Cigarfest 2011: Saturday Wrapup

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Cigarfest 2011: Saturday Wrapup

On Saturday Mike and I attended Cigarfest 2011 (The actual event, the other posts covered the smaller pre-events). Like in years past, we were provided with admission only press tickets to get us through the door. Due to poor timing on our part, we weren’t in position to see the first wave rush onto the show floor (pretty cool to see).

We started by strolling about to get some uncrowded photos and videos. Before the hour was up, the full force of Cigar Nut ticket holders were in attendance. Smoke wasn’t much of an issue early on and there was plenty of room to move around. When the second wave of ticket holders entered, Very Important Herfers, we began to feel a bit crowded. Once everyone was inside, the crowd dispersed throughout the space and things were comfortable once again. The same crowded, then not-so-bad feeling happened when the last wave was let into the space.

I’m not sure what was different this year but both smoke and crowds felt like they were less of an issue than years past. I’ve been attending Cigarfest for the past four years and I left with the impression that this was the best one that I’ve attended. I am looking forward to attending next year.

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