 61-before returning to Moscow in October, I spent about 3 months in Reading and made that same drive to and from Cabellas, miss the Reading area, hope to get back. I even went looking for Kensingtons as I had forgotten you reported it had closed, then I remembered when I came upon the sadly closed up, empty shop…..Thanks for all your efforts!

  9. Great review Walt and I love the short format. Smoke more aged cigars and lets see how they are aging.

    Thanks for the information Martin. A little cigar back ground always adds that “rest of the story” appeal.

    Walt, get more details on that cigar hit man story. You’ve got to provide “the rest of the story”.

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