CHATweetUp 2013: AKA Cigars

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CHATweetUp 2013: AKA Cigars

Oh, no, we’re not done posting manufacturer interviews yet. This time I have a quick chat with Jay Lundy of AKA Cigars. In it he talks about the original AKA Hybrid line (which features a wrapper that’s a Cameroon-Corojo hybrid), the AKA Respect 2013 vintage, the Davidoff Ecuadoran Connecticut-wrapped AKA Solace and the newest, the AKA Nth Degree Maduro. Enjoy!

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One thought on “CHATweetUp 2013: AKA Cigars

  1. The Hybrid, Respect and the Nth degree were all standouts for me of the numerous cigars enjoyed at the CHAtweetup2013. Jay was great hanging out with and very generous with getting the AKA brand in the hands of many that attended. Great job with the coverage Brian!

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