Ask The Readers: What do you do with Empty Cigar Boxes?

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Ask The Readers: What do you do with Empty Cigar Boxes?

Stack of Empty Cigar Boxes - 1Ever since I started smoking cigars, I’ve been saving empty boxes. At first it was simply a matter of having a cool box. Eventually the empty boxes served as great organizational tools for inside my coolidor.

I’ve been saving my boxes for so long that these days I do it out of habit. Every once in a while I get a call or visit from an uncle who asks for them, and I’m happy to turn them over. He uses them for a variety of things, mostly miscellanies storage.

As my stack of empty boxes grows, I find myself wondering what to do with these things. The last time I had to add an empty box to the stack it felt sort of like a game of reverse Jenga (my boxes are on a shelf and stacked to the ceiling in a closet).

One thought was to give my daughter a couple of boxes for crayons and other items. Playing that scenario out in my head literally made me chuckle. Could you imagine the reaction she might get if she were to take that cigar box full of crayons somewhere and an atni-tobacco zealot saw it?

One of the coolest things I’ve seen done with empty boxes is a floor lamp. While visiting Sir Stogies, at some point last year, I saw one sitting in the lounge. The lamp looked like a fantastic addition to a man cave / smoking lounge and I would love to have one, I just don’t have the desire to build one. Truth be told, it isn’t that hard to make, I would just be inclined to do something more difficult such as make a spiral shaped base. Cigar Box Guitars are rather popular, as are Cigar Box Clocks.

The most likely thing to happen with my empty boxes (that is, the ones I don’t give away) is that I’ll use them for storage (perhaps reloading supplies when I finally get around to ordering the rest of my setup) or they will become wooden pencil / crayon cases. I wonder though, what do you do the readers of Stogie Review do with their empty cigar boxes?

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46 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: What do you do with Empty Cigar Boxes?

  1. Used to keep them for pens, computer discs, odds & ends. Now, usually give away or throw away unless a really cool one

    1. I am very interested in any cigar boxes that you guys are burning and throwing away. I refurbish them and make pretty cool refinished boxes out of them.. this site is very old so if anyone is still around, please respond.

      1. Beverly, I have multiple cigar boxes that are in excellent condition that I am interested in finding someone that may want to purchase them for reuse. Please contact me via email if you are interested.

          1. I have a large number of sliding lid cigar boxes – if ur still interested in some let me know & I will give u the dimensions

          1. Do you still collect cigar boxes?
            I was given quite a few recently.
            How do you store your boxes?
            I appreciate any help you can provide.

  2. I use mine for home decor. Some for storage of small crap I can’t bring myself to throw away but is too small for the “junk drawer”.

  3. I enjoy hobby electronics (Arduino, PIC, etc.) and have a couple projects on tap…

    One project involves a cedar box, then putting an iPod dock on top and two small, but capable, speakers inside with a little amp. Charge your iPod and listen to music while enjoying a cigar.

    The other involves putting a false bottom in a cedar box. Under the false bottom is a humidity and temperature sensor along with a wi-fi chip. On top of the false bottom could be that brand of cigars (for sale). It’s actually conceived as a project for my local tobacconist to put the temperature/humidity of their walk-in humidor online.

    I was inspired by this project (don’t have the name of the original creator):

    A little Google action will yield all sorts of interesting projects.

  4. For me I use some of the unique looking boxes around the house as pen/change holders. I do try and save all the lids from each box. They are tucked away to be used for some project I haven’t thought of yet.

  5. I normally burn them in my pit outside while smoking a cigar, however my son does have a couple crayon boxes with the Diesel logo on it.

  6. I hate clutter and extra shit. I use one for a catch-all (keys and shit), and i throw the rest out.

  7. for me, what ever the wife didn’t want for her nicknacks, i use to store my unopened boveda packs and baggies from my shipments

  8. I use the boxes at Christmas and Birthdays to wrap the husband’s presents in. With one box having a variety of singles from the local shop. So fun to go into the humidor read the descriptions and choose cigars I think he would like to smoke (and I would like the smell of.) Love the floor lamp idea. Guess I’ll start having to buying boxes instead of singles 🙂

  9. I used the cigar boxes for my cigar lables collection. My daugther used the cigar boxes for her pens, pencils and coins…..Some cigar boxes are durable and pretty.

  10. Most of them are holding singles in my cooler. I have one for spare change and another holds all the bands from cigars ive smoked. The rest either get thrown away or given away.

  11. The few boxes I have (I tend to buy a lot of 5’ers and singles) I use for storage. I have quite a few cigars bands that fill a couple, the rest are for miscellaneous storage.

    I live in washington so the humidity/cold will ruin non stainless steel cigar cutters etc, but the cedar boxes make for a good dry place to store my cigar accoutrements.

  12. Break them down and put the logo sections under glass on a glass top coffee table in the man cave.. All need to be same thickness, but that works out in time..

  13. I just did a little house cleaning and have some I need to get rid of. Only a dozen or so, but I had them taking up a shelf in the basement and gotta get rid of them. There’s a few that I have a sentimental attachment to. Maybe I’ll try stacking them up and making a lamp out of them! Or an ashtray stand or something….

  14. Last June, I visited Cordova Cigars in Pensacola, Florida. I got the idea from their shop to hang cigar boxes on the wall. Therefore, my garage walls are becoming a nice home for my best cigar boxes – as opposed to collecting dust in the closet.

    Here is a picture of one of the walls:

  15. I have been saving a few nice larger boxes to make a table lamp. The rest of them are in the garage holding small parts/tools. The girlfriend has a few of them to keep her arts and crafts away from the cats.

  16. The nicest ones I keep. I have an older Cupido Criollo box that is truely mantle worthy. The lesser boxes I give away at work. They are especially popular with the college students, which I take to mean that old cigar boxes are still the fashionable way to store one’s weed.

  17. I don’t get a lot of boxes, as I smoke premiums & generally only buy boxes of my faves if they’re on sale. But I do get a lot of Sampler boxes, all of which are pretty neat, and so I give them to a friend who splits them up between his two little girls, who really love them.

    I suppose if I ever got a really nice box, I’d put it to use for either storing cigar accessories, as a lamp, or maybe just as a fancy place to put my Tanakh, letting the Word of Hashem rest among the incense of his wonderful tobaccos!

  18. I’ve turned a few of the better made boxes with the spanish cedar side inserts into desktop humidors. Then I use them when I run out of room in my bigger humidor.

  19. I like all the ideas here. Might make a clock myself. Personally I have been plastering my wood shop walls with empty boxes. I take the ” hardware” off then cut the boxes down into seep rate pieces and tack them up !

  20. I buy wood cigar boxes.. paint beautiful things on the lids fill them with keepsakes… pictures.. movie or concert tickets.. and the like and give them to friends and family.. I need to start smoking cigars so i dont have to keep searching out empty boxes

  21. I would be interested in purchasing any empty wooden cigar boxes, if anyone is interested in selling a dozen. Just leave me a way to contact you….and I will get in touch.

    Best Regards!

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