TGT Top 10 Sampler

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TGT Top 10 Sampler


Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my Top 10 List this year. I was surprised to hear from many of you who mentioned only having tried a handful of the cigars on my list. It just so happens that my friends at Tobacco Leaf in Jessup MD carry every one of my Top 10 cigars and have generously stepped up with an amazing deal on the TGT Top 10 Sampler pack. All ten cigars for $55 shipped. That comes out to $5.50 a cigar. Each sampler comes with the following:

10. 1502 Emerald Torpedo
09. Tatuaje Verocu #5
08. Reinado Habanito
07. Fratello Robusto
06. Surrogates Animal Cracker
05. JD Howard Reserve HR50
04. Intemperance EC XVIII The Virtue
03. Ortega Series D No. 12
02. Undercrown Corona Viva
01. Illusione Rothchildes

To order your TGT Top 10 Sampler for $55 shipped (US customers only; International customers pay additional shipping) contact our friends at Tobacco Leaf at (410) 799-2094.

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9 thoughts on “TGT Top 10 Sampler

  1. this is a nice sampler, all day, everyday!! $55 shipped, $55 shipped, who cares if he gets a cut……its not much if that, that’s close to $75-90 locally, cant beat that good going jerry, hopefully my broke ass will be able to take advantage of this deal!

    1. Before I found out the price a couple of us were guessing it would be in the $65 ballpark depending on the size of the cigars where I didn’t specify a size. Really happy when Tobacco Leaf came back with $55 shipped.

  2. What’s his cut?! Who fuckin cares man that’s a phenomenal sampler at a good price. When have you ever seen a sampler with 10 cigars for $55 that didn’t have at least a couple crap “filler” sticks mixed in?

    You usually get like 1 or 2 great smokes, 4 or 5 good smokes, and then 3 or 4 “what the fuck is this bullshit” crap smokes thrown in I make 10.

    Jerry if you are getting a cut you deserve it for a deal like that and and I could care less.

  3. Thanks to Jerry for helping to put this sampler together
    and thanks to those who took advantage of this amazing offer. We
    really hope you enjoy the cigars. I do believe it is a great
    grouping of cigars and reflects some of the best smokes to come out
    this year. We do still have a few samplers if anyone is interested
    in placing an order. You can call us at 410-799-2094 or email to Thanks, Rahul

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