Asylum 13 – Sixty

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Asylum 13 – Sixty

Asylum 13 - Sixty

This has been a rough year in the White Household. With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been sticking to the deal sights to try and stretch by cigar budget as much as possible. Doing this doesn’t provide much variety but I’ve been able to stock my humidor with some pretty good buys.

A little while back I was pleasantly surprised by the Asylum Premium and have since been interested in trying the other Asylum offerings. When the Asylum 13 Sixty popped up on Cigar Monster for something like $22, I jumped on the opportunity to give them a try.

Mike reviewed this cigar previously, if you are interested in the particulars, but I still thought a Short Ashes Review was in order. What it boils down to is that I’m beginning to see the Asylum brand as a company that makes a solid cigar at a decent price. Neither the Asylum Premium or the Asylum 13 will blow your mind with complex flavors but they will leave you satisfied.

The highlights of the Asylum 13 Sixty are as follows. You’ll get a medium bodied smoke with a medium flavor intensity. Flavors include a natural tobacco core, a little bitterness lingering on the tongue, some occasional spice, and a bit of chocolate here and there. The finish is mildly creamy and the construction was great.

No frills, just a good cigar at a good price.

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5 thoughts on “Asylum 13 – Sixty

    1. I also tend to stay away from the larger ring gauge cigars… I find some, not all, but some to bland and muddled in taste. I think the largest that I’ll smoke is a 58 gauge, but that depends on the the cigar and a perfect example of that is the El Jefe, which is put out by Ashton and made by DPG. What phenomenal smoke that is!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family, Walt!

      – Frank!

  1. Merry Christmas buddy to you and the Whole SR crew I really enjoy the Asylum sticks and I have actually tackled the 70 one time… ugh is all I have to say about that…. enjoy buddy.

  2. Walt, the Asylum 13 does come in a 5×50 robusto, which I like quite a lot. You might want to give that one a shot.

    Nice review, and Merry Christmas!

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