Asylum Cigars interview with Tom Lazuka

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Asylum Cigars interview with Tom Lazuka

Asylum 008 (600x400)

Welcome to another interview post that I was fortunate to get with Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigars, when he stopped by Genuine Tobacco. I appreciate Tom taking the time to sit down and have some fun on camera.

Asylum Cigars has three labels right now, Asylum, Asylum 13 (I reviewed the 7×70) and the Schizo. I am including The Ogre in with the Asylum 13 line. We had a chance to run through the lines available now and he gives a sneak peek at some of the upcoming cigars that you should see at your local shops very soon along with a prototype band for one of the upcoming releases.

I appreciate the time Tom gave me and hope you enjoy the video. Oh and let me say, FUMBLE. You will have to watch to understand.

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4 thoughts on “Asylum Cigars interview with Tom Lazuka

  1. Mike
    Another great interview. Love the blooper at the end of the video….

    I don’t know who is smoking a 70 or 80 RG, but it’s not me/

  2. Fun interview, Mike. I’ve been digging the Asylum 13 robusto and am looking to get some of the Asylum petit coronas, but none of the big boys for me, thanks. 😉 I’d like to hear your take on the Schizo.

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