Rodrigo – La Fortaleza

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Rodrigo – La Fortaleza

Did you miss me?

I had a bit of time off due to the awesome IPCPR coverage from Walt, Jerry, Brian and Charlie but I am back with a look at the Rodrigo La Fortaleza cigar.

Getting right down to business. Woody spice right off the start with the spice really laying on the tongue. There was also a hint of citrus included but was not anything that would catch your attention unless you focus on the cigar. Started off pretty mild.

Did not take long for the cigar to pick right up into a medium body. This happened within the first inch to inch and a half.

Smoking along and the spice settled down to a less sharp, on the tongue, version and became quite pleasant for me. Woody taste is the dominant flavor of the stick. Citrus came back and a sort of cool minty flavor came into play. Almost like sucking in a burst of air from your air conditioner. Body is still building but within the medium range as of now. I wish it would stay at this level but through experience, it won’t.

Finishing out the Rodrigo La Fortaleza with it reaching the full body range and it developed a coffee taste that was a nice change of pace from the standard woody taste that was dominate throughout the stick. The cool minty taste went away after an inch or so also.

I finished it a bit early, well if you call an inch and a half to the end early, just due to the body of the stick.

Would I buy it again? Possibly. It would be a cigar I would keep around for when I would want something full bodied with good flavors but I normally do not reach for full bodied sticks much but i could see having a couple hanging around for those special times.

If you like fuller bodied sticks I do think you should give it a try as I don’t think it would be a waste of money nor time.

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  1. Great to see you back! Sounds like a worthwhile smoke – too bad they’re sold out of all their lines right now. I really liked the Clasicos I’ve had, especially the lancero.

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