IPCPR 2012: Complete Digest

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IPCPR 2012: Complete Digest

AJ Fernandez booth at IPCPR

2012 was another banner year for the Stogie Review crew at the IPCPR annual convention. We brought a team of four to Orlando and smashed all our own records in terms of in-depth coverage of the show and interviews with the most interesting people in the cigar industry today. As Jerry mentioned earlier, we recorded 62 high-definition videos with just under 7 hours of footage. To put that in perspective, in 2011 we shot 44 videos with 3.5 hours of footage, while 2010 saw 36 videos totaling 2.5 hours.

EP Carrillo booth at IPCPR

You simply can’t find that much content anywhere else, and we’ll try to top ourselves again next year.

Mysterious "Red Box" by EP Carrillo

Despite our record-setting coverage, it simply wasn’t possible for us to hit every booth and interview every cigar manufacturer. We made our best effort to get to everyone, so please don’t hold it against us if we didn’t land an interview with your favorite cigar maker. Since IPCPR is primarily a trade show for manufacturers and retailers to conduct business, we didn’t want to interfere with sales when a booth had a line of cigar shop owners stretching out into the aisle. Throughout the year, we try to attend as many local events as possible, so if we couldn’t connect with someone at the big show, hopefully we’ll be able catch up with them for a few minutes somewhere else down the line.

Drew Estate framed tobacco leaf art

For your convenience, here’s a recap of all of our IPCPR 2012 coverage. We’ll keep this list updated with any final videos that are added, so you can use this post as a quick reference to locate candid interviews with your favorite cigar personalities.

Fuente Fuente Opus X Angel’s Share

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6 thoughts on “IPCPR 2012: Complete Digest

  1. I think you guys really did a great job on your coverage of IPCPR. Well not Mike but everybody else did a great job!!! I haven’t even begun to go through all the videos yet looks like its a rainy Saturday with a cigar kinda day for that task but I wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication to this craft we all love so much.


  2. Really appreciate all the effort. The videos allow many of us to get a pretty good taste (no pun intended) of what is coming from the cigar companies.

  3. I think it is a real shame that you guys weren’t able to get interviews with the Argenti brothers. They are the nicest guys in the business and Berger&Argenti have some really nice and innovative smokes! This years releases include the “Fatso” line and the limited edition V3D… check ’em out!

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