Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke5 Comments on Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

A quick thank you to everyone for watching and commenting on my 1502 Emerald review. Glad to see my video rejuvenate some of our silent long time visitors who were missing the videos while I invested so much time in Week in Smoke. If you ever have something to say to us, we are always easy to find on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even the Contact Form here on the site. It may take a little bit for us to reply but we are always looking for ideas to make Stogie Review more enjoyable and easier for you to access.

A quick behind the scenes update on our Stogie Review App. The app has gotten much better since we originally released it. It still isn’t exactly where we want it to be. Still working on getting the caching system that out host uses and the push notification system of our app to play nicely together. But I’ve been happy with the speed, video playback improvements and limiting the permissions the app needs. So give it a fresh try. The app is available for FREE on both the Apple (iOS) and Google Play App Stores.

Trocadéro and 007 "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" @tatuajeinc @iamcasper @nhcdan

Trocadéro by L’Atelier – It has been over a year since the earthy, solid medium bodied Trocadéro and its more intense companion, El Suelo, arrived on the scene packaged as a “bundled” cigar. I said back then that these aren’t your father’s bundled cigars and that still remains true. The only “bundled” thing is the packaging. Rename it, put it in a wooden box and I bet the majority of us “connoisseurs” would think these would be the next great limited edition from Pete Johnson. L’Atelier could have easily slapped a double digit price tag on them and we wouldn’t have been the wiser. A lot of folks advertise honesty and integrity but it is in fact a hard commodity to find in an ever growing industry.

Moving on to some El Suelo action @tatuajeinc @iamcasper

El Suelo by L’Atelier – Great flavor, great construction at the same magical price of the above Trocadéro. Medium-to-Full with some great dark tobacco notes that penetrate the palate. Burned razor sharp to boot. Impressive all around. Did you know Stogie Review probably has the most video content of Pete Johnson? I’m often asked which one is my favorite. By far, my favorite is the first Draper Dialogue with Pete and George Brightman. This four part video from February 2012, in a nutshell was filled with so much information and history. I miss George and I hope we can get back together and continue documenting history.

A little Davidoff Special R action this evening.

Davidoff Special R – Hi! My name is Jerry and I have an addiction to Davidoff Special Rs. It started about two years ago and despite the price tag, haven’t been able to stop. An episode in Week in Smoke wouldn’t be complete without it.

A Leon Jimenes Imperiales Maduro...a favorite of mine to start the evening. @miamicigarco @guillermoleon_

Leon Jimenes Imperiales Maduro – I think I’m the only one who enjoys this bargain cigar. Slightly spicy but nothing too overwhelming and in that medium-full body range with a raw gritty texture. Lots of traditional maduro flavors with a spicy twist to peak your interest. Almost like smoking a Mexican hot chocolate with that gritty chalky texture. I don’t come across these on shelves very often, in fact some of the places I had found them before have stopped carrying them but if you happen to come across them, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed and if you are…you are only out a few bucks.

Some Bellaterra Family Reserve action on a cool evening.

Bellaterra Family Reserve – Back to back episodes of Week in Smoke with an offering from Bellaterra. Last time it was their Black & Tan, this time it is their newest cigar offering, the Family Reserve. An abundance of sweet, oaky and nutty flavors adorn your palate while the bouquet of aromas entice you to keep puffing. Impeccable construction, diverse assortment of flavors, coffee shop/bakery shop aromas at a comfortable solid medium body for all to enjoy…impressive.


5 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

  1. Video reviews…Week in Smoke…I love them both. Glad I don’t have to choose one or the other now!

    We all know it has been a tough year for you and Walt so the absence of both of you is understandable.

    Enjoyed this episode and look forward the the next video review!

  2. yo Jerry what up playa… where do you get/order your davidoff special r’s and which one do you recommend i agree man cant sit around waiting for those special occasions gotta enjoy each and everyday bc everyday you have with friends and family is a SPECIAL DAY!!! keep up the great work you guys do thank you for all the great advice… keep on smoking

  3. Jerry, you may not be the only one who enjoys the Leon Jimenes Imperiales, but sorry to say, I’m not one of them. The one I had gave me the same experience that Charlie had – nearly impossible to keep lit, therefore ruining any good flavors it might have had. For those who might want to give it a try, CI has them on closeout super-cheap. So cheap, I might be tempted to give them another shot.

    I do, however, absolutely agree with you on the Trocadero. Terrific budget smoke and impossible for me to keep enough of them around.

    Thanks for another great week in smoke!

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