App Update: Cigar Boss 3.0 & Android version released

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App Update: Cigar Boss 3.0 & Android version released

Sonny Westmoreland recently contacted us to let us know that he has just released a 3.0 version of his popular Cigar Boss app (previously reviewed by me) on iOS, along with a long-awaited Android version.

As with the iOS app, the Android counterpart is offered as an ad-supported (fully-functional) free version and an ad-free Pro version for $2.99. While the initial Android versions won’t have all of the features of the iOS 3.0 release, it is still billed by the developer as “the most comprehensive cigar app available for Android”.

So, if you’re an existing Cigar Boss user on the iPhone or iPad, be sure to upgrade to version 3.0. And if you’re an Android user like Mike, here’s your chance to check it out for the first time.

App store links:
Android Link (Free App)
Android Link (Paid App)
iOS Link (Free App)
iOS Link (Paid App)

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2 thoughts on “App Update: Cigar Boss 3.0 & Android version released

  1. I’ve been using this since you reviewed this the first time. I disagreed with your original review, yes there were some slight faults however all I ever had to do was let Sonny know and it was in the next database update. I use it all the time and have been since 1.1 but 3.0 is fantastic a must have for any beginner or afficinado. Sonny is fantastic at getting back when ever there is a database omission, or something is wrong with anything. All the new social tweaks have made it a great place to BS about Cigars while smoking a Cigar.

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