The Blogger Question – In Their Own Words

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The Blogger Question – In Their Own Words

I’m sure many of you noticed in our IPCPR Coverage we asked some manufacturers for their thoughts on bloggers. We didn’t set out to ask this question. It kind of just happened after our first video with Ernesto Perez Carillo where he took the time (unprompted) to give us some love. We then thought it would be a good idea to find out what other manufacturers thought about us (the collective us – bloggers) and so “the blogger question” was born. The responses were generally all positive but you can tell that some manufacturers have been burned in the past while others have had nothing but good experiences. We have no reason to believe that any of the manufacturers were anything but honest with their answer. Why did we ask some and not others? Sometimes we just forgot but what we really wanted was to get a range of views from the more well known manufacturers to the lesser known, to those with retail experience and in the case of Alec Bradley, a different generation’s take.

Is this a self serving video? Maybe. What purpose does this mashup video serve? I’m not 100% sure. It was a question that we thought needed to be answered. The past few years the discussion about our presence in the industry has mainly focused on the negative and rarely the good. So this partly serves to demonstrate to the critics of new media the benefit that we bring to the industry and partly for us (the collective us – bloggers) to know what we are doing right and where we can improve and do better.


17 thoughts on “The Blogger Question – In Their Own Words

  1. I really like the positve comments made. A true blogger is a value to the cigar community. The ones out to get “free cigars” are a shame to the blogger name.
    Glad to see manufacturers see the value real true bloggers have to the industry.

  2. Jerry & Crew –

    1. Great coverage of the show. No BS…the best job that any other site did and you guys did it in your usual entertaining and informative way.

    2. Great mashup video. You can tell how respected you guys are in the industry. Your hard work and dedication has payed off.

    3. Honestly, IPCPR should make you (Jerry) some kind of New Media Ambassador. The passion you have for cigars and for blogging should be commended. This post truly reflects why you are considered to be The Blog Father.

    Well done…

  3. Well put Jerry! I always love your honesty whether it is in your reviews or opinion pieces like this. What a great service you are doing for the industry and for the other cigar blogs out there. Much respect!

  4. Respect to the Stogie Review crew on a kick ass job of IPCPR coverage. Without a doubt the best coverage in both quantity but more importantly, quality.

    I loved this mashup. You guys have paid your dues and it shows by the respect you receive and what a real answer from Alan Rubin. I have a whole new found respect for him. I may have to change my name to ABLover!

    Great piece Jerry! I love when you do these out of the box type posts!

  5. Anyone who doesn’t support Stogie Review won’t be getting any of my business!

    This post clearly demonstrates why you guys lead the pack when it comes to new media. The limited coverage of IPCPR found on other sites was simply disappointing in character and originality. What is the point of posting the same pictures and same info as everyone else? You guys took that same content and made it your own. Entertaining and informative!

    Anyone who doesn’t embrace SR and what you guys do are idiots…

  6. This is fantastic…very well done! As the brand new blogger on the block, this confirms that I’m doing the right thing, and it’s great to know how the manufacturers view and feel about our brethren. Keep up the awesome work – you guys continue to set the bar very high!

  7. Perfectly put Cruz! Again, Stogie Review shows that they are a class act and really care about the industry and other bloggers!

    I agree, IPCPR or whatever should be paying you guys for the amazing job you guys do covering the show!

  8. So will this mashup change anything? I think everyone had great points. If a reporter from a local newspaper or a news publication like Time wanted to cover the show how would they get in? Whatever the answer is to that question should also apply to you. How does Cigar Aficionado get in?

  9. Nice work Jerry and crew! It is great to hear that the blog and bloggers I like the most are so well respected by so many in the industry. Maybe one day you will get time with Padron and Fuente. LOL

  10. There is one browser window I keep open on my iPhone all the time. Why? I use it regularly. Why? I get the truth, and it’s always entertaining. This is new media, guys, it ain’t a blog. Love, love, Love! My Stogie Review. May your tribe prosper.

  11. Its hard to be yourself truthfully about the cigar. Its hard to be fair and respect of a comment. Think outside the box its to be difference………….

  12. Well done guys! You accomplished a lot and you deserve all the respect the industry gives you.

    There are a ton of cigar blogs and only three others left a comment here? That’s pretty weak in my opinion. You guys did this for all of them. Very unselfish. Major props for looking out for the niche.

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