Sneak Peek – Ortega Serie D Maduro Lancero

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Sneak Peek – Ortega Serie D Maduro Lancero

Sneak peak of the @eddieor Serie D Lancero for @dccigartweetup next week

First I want to give it up to my brothers running the show at DC Cigar Tweetup. I’m a big supporter of giving back to the community. It is my belief that our primary purpose in this world is to help each other. And if we can’t help, at least not hurt. Next week is the 2nd Annual DC Cigar Tweetup. Last year, the guys at DC Cigar Tweetup were amazing enough to choose First Candle as their charity. Many of you know that First Candle was one of the organizations that helped me and my family when we lost The Little Robusto. This year, the charity that DC Cigar Tweetup is supporting is Autism Speaks. A cause close to one of their members. Many manufacturers have donated cigars for the tweetup. I believe there some 30 cigars included in the mix. Part of that 30 cigars is a 10 count bundle of a limited edition lancero size Ortega Serie D Maduro that Eddie Ortega made just for DC Cigar Tweetup.

I got a sneak peek of the Serie D Lancero. Many of you know that I’m a big fan of the Serie D Maduro as it was my #2 in my 2012 Top 10 Cigar List. The Lancero lives up to what I have come to expect from the Serie D Maduro. The Serie D Maduro Lancero is executed to near perfection (I had some awkward burn problems but I think that was due to it’s travel from warm/humid Florida to cold/dry DC)! Simplicity intensified is how I would describe the Serie D Maduro Lancero. Similar to the other sizes of the Serie D Maduro, the lancero is all flavor. Cocoa like sweetness, slight salty smokey flavor, woodsiness with a gritty syrupy texture that coats your palate giving a long finish. Intense simple flavors that deliver.

The DC Cigar Tweetup is the only place you can get the Ortega Serie D Maduro Lancero. Can’t make it to DC to participate in the actual tweetup? No worries. You can purchase a tweetup package from the DC Cigar Tweetup page and they will ship you all of your cigars. Its a no brainer to me. The package is $120 for 30 cigars (10 of which are limited edition) that is $4 a cigar with the proceeds going to Autism Speaks.

For more information or to order your DC Cigar Tweetup Package visit ->


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Ortega Serie D Maduro Lancero

  1. Jerry, thanks for the information on the event. I signed up
    for ticket after reading the review. Good cause and I appreciate
    you providing the background on it. PS…aren’t we do for a review
    on something special from the Liga Unico line soon???.

  2. Great review Jerry, Eddie makes a great stick hands down one of the best Maduros I have ever had. Sounds like its going to be a great time for a great Cause hope you guys raise Millions!!!

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