Man O’War Phalanx (Side Projects)

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Man O’War Phalanx (Side Projects)

Man O'War Phalanx

Surprises are nice. For those of you who are fans of the Man O’War series like I am knew we had a maduro version of the Puro Authentico to look forward to this year. A couple weeks ago what should show up on CI, and their associated catalogs? The Man O’War Side Projects series. Currently the Side Project series features three cigars. The 52C (a Chisel format), the Little Devil (similar size of the Puro Authentico) and finally the 6.5×56 Phalanx. According to, the story of Man O’War Side Projects:

Hailing from Tabacalera Fernandez, Man O’ War redefines the qualities of an affordable, super-premium cigar. Rolled under the strict supervision of AJ Fernandez, these works of art will take your palate to places undiscovered. In addition to his core lines, he has tons of limited tobaccos that he can’t mass produce, so we took them off his hands. Each Side Project only comes in one size which was specifically selected to complement each blend.

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Video runs close to 12 minutes and I’m not sure what the random “drumming” noise was with the sound. Maybe it had to do with not using a wind screen? Who knows. Anyway the Man O’War Phalanx is a winner. I liken the flavors to a hot fudge sundae. I know, most of you are probably rolling your eyes at that analogy. Like I explain in the video, imagine deconstructing the flavors of a hot fudge sundae. You have the smooth earthiness from the vanilla bean ice cream, the creaminess from the whip cream, the saltiness (and nuttiness) from the nut topping, the little bite of sweetness from the cherry on top and finally, the rich decadent chocolate flavor from the hot fudge. So thats how I came up with the hot fudge sundae analogy. I’m not saying bite for bite or in this case, puff for puff, its a hot fudge sundae but you can taste each component.

Regardless of my analogy, the Man O’War Phalanx is legit and thats what counts. You won’t find the nicotine strength that you find in the Man O’War Ruination. What you do get is an explosion of flavors that never get old. Flavors that are rich, complex and plentiful to the last bite…errr….puff.


12 thoughts on “Man O’War Phalanx (Side Projects)

  1. What kind of sicko eats the cherry last? Hahha! Nice review GT! Are you gonna review the other “LE” MOW sticks?

    1. Dude you eat the cherry first? I knew there was something wrong with you…LOL

      Yep…I have the 52C on hand but the Little Devil size looks will be harder to get since they are priced lower.

  2. Nice review Cruz! I haven’t met a MoW that I didn’t like. If you do do the rest, maybe you can bring us up to date on the order in which you like all the MoW Series.

    One reason I like the Week in Smoke Series more is that its not a big deal if you have technical problems. You could just do a slide show of smokes for the video so you still get the ad revenue.

  3. Your hot fudge sundae analogy makes sense. Glad you didn’t say pencil led, paper or leather. Those are flavors that just make no sense to me. Deconstruct a hot fudge sundae is a perfect explanation.

  4. Great review Jerry. Sounds like a must try, although I would prefer a slightly smaller ring gauge. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the other blends in the series.

    BTW, the pronunciation is FAY-lanks. 😉

  5. Cherry last!? No way! Lol
    Great analogy can’t wait to try it! I thought your pronunciation was funny too. Awesome review man very entertaining and as usual put a cigar I’d otherwise not have seen on my radar!

  6. OK, dude. I enjoyed the review and I love the Man-O-War sticks. I so want some of those chisel tip cigars, but I have gone over my buying limit (for a few monthes worth) and will have to wait. I smoke of course but I collect many core than I smoke. The most I have ever smoked in one month is probably 13. That is rare. I sometimes go a whole month before I decide what I want to smoke.
    The real reason behind this story, is that Mr. Torpedo got just a little carried on his foul language. I am not an angel< hellfire I am a correctional officer and cussing is a part of my work! We smokers have a rough time from the "publick" and I think that anyone giving a review should be representative of all herfers. I laughed at his first, "fuck" but it got worse. Lets show folks we have better manners than most, and prove it with our words and actions.

  7. Thanks for the review, entertaining as usual. I’m thinking about picking some of these up to try. The MoW was never a favorite of mine but I’ll give these a shot in case they are going to change my mind about the lot of them.

    As far as Dr. Willy goes… Give me a break please. If an f-bomb offends you that much then perhaps you may want to avoid the internet. These reviews are certainly not intended for anyone but adults. And if you’re offended by the language then maybe shop for another source of reviews. I’m sure there are plenty out there. Cussing is part of your work? Since when? I know plenty of CO’s that I don’t ever remember them mentioning that “cussing” was in the job requirements. Climb down from the high horse carefully and enjoy the cigars and the reviews like the rest of us.

    Sorry to feed the trolls but that was annoying.

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