Mike’s Top Cigars of 2011

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Mike’s Top Cigars of 2011

First off I have to take my hat off to Walt for coming out and telling how it is. I don’t understand the major misconception that all bloggers get showered with free items all the time. Most of my cigars are bought from my own money or have been graciously sent to me by my viewers or friends.

Secondly, Walt is absolutely correct in his idea for a top list. If a cigar is in your top (whatever number) you should have BOUGHT that cigar all year long because you can’t live without it. If you put something in your top (again, numbers vary) list and you only smoked samples or a five pack, then shame on you (unless of course the cigar was just released or was limited and can not be found anymore). I figure, if it is good enough to be in your top list then you better have spent money on it since it is worth it to you (supposedly).

Think of it it terms o doing a review. We like to have 5 cigars for a review just to make sure of consistency and such across the line. I do first impressions of cigars but I would rather have the full 5 to smoke just to see how they do. I know that cigars are “supposed” to be the same across the line but some are, others are not. Only by smoking more of the cigar will you find this out. I still think that Dion, Illusione Cigars, has the best consistency of any cigar out there today. Do you believe the same, maybe so, maybe not.

Flame on.

Not all of the cigars were released in 2011 and I, like Walt, have not had very many of the new sticks to come out (Four Kicks, any Viaje, Casa Magna, San Lotano, the list could go on and on)

I am going to do something different this year and actually pick my number one cigar of the year. I base this on the amount of enjoyment I get from the cigar and the amount of boxes I have bought.

Drum roll please……..

Mike’s Cigars of the Year

Gran Reserva 3  - main.jpg

Gran Habano Gran Reserva #3 – Gran Robusto

I have gone through no less than 6 boxes of theses in the gran robusto size and have enjoyed all of them but the first one and one that was super plugged. You better buy these now if you can find them because they were limited and I believe all the stock has been spoken for by shops. There is no doubt this should be number one on my list and I am really surprised at how few people have heard of it or tried it.

I stole it from Walt

E.P. Carrillo New Wave – Divino

One of the most enjoyable Connecticut cigars I have ever had. If I could ever keep these around in my own humidor, I would love to see how they age.

Tatuaje Series P 2011 - main.jpg

Tatuaje Serie P – 2011 version – toro

What can I say? Best bang for your buck would be good words. This Tat P replaced my Ambos Mundos Sumatra this year for most Tatuaje purchased cigar.

El Triunfador No 3 - main.jpg

Tatuaje El Triunfador – various sizes

I smoke these as much as the wallet will allow. I do wish they were cheaper as they tend to smoke quickly and go great with a morning coffee.

Murcielago - Main.jpg

Murcielago – various sizes

Since the price reduction I have been snagging these cigars every time I go to the shop. Just a flavorful smoke at a good price.

La Gloria Cubana Serie N - main.jpg

La Gloria Cubana Serie N – Glorioso

Super, super cigar from LGC. I like the octagon box design even though store owners seem to absolutely hate the space it takes up. I also still vote to give the people who apply the “N” a raise.

Joyo de Nicaragua Cabinetta – various sizes but toro most

I am surprised that we do not have a review (at least that I could find) on this cigar and I have none in my humidor to take a picture of (I smoked the last one I had on Monday). I was handed a lancero at CigarFest and even though I mostly smoke toro and up in size, it was phenomenal.

I thin k it is Walt's I stole again :)

Nestor Miranda Art Deco – Robusto Grande

I really enjoy smoking these and the lunchbox is neat to have also.

Honorable Mentions

These cigars I have enjoyed but either can not find them to buy them locally, can not afford to buy them or just have not had the time to get any more but want to in the future.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon
CAO OSA Sol 58 – Jerry and his 50 can bite my shiny metal ass

Now these two are cigars I enjoyed but are in the full bodied range that I am not comfortable smoking all the time so I doubt I would ever smoke enough to have them in a top ten but they are definitely worth it to take a look.

Tatuaje Avion 11

Well there you have it. I hope you give some of those cigars a try and definitely let me know what you think of them. I always value feedback, even if it is negative.

I will also throw a plug in for The Little Robusto Project. I think this is a wonderful project and I even bought a box to help out. This just shows how great the cigar community, including manufacturers, can be.

I am just me.

