Merlion by La Sirena – Arielle’s Personal Vitola

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Merlion by La Sirena – Arielle’s Personal Vitola

Merlion by La Sirena - Arielle's Personal Vitola

During the 2012 IPCPR Convention, in Orlando, Brian and I made our way over to the Miami Cigar booth to speak with friend and former blogger Barry Stein. After a complimentary cigar and an ice-cold Presidente, we waited patiently for Arielle, brand manager of La Sirena Cigars, to finish with a customer.

Before long we were conducting an interview for our IPCPR Coverage and were introduced to Arielle’s personal vitola in the Merlion line. A single cigar was placed on the bar and Brian and I were left to fight over it. Fortunately, we were able to come to a gentleman’s agreement and fisticuffs were narrowly avoided.

Last week, while running errands, I decided to fire up that Merlion Cigar and see what all the fuss was about. Prior to my smoking my first Merlion, Brian reviewed the Merlion Robusto and left me intrigued. Could the Merlion change my outlook on La Sirena Cigars?

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9 thoughts on “Merlion by La Sirena – Arielle’s Personal Vitola

    1. Eric,
      I’ve had the Churchill and Robusto La Sirena and I wasn’t a fan. The Merlion, on the other hand, was good. I’d give the Robusto a try, if you can easily get your hands on one.

  1. La Sirenas are a no go in this Area Walt unless you know something I don’t (which is Possible) Either Way great review glad to see videos back

    1. Corey,
      I thought I saw La Sirena Cigars at Cigars International over the weekend? I also think that Sir Stogies in Gilbertsville may carry them (I haven’t been there in a while though)

      1. I am not usually a big fan 6 x 60 cigars, that being said the original La Sirena in that size is awesome. Anyone that has tried other sizes of the La Sirena owes it to themselves to try it. before they give up onthe blend. Tons of flavor. Cocoa, berrys,and a sweetness that really sets this cigar apart from other broadleaf maduro smokes.

  2. Thought I was the only one not impressed with la sarina. Not to say I hated it, just thought it was ok, def not a $10 smoke, atleast for my palate. Ill have to check these out though. Nice review as usual Walt.

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