Keith Park of Prometheus & God of Fire (IPCPR 2012)

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Keith Park of Prometheus & God of Fire (IPCPR 2012)

Keith Park of Prometheus and God of Fire

If you are sitting down to watch the latest Stogie Review Video from IPCPR 2012 – Stop right there! Go grab yourself a tasty beverage and a cigar because you are going to be here for a while. This video, featuring Keith Park of Prometheus and God of Fire Cigars, is rather lengthy.

Keith takes us on a tour of the booth and mixes in some small talk along the way. The video is an epic 48 minutes long. We considered breaking the video up into multiple parts but there weren’t any good places to break it. As a result, you’ve got our IPCPR 2012 video with Prometheus in one installment.

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5 thoughts on “Keith Park of Prometheus & God of Fire (IPCPR 2012)

  1. This was prob my favorite video of ipcpr 2012 coverage. Was totally diggin all of those humidors wish we coulda got a shot of inside one though. And all the Fuente stuff was sick. Jut wondering what relationship Keith park has with the Fuente family and were they showing those cigars at both his booth and the Fuente booth? It quite funny when Keith turns and gives those ladies a shut up look as well haha. But after watching this video ive seen all yalls ipcpr footage and you did a fine job. Thanks for posting this online for us to see, the stogie review is essential to the consumer when it comes to the cigar industry and I appreciate y’alls time in doing this.

  2. Nice video – I also love the strategically chosen cover thumbnail. That’s what I call a set of aficionados…

  3. im watching this almost 3 years after its original post and it makes me sad. After the past few years runaround aimed at new media and its cascading effects on SR attending these conventions… I think its necessary to bring up how many vendors there are out there that appreciate and respect SR and this kind of media in general, or at least did at the shooting of this interview. Keith was obliviously more than willing to spend as much time with Brian and Walt as they had to give to promote his product, which is a damn fine one mind you! SR has undertaken some big changes since I began watching in 2008., but I hope for the best for Walt , Brian and Jerry, because you curated my hobby and have educated and enlightened me along the way. I would never have even heard of ICPCR without you, and go do my local B&M soon after, looking to buy the new wares that SR had the good fortune to review there! All the best guys!

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