Tarazona Cigars XTC

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Tarazona Cigars XTC

Tarazona XTC 002 (600x400)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Sun-Grown Corojo
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought at Genuine Tobacco for $5.40

This week I have the Tarazona Cigars XTC in the Robusto size (5×50) for your viewing enjoyment. Tarazona may be a name you are not familiar with and hopefully in this review you can determine if it is something you would like to seek out or not.


Starting out this Tarazona Cigars XTC and I get hit with spice, wood and some peppermint. Yes, peppermint. There is also a tear in the wrapper I noticed before lighting which has now popped and cracked a few times while expanding. I am going to try and smoke this one to see how it goes but if needed, I will grab another one for the review. I do not remember seeing any tears in the others I have smoked.

Within reach of the wrapper tear and the spice has built up a bit along with the woody taste. Smoke seems creamy and gives a bunch of it on each puff. Spice has become a little more “zingy” you might say. Smoked right through that wrapper tear and kept on going. Flavors have stayed with the spice and wood with a small hint of a nutty flavor. Smoke is still pretty creamy and there has been no problems with the burn. Still on the lower medium side with a medium flavor profile.

Heading towards the end and it has picked up into a fuller body but nothing overpowering. Spice has picked up and is staying around quite a bit afterwards on the tongue. Nice woody taste with more nuttiness coming through. Very nice flavors throughout.


Would I buy it again? yes. I really enjoy this cigar any time of the day. It does get a little strong at the end for me to smoke them all the time in the morning but that is about it. I am glad my local shop got these in and I had a chance to try them. All kinds of hidden gems out there if you take a chance on a brand you never heard of.

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  1. agree about the sweetened cap, i could care less if its sweetened but i dont want to be surprised like that.

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