23 thoughts on “Mike’s Top Cigars of 2011

  1. No Devil’s Weed or Big Pig – what kind of Top Cigar list is this?! I keep bypassing the Gran Reserva #3 at my B&M and I don’t know why, since I did enjoy the one I had. I’ll have to get a couple the next time I’m there. I dig the El Triunfador, New Wave, and Cabinetta, but was kind of disappointed with the Art Deco (just seemed to be missing something in the flavors) and Serie N (great flavor but rock hard with a terrible draw).

    Nice to have a list that isn’t full of expensive and exclusive cigars, and all of these are accessible and affordable. Good job, good write up.

    Happy New Year to you, my friend!

  2. Nice list Mike, I’ve found the LGC Serie N leaves my finger tips and lips brown though, which was a huge turnoff to me, enough so I haven’t smoked any since the 3 I had that happen with… Definitely tasty though.

  3. It is nice to see lists that are not catering to the manufacturers newest and supposedly greatest…. I tend to make my list based on what I have smoked the most of and brought me the me the most enjoyment. I agree with Illusione being the best in the business the epernay la ferme, his -88-, and the singualre are in my top 5 without a doubt. Probably the top three spots. Thanks Mike!

  4. Ill third illusiones amazing consistency.
    Nice top ten. I have never had the LGC which is weird because they are so widely available. Definately on my “to try list” now that I realized I haven’t had one!

  5. So this is what the “leader” of cigar blogs is coming to? Two half ass lists of nothing. I remember Cruz saying something to like “stogie review doesn’t follow, it leads.” I’ll be honest, your IPCPR coverage was awesome but since then, for the most part, its been mediocre at best.

    Sure hope you guys turn it around in 2012 cause I like you guys and want you guys to have continued success but since IPCPR…you guys haven’t distinguished yourselves like you use to.

    1. Mediocre? After IPCPR there was really no other way to go but down…we kicked that much ass and there wasn’t anyway we could sustain that.

      Anyway, I’m sorry you’re disappointed Kevin. It is what it is. Sometimes we have more content than we know what to do with (IPCPR) and other times its a struggle (holiday season) to find the time.

      As always, its still about our three guiding principals of having fun, being open and being honest. And if we stick to being honest, the other two will take care of themselves.

      Happy New Year!

    2. Half-assed would be jumping on the bandwagon and parroting everyone else’s choices. One can only compile a list based on one’s personal experiences and criteria, and both Mike and Walt clearly explained their’s. i may or may not agree with their picks, but I respect them.

      I can only imagine that with Brian and Charlie yet to chime in with their lists, we should all have a great variety of options to choose from and enjoy. That’s what makes SR so great – no other site gives its viewers/readers such a wide range of viewpoints.

    3. My mailbox is always open if you would like to provide me with all the new cigars or even just sticks you enjoy.

      I smoke what I can find and afford and I won’t apologize to you or anyone about that. Maybe you should try some of the sticks on my list and you may be surprised at how good they are.

  6. Hey Mike, I love to see the difference in flavors that each individual has. I have to echo Jerry though, Serie N? I would have a problem putting a “painted” cigar on my top anything list. Have you tried the “R”? I think the R is much better. Thanx for your hard work. Hope 2012 is a great year for you.

    1. I have not had the ‘R’ in a while and I hate the fact that the ‘N’ is dyed but every time I go to the cigar store I have to grab them. I just really enjoy the taste and relaxation it gives me.

      2012 won’t know what hit it!

  7. The N could be dipped in cow turd for all I care if it’s a good stick. The R is also a great stick but also more expensive. You can get a box of 24 of the N for $80! The R is $30-$40 more.

  8. Great list Mike. I think many of these get over looked but the Murcielago, El Triunfidor and Art Deco are all great. Vastly different and nice to have for different moods. Not tried the new Series P but I loved the original version.

    Not a fan of the Gloria Cubana cigars but I should give them another shot. Tastes change and all that. I’m finding that Domican cigars are moving back into my flavor profile.

  9. So, you basically call people who don’t have a bunch of their favorites losers. Then, you don’t even have a JDN Cabinetta for the picture. You couldn’t have downloaded one? Uh, Loser.

    1. Well I did not call anyone a loser nor did I say they have to have tons of them on hand. I said they needed to BUY and SMOKE enough of them to make a valid opinion of a cigar. I did not have the Cabinetta because I smoked the last one I had on that Monday from the box I bought. Sorry I was unable to get to the cigar shop to get more right now.

      Downloading pictures without express permission from the author is not allowed. Legal, illegal, it doesn’t matter, it is still wrong to steal someones photos.

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