Room 101 Cigars: Daruma Mutante

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Room 101 Cigars: Daruma Mutante

Room 101 Cigars Daruma Mutante

Back in June, Mike and I attended the 2013 Famous Smoke Shop Cigarnival. We did a joint review while we were there of the Room 101 Cigars Daruma Mutante. The video slipped through the cracks and probably should come with the tag ‘lost tape’. I came across it while editing video of a review I did recently and thought posting this late was better than letting it disappear forever.

We smoked the Daruma Mutante in the morning, before heading back over to Famous Smoke Shop for the second days festivities. As a result, things are a little down tempo.

The cigar was very enjoyable, although I found the flavors to be very subtle. The body was in the medium range for me and closer to medium – full for Mike. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar but haven’t had one since. If I were to come across one floating around in a cigar shop, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase.

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  1. Hey, Walt! I enjoyed the dual review. Welcome back to the site. Haven’t seen your reviews in a long time. Hope all is well with you and I hope to see you post regularly. Best wishes, Walt.

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