CI Legends – Yellow Label

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CI Legends – Yellow Label

Here we go, diving right into the CI Legends Yellow Label from Pepin Garcia.

Starting out there is a spicy barnyard scent on the wrapper, tobacco on foot, pepper and tobacco on cold draw.

The first few puffs a nice mild pepper come through the retrohale and some woody taste on the palette. Nice creamy smoke at this point also.

Only about an inch into the cigar and the expected pepper is at the front with the woody taste taking a back seat. Still creamy though.

Little ways in to the cigar and it is about a medium body but has wonderful pepper flavor mixed with wood. Still a nice creaminess to it and a small amount of a citrus taste has crept in.

Cigar is hanging around a medium body with the strong pepper taste. Has a little tartness on the aftertaste but otherwise is staying the same.
Pepper is still hanging around and it is nice. If you are a person that enjoys a Pepin peppery cigar you will probably like this.

Body has picked up in the last third to a full. Pepper is getting a little overpowering and hangs around the palette for a good amount of time.

Getting a bit of a vegetal taste here at the end. not a lot just a hint.

At the end is mainly the pepper which hangs on the palette and lips.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I enjoyed the pepper very much and it will be a great cigar to have around and enjoy when I am in the mood for a good pepper taste in a medium to full cigar.

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5 thoughts on “CI Legends – Yellow Label

  1. Had this one a couple if years ago. One of the best from the ones I had so far. First half inch or less had kind of a “metallic” taste/aftertaste that went away quickly though.

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